Why are you looking for the best name meanings! You do not need to go around the Internet anymore, you have come to the right place. We have made a list of the most popular, beautiful names with great meaning that we want to share with you on every occasion. We also have lists of Hebrew names, Spanish names or original names if you want to take a look for inspiration. Now we are going to explain the meaning of the name Ainara .

Etymology of the name Ainara:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Ainara comes from the Basque language with great popularity in the Basque Country. Its meaning is related to ” winged peregrine swallow ” which is endowed with a strong symbology since the swallow is in many cases the announcement of the arrival of spring. The name also refers to a religious legend about the swallows and the crown of thorns of Jesus Christ, in which it is said that during the crucifixion of Jesus, some swallows approached his head to remove the thorns from the crown with their beaks. They caused him suffering. This legend has been popular throughout history for its association with divinity. Ainara is the variant of the name in Basque.


Other known variants are Ainhara, Ainarha, Enara, Elaia . Some diminutives of this name can be Ahini, Aini or Ani. This name has no known male variants.

Famous people named Ainara:

  • Ainara Andrea Acevedo Dudley

    • Spanish soccer referee: she was born in Rosario in 1991. Since she was little she had sporting inclinations in which she stood out for her age. He currently belongs to the Committee of Referees of Catalonia and to the highest category of soccer in the First Division of Spain. In 2018, the list of international referees of the FIFA Refereeing Department was made official, in which Ainara appeared as a member.
  • Ainara LeGardon

    • Spanish musical artist and teacher: born in Bilbao in 1976. His musical career has been marked by sound experimentation and influence on musical genres such as alternative rock and folk rock. He started with a musical taste for the guitar and from there he began to explore the possibilities of music. She participated in some musical bands as a guitarist, vocalist and composer, releasing some albums. Later he dedicated himself to his solo career, touring several countries in America and Europe, until the foundation of his own discography. He has collaborated with other artists and is currently part of a free improvisation musical group. In teaching, he has focused on cultural management and intellectual property.
  • Ainara Elbusto Arteaga

    • Spanish professional cyclist): born in Zurucuáin in 1992. He began his sports career at the age of 18 when he competed in track cycling for the Reyno de Navarra, which continues to be his official team. His name began to be known after his participation in international criterium competitions, a specialty of unofficial short and closed street circuit competition. Ainara has competed with fixed gear bicycles for this modality and trains in mushing tests. He has also participated in road cycling for the Spanish National Team of the absolute category and obtained third place during the Spanish Cycling Cup.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Ainara:

They are generally happy, fun, sincere and spontaneous people . They express what they think and what they feel freely, which is why they usually have a lifestyle that corresponds to their desires and interests. They are independent, autonomous, supportive and seek to lead a calm and harmonious life. They are also usually very competitive so they train, study and practice to be better every day and exceed their own limits. They like to go beyond what is established, they are creative, analytical, smiling and bold. Their courage is reflected when they do not allow nostalgic or melancholic feelings to overwhelm them or charge them with negative energies.