Each name has a special meaning and without a doubt we want to give you all the information you should know about it. When you choose a name, its origin, its meaning and even those characters who bear it and who have made history over time can be important. Please note that all names have a different etymology which may be of importance to you. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Álvaro .


According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Álvaro has several meanings related to its origin , however, they all point to it being an Old Norse name. In its first form, Hallvarör is related to the meaning “guardian” and passed to the Swabian variant Alfarr which is related to the meaning of “the very cautious” and later began to be used in Germanic languages ​​in variants such as Athalward or Alphardwhich is associated with “nobility” and “protection”. This name came to the Iberian Peninsula in the form Álvar, which is currently in disuse. It is a very common name during the Middle Ages, even in its patronymic version, to name the descendants of Álvaro. Beato Álvaro de Córdoba is known, a Roman bulario of the Order of Preachers who was the confessor of Queen Catherine of Lancaster and Juan II of Castile. Álvaro is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Álvaro in Spanish, Alvar or Albrecht in German, Avery or Aubrey in English, Aubry or Albéric in French, Arap in Bulgarian, Àlvar in Catalan, Alvar in Czech and Danish, Alwar in Polish, Âlvaro in Portuguese, Hallvard in Norwegian, Alvar in Swedish, Alewar in Goth, Albaro in Basque. The female version of the name is Alvara or Alvarina.

Famous people named Alvaro:

Alvaro Tauchert Soler

  • Spanish-German singer-songwriter : born in Barcelona in 1991. He is recognized for being a versatile artist who has been successful on television shows. His musical career began with a musical group in which his brother also participated. He studied Industrial Design Engineering at ELISAVA, but his activity has focused on staging. He recorded his first solo album in Berlin and his fame has grown in Europe and Latin America. He is a polyglot and speaks Spanish, Catalan, German, English, French, Italian and Japanese. It was a finalist for Primavera Sound and won the European Border Brakers Award.

Alvaro German Ibarra Torres

  • Salvadoran singer-songwriter and composer : known simply as Álvaro Torres, he was born in Concepción Batres, Usulután in 1954. He composed his first song at the age of 12, defining his entire musical career with romanticism present. His musical compositions are generally in genres such as bolero, ballad and Latin pop. He was discovered by a radio director while he was playing in a restaurant. He has made several international tours and has obtained awards such as the Silver Gaviota at the Viña del Mar Festival, best composer of the year by BIM Music and is a member of the Latin Composers Hall of Fame, among others.

Alvaro Cervantes Sorribas

  • Spanish actor : born in Barcelona in 1989. His appearances on the screen are for the cinema, having participated in 17 film productions and 15 television series. He started acting by being part of plays at school and during high school he began to participate in productions of Spanish Television. For his roles in the cinema, he received a Goya nomination for Best Newcomer and is the winner of the Biznaga de Plata Award for Best Supporting Actor at the Malaga Film Festival.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Álvaro:

They are usually direct, focused people with a practical way of seeing life. They do not like to complicate themselves and for this reason they act with sincerity and strength . Since they were little they have great goals that they do not usually abandon during their lives, on the contrary, they put all their efforts into making them come true. They are not usually discreet, usually in their attempt to be sincere they can also become reckless, stubborn, reckless or hasty in some of their actions. They offer a relentless and loyal friendship.