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Is your name Barakat? View the Meaning, Numerology & Details of Afghan Boy Name Barakat. When you are pregnant, one of the things you will be obsessing over is what name to give your baby. After all, it is such an important decision. But, before you start picking out names, there are a few things to take into consideration. First and foremost, think about what sound best suits your personality and how the name will look on your child’s birth certificate. Second, consider the meaning of the name. If it has a positive meaning, that’s great; if not, don’t worry about it too much. And lastly, think about how popular the name is currently. Some parents feel that if a name isn’t popular (yet), it might not be appropriate for their child. Ultimately, though, you should choose whatever names feels good to you and fits with your family’s traditions and beliefs.


Name Barakat
Meaning Blessings, good fortunes, prosperities.
Gender  Boy
Numerology 9

Barakat is Afghan Boy name and meaning of this name is “Blessings, good fortunes, prosperities.“.

Based on numerology value 9, Barakat is Success oriented, inventive, influential, tolerant, friendly, spiritual, creative, expressive, humanitarian, helpful, Self-sacrificing, Idealistic, Giving, Altruist, Devoted and Romantic.Below is some points about the name Barakat based on numerology value – Anytime you can swtich to more Baby Names.

Qualities Compassionate, Idealistic
Lucky Color Red
Ruling Planet Mars
Lucky Number 9

Each Letter Analysis of Name “Barakat 

in every name, each letters have specific meanings that describe the nature of the name.Below in table, each letter of name Barakat described.

Letters Description
B You are sensitive and a bit of an introvert.you are very loyal and you keep an open mind and think for yourself more often.
A You are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
R You feel things strongly and your rich, intense inner life emanates outward. You also have an excellent work ethic and can do your job with high amounts of energy.
A You are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
K You are all about enlightenment. Both deeply-feeling and artistic, you are also motivated and rely heavily on your gut to make decisions. You are also a force to be reckoned with.
A You are your own person, natural leader, ambitious and freethinking.
T You like life in the fast lane. Remind yourself to slow down, because you are often taking on new and exciting projects. You’re also assertive, even aggressive, in your personal relationships. Check-out more names for babies.

Numerology Calculation Method of Name “Barakat 

Alphabet Subtotal of Alphabet Position.
(ex: U = 21 = 2+1 = 3 )
B 2
A 1
R 9
A 1
K 2
A 1
T 2
Total 18
SubTotal of 18 9
Calculated Numerology 9

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