Fish that prefers fresh and clean water

Trout is a fish that generally lives in fresh, cold and clean water, either from rivers and lakes. One of its species, known as the rainbow trout, can live in the ocean for many years, but always returns to the river where it was born to lay its eggs.

These fish have an elongated and smooth body, with silvery tones and speckles in different colors. Its coloration is defined depending on the species to which it belongs, age, light and even mood. The head is robust and has an upper jaw that reaches beyond eye level.

Fun facts

  • It is a fish that can easily adapt to environmental changes. For this reason, they live in different parts of the world.
  • The trout stands out for the wide variety of specimens, all with different physical characteristics, but with the same genetic information.
  • There are those who call it the chameleon of fish, because its colors vary according to the season, age, sunlight and mood. If it feels in danger, then its color changes suddenly.
  • It is common for people to raise trout in captivity, this is because they are valued fish both in the kitchen and in sport fishing.
  • As they cannot stand polluted environments, they are the first to disappear when the water is contaminated.
  • The type of food they consume depends on the size and region where they live. But, in general, they are carnivorous and eat fish, insects, molluscs and shrimp, among others.
  • Trout stand out for their character as they are cautious and strong. They are difficult to capture because they are aggressive when they feel attacked.
  • Their natural predators are bears and eagles.