Each name is unique and special without a doubt, that is why we have made a compilation where we will tell you the pertinent data and information that you must take into account when choosing a name. We know that there may be several options that you have at this time, and you may still continue to go round and round about which one of them you are finally going to choose. To help you in this arduous task (which is not easy at all), we have summarized each name and this time we are going to explain the meaning of Jorge .

Etymology of the name George:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Jorge comes from the word giorgos that is related to “the man of the field”. Saint George is known to have been a Roman soldier martyr born in Cappadocia in the 3rd century. The name’s popularity spread throughout Europe during the 11th century in the midst of the Crusades, where it was a name for male children sent to wars. By the 13th century it became a name in the European courts, being abundant in Germany, Poland, and Great Britain. The version came to Spain and Portugal later expanding the variants of the name. Jorge is the variant of the name in Spanish and Portuguese.

Variants :

It is one of the names with more variants in the world. Jordan in Albanian, Chorche in Aragonese, Xurde in Asturian, Georg or Jürgen in German, Go r ch Low German, Jurg in Armenian, Jurge in Bulgarian, Jordi in Catalan, Jirka or Jirousek in Czech, Georges in Chinese, Jory in conical , Jirka in Korean, Ghjorghju in Corsican, Goran in Croatian, Jörn or Jorgen in Danish, Gerogein Scottish, Dzordz or Juraj in Slovak, Georgius or Jure in Slovenian, Georgo in Esperanto, Jüri in Estonian, Jurgi or Gorka in Basque, Yrjö or Yrjänä in Finnish, Jorioz in Norman, Georges in French, Jörn in Frisian, Seòras or Deòras in Scottish Gaelic, Siôrs or Siôr in Welsh, Xurxo or Xorxe in Galician, Yorick in Georgian,Gregorós in Greek, Keoki in Hawaiian, György or Gyuri in Hungarian, George or Georgie in English, Jörgen in Icelandic, Seoirse in Irish, Giorgio or Gino in Italian, Georgseru in Japanese, Georgius in Latin, Juris or Jurgis in Latvian, Jurgis in Lithuanian, Gorg in Maltese, Shorys in Manx, Hori in Maori, Joris or Jurg in Dutch,Georg in Norwegian, Jorli or Jòri in Occitan, Jerzy or Jurek in Polish, Goris in Persian, Iorghu in Romanian, Gorghe in Serbian, Gogea in Russian, Göran in Swedish, Verghese in Syriac, Jorj in Turkish, Ghera in Yiddish.

Famous people named George:

  • Jorge Luis Borges

    • Argentine writer, teacher, literary critic, and translator : born in Buenos Aires in 1899. He is considered one of the outstanding writers of Spanish-language literature and universal literature. His works such as short stories, poems and essays surround philosophical literature, the fantastic genre and post-structuralism. He is a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences, and also the American Academy of Arts and Letters, in addition to the many distinctions he has received. He has a wide collection of works and several films were made in his honor.
  • Jorge Wagensberg Lubinski

    • Spanish professor, researcher and writer : born in Barcelona in 1948. He studied physics at the University of Barcelona and later became the professor of Theory of Irreversible Processes at the Faculty of Physics. He has worked as a lecturer, researcher and museologist. He directed the Science Museum in Barcelona, ​​scientific director of the Fundación la Caixa, president of the European Collaborative for Science & technology and founding member of the European Museum Academy. He is fluent in several languages ​​such as Yiddish, Catalan, German, English, French, and Italian in addition to Spanish. He is the winner of multiple awards in recognition of his work.
  • Jorge Navarro Sanchez

    • Spanish rider: he was born in La Pobla de Vallbona in 1996. He is a motorcycling rider, he currently competes with the Speed ​​Up Racing team in the Moto2 category. He has participated in several World Championships obtaining victories and podiums, in European Championships and in Spanish Speed ​​Championships. Since childhood he showed interest in sports and adventure.

General characteristics of the most famous people named George:

They are usually brave, risky people with an exceptional ease of expression. They tend to choose careers where they can make use of their communication skills, they are observant, inventive, analytical and tend to solve problems with great ease. They do not like to complicate themselves, once they have chosen a form they look for it to be the best possible by analyzing the advantages and disadvantages. They are family people, they like to be close to those they appreciate the most.