Your parents gave you everything they had

There are people with a certain tyrannical attitude who complain about life for the things that their parents could not give them in their childhood, without realizing the most important thing: they gave them everything they had. In today’s life it seems that parents have to sacrifice themselves to the maximum or else they are not good parents.

It is as if your needs or desires should be pushed into the background so that the children are always in the first place in your life, being the priority at all times. Although it is true that children are the priority for parents, children, raised in an impulsive society, lacking in values ​​and where satisfaction must be immediate, fall into the mistake of forgetting what their parents sacrificed for them in their upbringing.

And this has nothing to do with money (although it also involves a great sacrifice since having children means having to assume many expenses to be able to cover their needs). In addition, these sacrifices are made by parents with all their hearts, because for them seeing their children well is the greatest reward in life… And this is what children have to see. What do parents sacrifice that has so much value (and it is not always money)?


Time is the most precious treasure that exists. If you are a parent you will know that your time is precious and you have to be with your children all the time to raise them and to be their best reference in life. Although time is sometimes not enough because daily responsibilities mean you don’t spend as much as you’d like by his side, but the little you do have you prioritize to be by his side.


It is possible that you have exhausting days of those in which your mood is not what you would like to have, but you try to smile so that your children see you well. Although there are times when they see you cry and that is not bad because they are aware of the emotions… you will always try to bring out that inner strength to eliminate negative feelings and that your children grow up emotionally balanced and secure. You will always bet on joy, laughter and happiness to raise your children.


Interests or hobbies will continue to be there, but you will sacrifice them to be able to spend more time with your children. It will be more difficult to spend time with friends but you will not mind because you know that your children need you. You don’t have to give up what you like to do, but you can prioritize your time to enjoy your family, although you also take some time out of the day to do what you like.

Fathers sons sacrifice


Following the previous points, friends are also sacrificed. It is not the same to have friends without children than with children, and any parent knows this. You may have to sacrifice some friends in your life because they no longer share your interests or values ​​in life. But don’t get overwhelmed, because you will surely find friends who share much more in this precious new stage of your life.


You won’t have time to get sick and if you get sick you won’t have time to take care of yourself when you have children. Your little ones need you 24 hours a day, and the responsibilities that you must fulfill with them cannot always be delegated. It doesn’t matter if you get sick, if you get little sleep, if you’ve had a hard day at work and need to rest… if your children need you, you’ll be there at the foot of the canyon to take care of them with all your might.

Your happiness

When you are a parent, your children’s happiness will be your own happiness. It is not that you sacrifice your well-being, since in order to work on this happiness you must be well first… But you will do anything to see a smile on the faces of your little ones.