Discover the origin of emojis

Surely you already know them, emojis are everywhere. It is almost impossible not to find them in text messages or on the Internet. They are so popular that we also see them on t-shirts, cushions, decorations or toys and they even have their own movie. But where do they come from and who invented them

In 1999, a Japanese designer named Shigetaka Kurita worked for a cell phone company. Back then, electronic communications were just text and to communicate emotions, people sometimes used emoticons or characters like 🙂

With the idea of ​​transmitting more feeling in communication and at the same time to allow people to send information in a simple and concise way, Shigetaka Kurita created 176 emojis with which he ended up revolutionizing digital communication.

Did you know . . . ?

✔ The word emoji comes from the Japanese e (image) and moji (character).

✔ Shigetaka Kurita created emojis for the Japanese public and did not imagine that his work would be so popular throughout the world.

✔ The first 176 emojis are now part of the famous Museum of Modern Arts.