Why are you looking for the best name meanings! You do not need to go around the Internet anymore, you have come to the right place. We have made a list of the most popular, beautiful names with great meaning that we want to share with you on every occasion. We also have lists of Hebrew names, Spanish names or original names if you want to take a look for inspiration. Now we are going to explain the meaning of the name Alberto .

Etymology of the name Alberto:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Alberto is a derivation of the name of Germanic origin Adalberto in old German where adal means “noble” and berth means “brightness” or “glow”.Saint Albert the Great, a priest, bishop, doctor of the church, and also a polymath, is known to have excelled as a theologian, geographer, philosopher, and chemist during the Middle Ages. Alberto de Montecorvino de Normandía was a Bishop of Montecorvino who, after being affected by blindness, was blessed with the gift of prophecy. Alberto de Vercelli or Alberto de Jerusalem was a Catholic saint, bishop and first legislator of the Carmelites. Saint Albert of Sicily was a 14th century Carmelite friar who entered the convent at the age of 8. Alberto Chmielowski was a Polish religious and founder of the Brothers and Sisters of the Third Order of Saint Francis, Servants of the Poor. Alberto is the variant of the name in Spanish, Aragonese, Esperanto, Basque and Italian.


Albert in Albanian and Catalan, Albrecht in German, Albertu in Asturian and Corsican, Alberz in Breton, Arbert in Bulgarian, Arbote in Chinese, Albert in Czech and Danish, Vojtech in Slovak, Alberte in Galician, Albert in French and English, Albertos in Greek, Béla in Hungarian, Aruberuto in Japanese, Albertus in Latin, Alberts in Latvian, Albertas in Lithuanian, Aelbert in Dutch, Aalbertin Finnish, Al’bert in Russian, Arbertu in Sardinian and Sicilian. His diminutive is usually Albi or Beto. The most common feminine variant is usually Alberta or Beta.

Famous people named Albert:

Albert Einstein

  • Physicist, mathematician and German pedagogue : born in Ulm in 1879. Of Jewish origin, nationalized Swiss, Austrian and American. He is considered the greatest scientist of the 20th century, author of the theory of relativity, student of the photoelectric effect and winner of the Nobel Prize in Physics. From a young age he was observant and analytical and in his youth he published the first drafts of his theory on which he would be working throughout his life. He also laid some foundations for statistical physics and quantum mechanics, in addition to research in the field of cosmology. He emigrated to the United States where he devoted himself to teaching and continuing his scientific work.

Alberto Cortez

  • Argentine-Spanish singer-songwriter and poet : born in Rancul, La Pampa in 1940, he is also known as José Alberto García Gallo. His musical repertoire includes characteristic rhythms of Argentine folklore such as tango. At first he entered the University of Buenos Aires in the Faculty of Law and Social Sciences, however he abandoned his studies to pursue his dream of music. He won the Latin Grammy for Excellence of the Year and the Gold Medal for Merit in Fine Arts in Spain, among other awards.

Alberto Contador Velasco

  • Former Spanish cyclist and commentator : born in Madrid in 1982. Also known as El pistolero or El chaval de Pinto. Outstanding competitor in the time trial modality in which he obtained 69 victories within his record. He participated in the Beijing Olympic Games and in the Spanish Time Trial Road Cycling Championship, as well as being the winner of the UCI Word Ranking and 7 Grand Tours. Four times he won the Golden Bike award for the best cyclist of the year, the Seven Stars Award from the Community of Madrid, the Ace Sports Awards, among others. He is considered a cycling legend. Currently he has retired as a competitor of the sport but continues in the movement as a commentator.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Alberto:

They are usually brave, daring people, with a strong , determined personality, but at the same time they can be sensitive and mature. Since childhood they show great tenacity and a certain whim to follow their passions, they do not seek social approval if their dreams are affected. They act with a certain freedom and self-confidence, so they are faithful to their principles. They have a radical mindset and can sometimes become impulsive or capricious guided by an innate desire to live as they see fit. They are generous and tend to take responsibility for their family.