Italian girl names | Amazing names for your new born

Are you about to give birth to a little baby girl? We hope you are very happy! Welcoming a baby is a very exciting thing that happens in the lives of people who will be parents, however, some difficult things that this event brings with it are: getting everything you need and, one of the most important, knowing What name will your baby have? In the world there is a wide variety of names, divided into the languages ​​​​that exist, so some countries have their own variations of names and Italy is no exception. Italian is a beautiful language whose pronunciation is almost musical; It is for this reason that baby names will talk to you on this occasion about the beautiful Italian girl names with meaning . We will see both the most common, as well as the old ones, the short ones… Let’s start!

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Most common Italian girl names

We start this article with the most popular Italian names for girls:

  • Adele: feminine name that means of noble lineage .
  • Alessandra: it is a feminine name that means the one that protects the man .
  • Amada: name derived from amare which means to love .
  • Anabel: its meaning is friendly .
  • Andrea: Italian name of woman whose meaning is virile .
  • Angelina: its meaning is celestial messenger .
  • Antonella: This name means praiseworthy .
  • Arianna: its meaning is very sacred .
  • Aurora: name that means the east .
  • Belinda: feminine name that means the one that attracts for its beauty .
  • Berenice: its meaning is bearer of victory .
  • Brunella: feminine name that means the armored one .
  • Carina: its meaning is the smallest and dearest .
  • Cecilia: is a name whose meaning is the blind woman .
  • Constance: this name has the persevering meaning .
  • Debora: it is a name of Italian origin that means the one who is hardworking like a bee .
  • Domenique: its meaning is born on a Sunday .
  • Elena: this name means resplendent .
  • Emilia: its meaning is funny .
  • Fiorella: Italian name meaning little flower .
  • Gabriella: its meaning is the one that has strength and the power of God .
  • Ivana: name that means gracious gift from God .
  • Letizia: its meaning is opulence .
  • Lucia: name that means light .
  • Ophelia: It is a feminine name that means help .
  • Orfelina: This girl’s name in Italian means orphan .
  • Sandra: Italian name of woman whose meaning is winner of men .
  • Rebecca: its meaning is bond .
  • Violetta: is a feminine name that means modest woman .

Uncommon girl names in Italian

Now, we will talk about the Italian girl names not so used today:

  • Ada: Italian name of woman that means the one that radiates beauty.
  • Addolorata: female name that means the one who suffers .
  • Alba: its meaning is white skin.
  • Antonia: this is a feminine name that means florida.
  • America: Italian girl’s name meaning head of the house .
  • Assunta: its meaning is elevation .
  • Auristela: feminine name that means wake of gold .
  • Bernarda: its meaning is brave and bold like a bear .
  • Bonifacia: name of Italian origin that means benefactor .
  • Bonfilia: name that means good daughter .
  • Carmina: its meaning is song .
  • Caterine: is a name that means pure .
  • Concetta: its meaning is that it conceives .
  • Emerald: this name means precious stone .
  • Felice: female name meaning congratulations , Roman goddess of luck.
  • Filipa: girl’s name in Italian that means friend of horses .
  • Ilaria: its meaning is the one that is cheerful .
  • Iolanda: It is an Italian name for a woman that means beautiful like a flower .
  • Lorenza: This name means crowned with laurels .
  • Lucrezia: its meaning is the enlightened one .
  • Priscilla: It is a feminine name that means venerable .

Old Italian girl names

On the other hand, we will tell you some of the Italian names for women considered ancient:

  • Adelaide: name whose meaning is of noble caste .
  • Agata: female name derived from Águeda, which means the virtuous one .
  • Agostina – This Italian female name means the one who deserves veneration .
  • Agnese: its meaning is caste .
  • Ana: This girl’s name in Italian has the meaning of merciful .
  • Anastasia: is a female name that means the one who has the strength to resurrect .
  • Beatrice: This name means that she fulfills desires .
  • Carlota: name that means powerful .
  • Carmine: its meaning is that of the field .
  • Delilah: name that means poverty .
  • Eleonora: is a name of Italian origin whose meaning is beautiful as aurora .
  • Elisabetta: its meaning is consecrated to God .
  • Esperanza: feminine name that means to wait .
  • Francesca: its meaning is that which has been released .
  • Immacolata – This girl’s name in Italian means clean .
  • Maddelena: its meaning is bright torch .
  • Monica: name that means loner .
  • Paula: name that means small and weak.
  • Piety: name whose meaning is virtue to forgive the mistakes of their peers .
  • Regina: its meaning is queen .
  • Vittoria: name that means winning woman .

Italian girl names with g

Next, we will talk about Italian girl names that specifically start with the letter g:

  • Genoveffa: is a name whose meaning is pale face .
  • Geraldine: meaning of the strong.
  • Giannina: feminine name that means full of the grace of God .
  • Gilda: it is a female name that means the one who knows how to fight .
  • Gina: name whose meaning is glorious combat .
  • Gioconda: name of Italian origin that means the pleasant .
  • Giorgia: its meaning is peasant .
  • Gina – This Italian female name means the well-born .
  • Giulia: female given name meaning descendant of the Julia family .
  • Giusta: This name has the meaning that he lives according to the law of God .
  • Glory: name whose meaning is fame .
  • Graziella: its meaning is the graceful .
  • Grazia: is a name whose meaning is favored by God .
  • Greta: this name means pearl .

Short italian girl names

Finally and to close this article, we will talk about the short and beautiful Italian names:

  • Ada: its meaning is that which radiates beauty. Lets know more about Elena meaning of name.
  • Aida: feminine name that means generous .
  • Alice: its meaning is real or true .
  • Alina – This name has the meaning of noble friend .
  • Alma: name that means that it feeds .
  • Alessia: its meaning is defender .
  • Ambra: girl’s name in Italian that means what floats in the sea .
  • Bella: is a feminine name whose meaning is, literally, beautiful .
  • Berta: This name of Italian origin means the brilliant one .
  • Bianca: her meaning is brilliant .
  • Cara: name that means dear .
  • Carla: its meaning is powerful .
  • Chiara: is a feminine name that means clarity .
  • Diva – This Italian girl’s name has the meaning of Goddess .
  • Dona: its meaning is lady .
  • Elda: its meaning is the fighter .
  • Elma: feminine name that means brave warrior .
  • Flower: name that means beautiful like a flower.
  • Ianina: name whose meaning is full of divine grace .
  • Itala: is a feminine name that means the Italian .
  • Lia: This name of Italian origin has the meaning of bearer of good news .
  • Mary: its meaning is rebellion of the people .
  • Nina: is an Italian name for women that means the beneficent one .
  • Pola: Italian name of woman that means short stature .
  • Tanya: feminine name whose meaning is fairy queen .

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