I had heard of women claiming to have had an orgasm during childbirth , but to me it was another false myth. I have always related pleasure with sex and childbirth with pain, or rather with the possibility of not feeling it.

And reality and science have shown me that I was very wrong. Having an orgasm is possible during a respected delivery, since the woman’s sexual organs and the hormones of pleasure are highly involved in the birth.

scientific basis

Childbirth is for most women an incomparable act of love, but one that is lived with pain. In fact, women look for natural alternatives to try to alleviate it, such as adopting different postures, massages, breathing techniques… And in that sense, a pleasant birth is usually a way of saying “it wasn’t that hard” .

But scientists say that you can give birth with the help of an explosion of pleasure caused by an orgasm. The pain is reduced to bearable and the mother feels that she has just experienced the most important act of love in her life. Recovering contact with uterine sexuality and creating a favorable environment are essential to achieve this.

What distinguishes these few lucky women? This is the question that the French obstetrician, Michel Odent , one of the great defenders of physiological childbirth, already asked himself in the 1970s , and which led him to affirm that: “the main function of orgasm is to give birth. All women should give birth with the biggest orgasm of our lives.

According to Dr. Beverly Whipple , a renowned international sexologist, orgasm is possible because the pressure exerted by the baby’s head on the pelvic nervous system stimulates many of the points that play a determining role in vaginal, cervical and clitoral orgasms.

And he adds that during childbirth, the levels of oxytocin are increased, the hormone of love that is also secreted in greater quantity when we are in love, with people who make us feel good and when we have sexual relations.

Less pain and more pleasure

Enjoying a respected delivery and controlling pain is a very generalized desire among future mothers. But it is not always possible. That is why surprising studies ensure that childbirth would hurt much less if women masturbated.

This is stated by the New York psychologist Barry Komisaruk, one of the greatest experts on female orgasms , who has managed to quantify the benefits of vaginal and clitoral self-stimulation of women in pain control.

Thus, if the woman can feel less pain during childbirth if she achieves several orgasms during dilation and expulsion .

Also the sexologist Yvonne Fullbright , opts for the benefits of orgasm to control pain. She assures that in order to fully enjoy the moment of childbirth, one must overcome fears, assume that pregnancy is not an obstacle to sexual life, be willing to embrace the idea of ​​unlimited pleasure during childbirth, and not put psychological barriers to the arrival of the moment.

But it is difficult to live it like this, according to our cultural baggage. Childbirth is seen socially as something painful and unpleasant and, despite being a sexual act, as this sexologist and other scholars of the subject assure, intimacy during childbirth is almost an impossible mission and in these conditions it is difficult to lose inhibitions.

Nor could we leave out of these expert opinions the American midwife Ina May Gaskin , one of the fundamental figures of the world movement in favor of respected childbirth. In a meeting with her in Madrid in November 2018 , she explained why some women are almost even offended by even the possibility of experiencing pleasure while giving birth, as it is almost exclusively associated with making love.

“I think this kind of reaction has a lot to do with the fact that the medical model of birth has erased the obvious fact that women give birth with their sexual organ. More confusion is due to women in our culture They are not taught that their vaginal tissues have the ability to swell in a similar way to the penis.”

Many women believe that when a baby passes through the vagina, that organ stretches and loses effectiveness. But if it is well treated (does not undergo a routine episiotomy, artificial hormones or forceps), it swells impressively, since these tissues have the ability to hold a large amount of blood when labor stimulates the hormones of ecstasy (oxytocin and beta-endorphins). Under these circumstances, the stimulated vagina functions well at birth.”

Testimonials of orgasms in childbirth

Still don’t see it clearly? In this case, it may be interesting for you to watch the trailer for the documentary ‘Orgasmic Birth’ , where seven women and their partners invite us to share their most intimate moments, the orgasmic, joyful, sensual and revolutionary birth, which poses a definitive challenge to our myths cultural.

Expert opinions, interviewed for the film, offer interesting insights on the subject.

For example, obstetrician-gynecologist Christiane Northrup points to the positive effects of orgasm on postpartum depression:

“I think the connection between overuse of the intervention and postpartum depression is huge. If women were to experience the ecstasy of birth, it would have the effect of making them overcome the hormonal changes of the following week. Your body and your inner wisdom will help you. They give that height.

And we want to stay with the encouragement of the Brazilian obstetrician Ricardo Jones, to pregnant women, so that they trust in his wisdom:

“There is a parallel between sexuality and childbirth. When you are giving birth, trust in yourself. Trust in your inner power, in your ability to give life. This is something absolutely sacred that any woman possesses. A doctor, a nurse and all the midwives in the world are people who are not in a position to teach a woman to give birth, but to facilitate the work that she already knows how to do”.