Valentine ‘s Day is a date to celebrate love, and there is no greater love than the one we feel for our children. It is important that they know how much we love them through words and deeds, and that is why we have thought of 17 beautiful details that you can have with your children .

We all like that they have details with us. A letter, a note or a special gesture will brighten their day, and by the way you take note to do it more often, since you don’t have to wait for Valentine’s Day to show them how much we love them.

1. Prepare a special breakfast

What better than starting the day with a breakfast made with love? Here we leave you 63 breakfast ideas with all kinds of options to surprise them.

If you don’t have time to prepare anything very elaborate, that’s fine too. The smallest gesture counts, even if it is a toast cut in the shape of a heart. The important thing is to be creative and have the intention of doing something special .

2. Bring him breakfast in bed

You can surprise your little one by bringing him breakfast in bed when you wake him up. He will feel flattered and I’m sure it’s a gesture he won’t forget.

3. Write a message in the school agenda

The night before or in the morning before going to school, leave him a nice message in his school diary, in a notebook or inside his backpack . But don’t let him realize that you have done it, so the surprise will be more beautiful.

4. Write him a letter

If you have never written a letter to your child, Valentine’s Day is an ideal date to do so. If you have more than one child, take some time to write a personalized letter to each one. It is a precious detail that you can also keep as a memory forever.

5. Make a post-it path with messages

It is a very fun game that they will love. Use a post-it block (if it’s heart-shaped, better), place them in the shape of a path and write on each of them a nice message or a nice moment you’ve spent together.

6. Print photos of you together

Nowadays we have all the photos on the mobile and we hardly print them. Make a selection of your best photos together , the best family photos, those of your last vacations so that you can keep them and look at them whenever you want. You can choose a favorite and place it in a picture frame.

7. Fill her room with hearts with messages

Cut out paper hearts and write cute messages and things you like about your children on them . Then stick them all over your room (wardrobe, door, bed, chest of drawers, etc…).

We leave you some examples of beautiful messages to inspire you:

-I love you -You are
-You are worth a lot
-I love being your mom -You are
the best thing in my life
-You are special
-I love you forever -I love
how you laugh
-I love being with you
-You have the most beautiful smile
-Your eyes illuminate me
-You are the most important thing for me

8. Do something different together

Surprise your son or your daughter (or your children) with a special plan that you do not usually do , that breaks the routine and turns the day into something special, like going for an ice cream, going to the cinema or to the park that they like so much .

9. Go look for them at school

If you have the possibility and you don’t do it every day, organize yourself to pick up your child after school. She will be especially excited to see that mom or dad has come to pick her up when she doesn’t usually.

10. Give her a handmade gift

It is not necessary to spend money to give a gift. Also, if you do it with your own hands it will have more value. Make a craft that she can place in her room ( we leave you some ideas here ), or knit her something if you’re good with needles…

11. Give her a shared gift

The object itself does not matter. It can be a cup, a pendant, a bracelet, a garment that is the same for both… The important thing is that every time you use it, remember that it symbolizes a special connection between you .

12. Prepare his favorite food

As a special day, the menu also has to be special . And to round it off, a special dinner, which is the next idea.

13. Have a Valentine’s dinner

Surprise your children with a themed dinner based on love . Decorate the table with hearts, flowers and candles in a romantic style. They will love it!

14. Dedicate some exclusive time

It is advisable to do it every day, but on Valentine’s Day, more than ever, dedicate some exclusive time to your children to do what they want together .

15. Massage session

Who doesn’t want a relaxing massage at the end of the day? And more if it is with the love that mom or dad put on it. If your child is a little “kitty” who enjoys petting and massage, he prepares a special session at home.

16. Leave a note on the pillow

Leave a note with a nice phrase on his pillow so he can see it before going to sleep.

17. A story about love at bedtime

And so that the day ends full of love, at bedtime, read him a story that makes him reflect on love and how important it is in life.