There are very old names that, due to their popularity, continue to be valid over time, other names are modern and respond to current contexts. The human denomination of reality and this characteristic of our intellect towards the world, wanting to give everything a name, is part of our evolution as a species. Communicating through words and having our own name is something that allows us to have an identity and relate to other people, in addition to the authenticity that each name gives us. There may be other people who have the same designation as each of us, but each person gives meaning to each name. Next we are going to explain the meaning of the name Marco .

Etymology of the name Marco:

According to anthroponymic studies, Marco is considered to be a derivation of the Latin word associated with the adjective marticus, which means ” consecrated to Mars “.”, and hence the name Marcus. It is related to the Roman god of war called Mars. The popularity of the name is due to Saint Mark the Evangelist, author of a gospel book, founder and first bishop of the Church of Alexandria. Marcus Aurelius Antoninus Augustus, or Marcus the Philosopher, is known as an emperor of the Roman Empire from the year 161, considered one of the most representative figures of Stoic philosophy. A mark was also a unit of weight in the Middle Ages. Marco Fabio Quintiliano was a 1st century Hispano-Roman rhetorician and pedagogue. Marco Polo was an Italian merchant and traveler who became famous for accounts of his adventures in the 12th century. Marco is the variant of the name in Italian and Galician.


Marcus or Marco in German, Morcos in Arabic, Marcos in Asturian and Spanish, Markoko in Breton, Marc in Catalan, Marek in Czech and Slovak, Marko in Croatian and Esperanto, Markus in Danish and Slovenian, Markko in Estonian, Marc in French and Welsh, Mark or Marcus in English, Maócos in Hungarian, Mairc in Irish, Márcos in Greek, Marukosu in Japanese, Markasin lithuanian The female variant of this name is unknown. This name has no diminutives.

Famous people named Marco:

  • Marco Antonio Solis Sosa

    • Mexican musician, singer, songwriter and producer : born in Michoacán in 1959. Founder and member of the musical group Los Bukis, and has also composed several songs that have become famous. His musical career began at the age of 10 when he created a duet with his cousin. He made some presentations during his fame, coming to compose themes for soap operas and television series. He has won awards such as the Lo Nuestro Award for Excellence, Billboard Hall of Fame Award, Billboard Award for Artistic Career, Latin Grammy Award, among others.
  • Marco Rossy

    • Coach and former Italian football player : born in Druento in 1964. He currently serves as the official coach of the Hungarian national football team, at some point being the coach of the Dunajská Streda club in the Slovak First League. He was selected as the best coach of Season I of the National Championship from 2016 to 2017. Before being coached, he was a soccer player and during his sports career he managed to score in the Italian Cup and be runner-up in the Italian Super Cup in 1994.
  • Marco Pantani

    • Italian cyclist: also known as The Pirate, he was born in Cesena, Emilia-Romagna in 1970. He is known for being one of the best climbers in cycling. It was a time the best result in cycling tests per stage of the Tour de France. He has competed and won first places in other competitions such as the Giro d’Italia, the Road Cycling World Championship, the Cycling World Championship, the Tour of Switzerland, the Catalan Setmana, the Tour of Murcia, among others.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Marco:

They are usually energetic, focused people , with a positive mentality type and with a desire to cover quantities. They are usually romantic, sensitive and even a little possessive or jealous people. You like to feel that what you give is well received and that you can get it back. They are people who usually attract attention in search of affection and also where they can demonstrate their skills. They are usually brave, adventurous, daring and with an interest in being the center of attention. They can also be generous and sincere when they feel that their feelings are reciprocated. It is clear that these are very distrustful people, who expect to receive before giving and when they give they give everything for everything.