There are hundreds of names to choose from the lists that Mundo Elementary brings to you. Celtic names, Canarian names, biblical names, names of saints, Galician names, Basque names, among many more to be found on our page. We bring complete compilations on the meanings, etymological study and origins of each name, as well as the evolution of its form and its use in different countries. We are going to explain the meaning of the name Martina .

Etymology of the name of Martina:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Martina comes from Latin and is associated with Roman mythology as it is lived in consecration to the god Mars, which in Greek corresponds to Ares, god of war. With great popular acceptance this name was popular from the Middle Ages. Santa Martina, a Roman noblewoman who was martyred in the 3rd century by Alexander Severus for openly professing her faith, is known. Martina Castells y Ballespí was a 19th-century Spanish physician and one of the first women to obtain a doctorate in medicine in Spain. Martina Mercedes Barros Borgoño was a Chilean writer and forerunner of 19th century feminism. Martina also refers to a town in Croatia and Martina Franca is a commune in Italy. Martina is the variant of the name in Spanish.


In most languages, the spelling of the name Martina is preserved with widespread acceptance in several countries. Martin in French His diminutive is usually Tina, Marti or Marty. The most common male variant is usually Martin.

Famous people named Martina:

  • Martina Hellman

    • German Athlete : Also known as Martina Opitz, she was born in Leipzig, East Germany in 1960. She is an athlete who competed in the discus throw discipline and currently holds several records at World Championships and the Olympic Games. He started in the sport from a young age and at 16 years of age he obtained the world record for discus throwing. At the age of 28, he registered one of the longest throws that have been recorded in history during the Seoul Olympics, taking the gold medal.
  • Martina Navratilova

    • Czech-American tennis player and coach : She was born in Subertová in 1956. She is widely regarded as one of the greatest female tennis athletes of all time, earning victories in 18 Grand Slam titles, 31 women’s titles, 10 mixed titles, and was the winner of Wimbledon for 9 consecutive years. She was also the No. 1 athlete in the world for 332 weeks. She began her sports career at the age of 4 and at the age of 7 she began to train steadily until she became a professional in 1975 at the age of 18.
  • Martina Kohlova

    • Slovak sportswoman : she was born in Bratislava in 1984. She competes in flatwater canoeing. His file of international honors consists of silver and bronze medals in the 200 m competition at several World Championships and 6 medals in the same category during European Championships.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Martina:

People who bear this name are usually independent, courageous and with a magnetic personality. They usually have a quick reaction capacity and an imminent attitude. They are intelligent, observant, perceptive and can learn very quickly. There is no obstacle that they cannot overcome if they set their minds to it, they are persevering and persistent. Sometimes they like to be the center of attention and they achieve it by demonstrating their skills.