Colossal and charismatic lizard

The Komodo Dragon is the largest species of lizard for which there is currently evidence. It measures around 2 to 3 meters long and can weigh up to 70 Kg. It lives on the island of Komodo and other neighboring islands, in Central Indonesia.

It is also known as Komodo monitor lizard and Komodo monster. Due to their large size, adult specimens do not have natural predators within their habitat, that is, they are not preyed upon by another animal in the area where they live.

It is a charismatic animal that attracts everyone’s attention due to its size and reputation for being feared, which is why it is so popular in zoos. It is currently a vulnerable species and is in danger of extinction due to human activities.

Fun facts

  • Their saliva is poisonous and full of harmful bacteria. The venom contains powerful toxins that slow coagulation and cause the prey to bleed to death.
  • Venom glands are located in the jaw. One bite is enough to weaken the prey, infect the wound and even cause death.
  • They have a forked or divided in two tongue that allows them to detect flavors and odors suspended in the air.
  • They are hunters, they attack by surprise and sometimes they can do this activity in a group. They look for all kinds of prey, for example: reptiles, invertebrates, birds, nests and various mammals.
  • They also eat carrion and are capable of detecting the putrid odor of a carcass several kilometers away.
  • The females dig burrows to lay their eggs.
  • The adult dragons devour the smaller ones, for this reason, the young live for months in the trees to protect themselves from the attacks of their own species.
  • They can run fast, reaching 19 km per hour in short races. Occasionally attacks and kills humans.