To find a name that is beautiful and that means something important, it is necessary to do a detailed search. Specialized books on this topic are helpful. But when you don’t have one at hand, the Internet can be of great help. That is why we have put together a varied list with its etymology and what each one means. What you are looking for could be found within our publications. In this case you will know what etymology Ruth has .

Etymology of the name Ruth:

It is a Hebrew name that comes from the term re’ut which means friend or friend . It is the name of a book in the Bible, which is about a Moabite woman who accompanies her mother-in-law Naomi on her return to Bethlehem, after Ruth’s husband died. There she met and married Boaz. Thus begins the lineage that would lead to the birth of King David. It is a popular Christian name since the Protestant Reformation.


Ruth in the Bible, Rhouth in Biblical Greek, Ruth in Biblical Latin, Rút in Czech, Ruth in Danish, Ruth in Dutch, Ruthie in English, Rutt in Estonian, Ruut in Finnish, Ruta in Latvian, Rüta in Lithuanian, Ruth in Norwegian , Ruta in Polish, Rute in Portuguese, Ruf in Russian, and Rút in Slovak.

Famous people named Ruth:

  • ruth gabriel

    • Spanish actress : She was born in 1975 in San Fernando, Spain. He grew up in Madrid and at the age of 14 he moved to San Francisco where he took acting classes. He continued his training in Florence, Italy. Her first film was Días Contados by Imanol Uribe, for which she received the Golden Shell Award and the Goya Award for Best New Actress. She was also nominated for leading actress. He performed in Signals of Fire of Luis Felipe Rocha, in Grand Slalom of Jaime Chávarri and in 99.9 of Agustí Villaronga. On television, he worked in Querido Maestro with Imanol Arias and Emma Suárez.
  • ruth berghaus

    • German theater and opera director : born in 1927 in Dresden and died in 1996 in Zeuthern, Germany. She studied expressionist dance and dance direction at the German Academy of Arts in Berlin. Between 1951 and 1964 she worked as a choreographer in theaters such as Deutches Theater Berlin , at the Deutches Staatsoper Berlin , and at the Berliner Ensemble . Her choreography in depicting the slaughter scenes in Shakespeare’s Corollaries adapted in 1964 made her especially famous. From 1980 to 1987 he worked at the Frankfurt Opera in productions such as Mozart’s The Magic Flute in 1981.
  • Ruth Benedict

    • American anthropologist and folklorist : born in 1887 and died in 1948 in New York, United States. He chaired the American Anthropological Association and was a leading member of the American Folklore Society. She was the first woman to be recognized as a prominent leader in a learned profession. He studied the relationship with art, culture, personality and language, insisting that no trait existed in isolation. He studied anthropology at the New School of Social Research and did a graduate degree at Columbia University in 1921.

Characteristics of the most famous people named Ruth:

They are intellectual, determined and sagacious women. They like to travel the world and get to know in depth the topics of their interest. They are socially very active, generous and have the best disposition to help other people if they need it.