Mother’s Day is just around the corner, so it’s time to think about all the details, from the greeting card to a special meal and, of course, the gift. If this year you want to surprise your mother with a different gift, technology will be a great success. This is a selection of some nice, practical and useful technology gifts to give on Mother’s Day.

The technological gifts that every mother will love

1. Echo Smart Speaker

If you want to surprise your mother this year, nothing better than betting on the latest version of Echo speakers. This is the new model of the Amazon smart speaker, specially designed to facilitate work at home. Echo not only offers an enhanced sound experience, but also allows you to choose what you want to listen to and turn the volume up or down via voice command.

Its integrated controller allows you to configure different compatible Zigbee devices to also control your home lights, locks and sensors with your voice. In addition, it brings Alexa integrated! This virtual assistant simplifies work at home since it allows you to manage different daily tasks by voice. Built with multiple layers of protection, these speakers feature multiple privacy controls, including a button to mute the microphones at any time.

2. Echo Show 5 Smart Display

With the Echo Show 5 your mother will have a personal assistant at home. It is a compact smart screen that brings Alexa integrated, through which you can manage the calendar, create task lists, know the weather forecast and traffic conditions or cook by following the recipe step by step. Of course, it also works to watch movies and series, listen to your favorite songs or read the latest news of the day.

Plus, it lets you control compatible devices with your voice or set them up using the screen, while also making it easy to make calls and video calls with friends and family who have a compatible Echo device or the Alexa app. In addition, it can be personalized as a clock or with a favorite photo in the background. And so your mom can still keep her private at home, she has a built-in camera cover and a button to turn off the camera and microphones whenever you want.

3. Conga 1090 robot vacuum cleaner

If your mother has told you that she is tired of cleaning the house every week, Cecotec’s Conga robot vacuum cleaner will do the hard work for her as it sweeps, vacuums, mops or scrubs simultaneously. It has 6 cleaning modes and a three-level intelligent mopping system suitable for all types of surfaces that works through a liquid tank that distributes the water evenly throughout the mop.

Its turbo mode allows you to clean even carpets in depth, while it includes a special silicone brush to collect pet hair. In addition, it can be programmed for any time and day of the week and has a range of up to 160 minutes. When the battery runs out, the robot automatically returns to the base to recharge. However, one of its biggest advantages is that you can control the robot through an application on your phone.

4. Xiaomi Band 5 activity bracelet

If you are looking for a practical and economical gift for Mother’s Day, the Xiaomi Band 5 activity bracelet is perfect. It is a smart bracelet that records daily activity, from the number of steps and calories burned to heart rate and sleep schedule. As it connects directly to any smartphone, be it Android or iOS, your mother will be able to instantly see WhatsApp messages, SMS, calls and notifications from other applications.

You’ll also be able to review your health indicators and data history in the app, allowing you to compare a day’s activity with your usual routines. Unlike other similar models, Xiaomi Band 5 works well under water and also has a long battery life that, with normal use, can last up to 20 days without needing to be recharged.

5. Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro mobile phone

The most technological mothers will be delighted with the Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro to manage their day to day. It is one of the latest models in the Redmi Note 9 range that includes a powerful fifth generation Qualcomm SnapdragonTM 720G processor with 8nm processing technology that offers a much faster browsing experience. The phone also features a 6.67-inch FHD+ DotDisplay screen so you don’t miss any details, while it’s TÜV Rheinland Low Blue Light certified to protect your eyes.

It also has a powerful quad camera with a 64 MP primary sensor that allows you to take photos of landscapes, in portrait mode and retro mode with great sharpness and resolution. It includes a fingerprint sensor on the side so that it can be unlocked more easily, while offering autonomy of up to 16 hours of navigation and 147 hours of music so that your mother always has something to do.

6. Buds Air 2 Wireless Earbuds

Another ideal technological alternative to give away on Mother’s Day are these wireless headphones from Realme. With up to 25dB of active noise cancellation, they better filter out low-frequency noise, including airplane, subway, and other transportation noise, as well as the sound of home appliances so your mom can focus on what she’s listening to without annoying interruptions.

In fact, they offer studio sound quality thanks to their front and rear extension and high sensitivity. In addition, they are very resistant since they are covered with diamond-like carbon that gives them greater hardness and resistance to corrosion. As they have a wireless system, they are very light and easy to wear and include three sizes of ear tips to adapt to any type of ear. And they have great autonomy! Its new low-consumption R2 chip increases its use time by 80%, which, added to its high-capacity battery, offers up to 120 minutes of playback with just 10 minutes of charging.

7. Reloj inteligente Huawei Watch FIT

If you’re looking for a really useful gift for Mother’s Day, this Huawei smartwatch is a safe bet. It has a very cool design, ideal to combine with different outfits and it is also very light and easy to carry. However, its biggest claim is its multiple features: it has a bright 1.64-inch rectangular AMOLED screen and automatic brightness adjustment that allows you to see the watch both in dark spaces and in bright sunlight.

In addition, it has a built-in GPS sensor, a heart rate algorithm and an oxygen saturation measurement sensor that allows you to know your health status at any time, as well as a stress control algorithm. And it is an excellent ally for sports moms as it offers very precise and real-time training metrics for 11 professional sports modes, as well as 85 personalized training modes with practices ranging from yoga or high-level exercises. intensity.

8. BabyLiss hair plancha

This iron with a minimalist design is perfect for a Mother’s Day gift. Its polished titanium plates straighten the hair in a single pass while thanks to its curved stainless steel outer shell, your mother will be able to outline perfect and long-lasting curls and waves. By having extra long plates, it allows you to comb large strands of hair to achieve the same result in less time.

Its ionic technology controls frizz, preventing the frizz effect and giving hair extra shine. It is worth noting that it has 5 digital temperature settings, from 150ºC to 230ºC, and an Advanced Ceramics system that maintains a constant temperature in each pass. It also includes a heat-resistant mat.

9. HP Portable Photo Printer

Treasure every family moment now very easy with this portable photo printer that allows you to print up to 1 photo per minute. From the HP brand, the printer has an input capacity of up to 10 sheets of photo paper, so there is no need to continually replenish the paper.

Its high resolution, wide range of colors and sharp images make it an ideal option for printing photos from your mobile phone, camera, Google Photos or even from social networks. Unlike other similar printers, it allows you to send multiple photos at once or prepare photos offline for later printing. Without a doubt, a perfect gift for any mother.

10. WANFEI Smart Plant Monitor

Taking care of plants at home with this smart monitor is not only very easy but also useful. It is a monitor that controls the light, temperature, humidity and nutrients of the plants so that your mother knows when she has to water them, fertilize them or change their position. It’s designed to work with over 3,000 different varieties of plants, so your mom will be able to identify them with a simple search of her extensive database.

Made of stainless steel, it is a safe and resistant device that has a useful life of up to 1 year. Another advantage is that it comes with a free integrated application “Flower Care” that allows you to manage the device from your mobile phone, whether Android or iOS, as well as consult the data with just one click. It is worth noting that the application is available in different languages.