For many fathers and mothers, having to do homework every afternoon at home is a conflict with their children. Children can show their refusal to want to do homework with tears, tantrums, arguments, bad answers or bad manners… Afternoons can be a nightmare for the family nucleus, but it doesn’t have to come to this.

Next, we are going to explain the secrets so that your child does their homework more motivated, and what is important that you also do so that things go better for everyone. Your son must do his homework but you must be his support, not the one who does his homework!

Encourage your child to do their homework

Children are often unmotivated when they have to do homework because they are tired or do not feel capable of doing it well. But if there is homework, you have to do it. It is important to keep this in mind because this way you can motivate your child to do them even if he does not want to.

  • Talk to your son. Talk to him and ask him why he is having such a hard time. If it is due to tiredness, sleepiness, nerves, homework overload, lack of a suitable space… look for solutions.
  • Do not demand more than necessary. Do not demand more from your child than he is capable of doing. You have to demand according to his age and his ability.
  • Show patience. Don’t get angry if something costs more… don’t yell at him or force him. It is important that you do not associate homework with something bad.
  • Don’t punish him. Never punish your child because he doesn’t want to do his homework or he will associate it negatively. Instead, do it the other way around. If he does his homework, he can have a privilege, like playing a board game together or helping you make dinner that he likes the most.
  • Better unhurried. Don’t rush him and if you see him tired, let him take breaks. Improve your self-esteem with phrases like; you’re trying so hard it’s coming out really well! And forget phrases like: “You’re slow! How are you still in that exercise? You do not find out!”.
  • Never do homework for him. You can guide him, guide him… but NEVER do his homework for him. Explain it to him as many times as necessary… but if he doesn’t understand it, it’s better for him to leave it blank than for you to do it for him. The next day he will ask his teacher but he will not depend on you to do it well.
  • Don’t miss the routines. Every day, put a routine to do homework and then, have free time to enjoy.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher. If you realize that your son is having serious problems doing his homework, then you will have to talk to his teacher to see if he needs outside help or not.

NEVER do this when your child is doing homework

Just as we have just explained some strategies to make your child feel more motivated to do his homework, it is just as important that you take into account other aspects that you should not do so that he can do his homework well. Do not lose detail:

  • do homework for him
  • Allow him to study every day in a different place
  • Allowing you to do your homework or study in a crowded or distracted place
  • Distract the child in any way
  • Not allowing you to concentrate
  • Allow the child to do his homework at any time without routines
  • Scold him every day because he doesn’t want to do his homework
  • Not allowing him to have moments of rest
  • Losing patience, either yelling at him or getting angry
  • Not praising him for the effort
  • Praise him only for good results
  • Demand more than what he is capable of doing

If you take these tips into account, your child will feel more encouraged to do their homework and you will not feel it as a punishment due to the conflict that used to generate all the time.