The name of your baby is something that will accompany him for a lifetime. Therefore, choosing the most suitable of all is not a task that you should take lightly, since the name will be her letter of introduction and will often determine her personality. In this sense, a feminine name that has an interesting meaning and sound is Norma, which translates as “the one who imposes the rules”.

In this paraBaby article, we will talk about the meaning of the name Norma . You will also discover her saints, the personality that characterizes her, the associated numerology, some celebrities who bear this beautiful name and even the popularity of this anthroponym in Spain. Norma is a girl’s name .

What does Norm mean?

Norma has the etymological meaning “rule” or “square”. However, as a female anthroponym, it means ” the one who imposes the rules ” or “the one who indicates the rules”. It is related to women who are analytical, friendly, strong-willed, but without being impulsive.

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Origin of the name Norm

With respect to the origin of the name Norma, different hypotheses are handled. The first of these and the most widespread is that it is of Latin or Roman origin and that it is translated as “rule”. Other researchers indicate that it comes from Germanic roots, specifically, from the word “North-mann”, which translates “the woman who comes from the north”.

Diminutives and variations of the name Norma

Actually, the name Norma has almost no known variants or diminutives. Some of the most common would be the following:

  • standard
  • Normite
  • norm
  • Norman (male variant).

The name Norma in other languages

Norma is a name that is spelled the same in almost all languages. Next, we will see some languages ​​in which this name is written differently:

  • English : Norm, Norm
  • Japanese : 標準
  • French : Standard
  • Greek : Πρότυπο

Personality of the name Norma

Norma has a very positive, dynamic and supportive personality . He is usually always in search of success and is someone who achieves what he sets out to do quickly. In fact, he always has an idea running through his creative mind to start new projects. In addition, she is a woman who is not intimidated by problems, on the contrary, she uses every failure or mistake to learn and improve even more.

In love, she is a woman with a determined character, which is why she will not always find the ideal partner. On the other hand, when she finds someone who meets her expectations, she will be devoted, faithful and affectionate .

At the family level, Norma is a member whom everyone respects and listens to. One of his favorite things is spending time with family and friends. Likewise, she likes to party a lot to keep up with the news in her social circle, however, once she experiences motherhood, the center of her world will be her children.

Regarding the work plan, Norma has a great sense of responsibility and shows a lot of emotional intelligence to face the different challenges that are imposed on her. She likes to give good advice to her co-workers so that all tasks are accomplished efficiently. Likewise, she is creative, dynamic and a tireless worker who will strive every day to give her best.

Celebrities with the name Norma

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Norma are:

  • Norma Duval : A renowned Spanish vedette, actress, and presenter, whose given name is Purificación Martín Aguilera.
  • Norma Jean Baker – Famous American actress and singer, better known as Marilyn Monroe.
  • Norma Herrera : Mexican actress who has participated in countless soap operas and in different films in the golden age of Mexican cinema.
  • Norma Pons : famous actress and vedette born in Argentina.
  • Norma Shearer – Canadian-born film actress.
  • Norma Aleandro : writer, actress and theater director born in Argentina.

Numerology of the name Norma

The lucky number for the name Norma is 7 . This digit has to do with people with a focused temperament and who have an innate talent for social relationships.

Popularity of the first name Norma

Norma is a name of Latin origin that is very popular in Latin American countries, such as Mexico, Guatemala and Nicaragua.

In Spain it is not such a common name, since, according to the National Institute of Statistics, there are only about 1,984 women who are called Norma and are approximately 46 years old.

In addition, in the attached map that we present below, you will see the communities where there is the highest percentage of women named Norma in Spain:

  • Lugo
  • Pontevedra
  • Tarragona
  • Barcelona
  • Balearics