We all age, although we don’t realize it while we’re young. Your parents took care of you since before you were born, they sacrificed their time, money and energy for you, and it’s not that they owe nothing… They did it because they wanted to, but if you are a good person, in their old age you will be by their side to offer them your patience and unconditional love when they need it most.

Parents get older

If you are a father or mother, you will notice how your parents age and how they need you to be by their side more time. You have to learn to love your parents in the same unconditional way that they loved you and love you. He accepts his aging patiently, with service and without excuses. It is the most fragile moment of their lives and they need you. Think about tomorrow, when you need your children… They will do with you the same thing they see you do with your parents. What do you want to find in the future?

It is more than likely that your parents have not told you even half of all the struggles they had to go through to be able to move the family forward. In his life there would be moments of great happiness but also of great sorrow and concern. They were probably crying behind your back so you wouldn’t worry or be affected by their crying! But they never gave up, no matter how difficult the circumstances got.

They are your heroes

They, your parents, when you were little, were your heroes … but now they still are! Some heroes with wrinkles on their skin and perhaps with a cane to be able to walk, but they still have that invisible superhero cape that makes them the best people in the world. It is possible that now they have other types of difficulties, perhaps physical or mental… but they are and will always continue to be, those heroes who have you in their hearts as the most important priority.

For all this, it is important that you understand that they need you more than ever, especially now that they are getting older. Nobody is prepared to grow old, neither are they. Because of this, they feel vulnerable and that may inadvertently make them angry from time to time, but their wisdom has no limits and you must continue to feed on it.

Take care of your parents

It is possible that they feel tired, tired of taking care of others, of fighting non-stop, of always being the best example… That is why the time has come to give them back in life how much they did for you . It is time for you to take care of them and pamper them too. You will no longer see them making long-term plans, but now they are dedicated to doing what is most important: living in the present.

caring for elderly parents

Do not reject the cycle of life, although it is difficult to accept that they no longer have control of the situation, now you are you who should assume that command for them. Sometimes their attitude may irritate you, but it is important that you remain patient with a smile, because they need you now more than ever in their lives.

Do not betray their trust, don’t argue with them… don’t be disappointed because life is not how it used to be. Life transforms little by little, just like you, your children and also your parents. It is normal for you to be angry at the thought that one day they will not be by your side, you can also feel fear… we all have it. Fear of losing ourselves when we have lost them.

But don’t be sorry while they live and enjoy them and their presence. Don’t make them sad because of your selfishness, may tears of sadness never run down their cheeks because of your actions.

Time teaches you to value life

Time will teach you to value life, your life. We all live in different stages, some easier to accept than others. But remember that your parents were always your most stable pillar. Where your parents were was your home, now they must feel the same… where you are, their home is too.

Unfortunately, there will come a day when your home with your parents will remain in your thoughts and you will have to keep them in your memory with all your love. Do not remind them with regret that you could have done things better or differently. If you have your parents alive, you are lucky… So it is your duty today to enjoy them and above all, take care of them when they need you most. Remember that they were your heroes in their day, but they will continue to be all your life, even if they can no longer be by your side.