The long-whiskered fish

The catfish is a well-known fish that can live in fresh water and in the sea. It is common to find it in the Atlantic Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. It stands out because it has long whiskers, similar to those of felines, which is why it is also known as catfish.

It is a type of fish that has a lot of fat and meat, the skin is hard and does not have scales. The body of some species has sharp, retractable spines on the dorsal and pectoral fins that help protect them from predators.

There are about 3,000 species, so their size can be variable; There are specimens that measure from 50 cm to 2 meters in length. With regard to weight, there are from about 5 kg to 200 kg.

Fun facts

  • Catfish whiskers or filaments may be under the mouth or on the snout itself. They are more than an ornament, it is a sensory organ that easily detects food.
  • Some species of catfish have poison glands on their spines to inject poison into their prey.
  • These fish are carnivorous. Its diet is mainly based on other fish, frogs and newts, as well as insects and worms.
  • Most female catfish lay their eggs near the surface of the water. In some species, the male takes care of them until they hatch.
  • The catfish is used in aquariums to clean the bottoms because it is a fish that eats everything it finds.
  • Due to its delicious meat, the catfish is one of the most cultivated fish in aquaculture farms.