A baby at home is a great joy for the whole family and certainly a lot of work to do. There are many preparations that you must make: baby clothes, room colors, toys and even ways of life and it is not always an easy task. Perhaps some topics that have crossed your mind, however there is nothing more important than the choice of a name. We want to accompany you by providing you with useful information, which is why in this post we are going to explain the meaning of the name Sebastián .

Etymology of the name Sebastian:

According to anthroponymic studies, it is considered that the name Sebastián comes from the Sebastéano variant , which derives from the verb sebázo whose meaning is “honor” or “reverence”. It also forms an adjective in Greek sevastós which means ” venerable “.” gave rise to the honorary title of ancient Greece, Sebasto, which was used by the Roman emperors of the first century and later in the formation of court titles during the Byzantine Empire. Saint Sebastian of Milan is a saint of the Roman Empire, a soldier in the imperial Praetorian army of Emperor Diocletian. Sebastiano Luciani or Sebastiano del Piombo is known, a renowned Italian Renaissance painter of the Venetian school. He is also named Sebastian Najar or also known as Sebastián Fox Morcillo, a 15th-century Spanish scholar and philosopher. Sebastián is the variant of the name in Spanish.


Sebastian or Bastian German, Bastián in Asturian, Sebastijan in Bosnian, Sebastià in Catalan, Bostjan in Slovenian, Sebastiano in Esperanto, Sebastián or Derastián in Basque, Sébastien in French, Sebaschán in Galician, Sebestyén in Hungarian, Sebastian in English, Sebastiano in Italian , Sebasutian and Sebasuchan in Japanese, Sebastianus in Latin, Sebastians in Latvian, Sebastiaanin Dutch, Sebastiāo in Portuguese, Sebastian in Polish and Romanian, Vastianu in Sicilian. Its diminutive is usually Sebas, Seba or Basti. The most common feminine variant is usually Sebastiana.

Famous people named Sebastian:

  • sebastian stan

    • Romanian-American actor : born in Constanta, Romania in 1982. Being an artist, he began his artistic career by entering an acting school in Rockland in New York. His participation as an actor has been mostly in television series such as Law & Order or Gossip Girl and in film productions such as Black Swan or Captain America. He has a Critic’s Choice Television Award nomination for Best Supporting Actor in a Movie/Miniseries.
  • Sebastian Vettel

    • German racing driver : He was born in Heppenheim, Hesse in 1987. He is a speed racing driver sportsman who has won four Formula 1 world titles and three sports runner-up positions. He began his sports career at the age of 11 when he began competing with the Red Bull junior team, debuted as a professional driver with the BMW Sauber team and later won the Italian Grand Prix in 2008. He is known for being the youngest driver in history in the highest category of motorsports, becoming four-time champion and for being the third driver with the most Grand Prix in history.
  • Sebastian Akchote-Bozovic

    • French musician, producer, composer and DJ : also known as SebstiAn, he was born in Boulogne, Billencourt in 1981. He is a Premier DJ who dedicates himself to the composition of frech house and electro. He is recognized for several remixes he has made based on jazz and hip hop. He began with the production of music at the age of 15 and from there his relationship with certain experimental influences that have characterized his creation has been noted. He has released several early music albums on Ed Banger Records.

General characteristics of the most famous people named Sebastian:

They are usually kind, generous and multi-talented people. They are usually shown as shy people, but it is only a matter of time before they adapt to their environment and feel more confident to participate openly. They are creative, intelligent, brave , they usually have bold and imaginative ideas with which they highlight their qualities but at the same time they can risk too much. Although they tend to make strong decisions, they tend to take alternative paths to what is known and seek their own way to reach merit. They always deliver what they promise.