Are you looking for an original name for your child? You have come to the right place because we will give you a variety of alternatives with which you can be inspired. Choosing the name of the baby that is on the way is definitely one of the most fascinating tasks of the entire pregnancy. Also, during your research, you should make sure that the name you choose is pretty, melodic, and has a nice meaning.

In this paraBaby article, we show you 150 original boy names with their meaning. Each one of them is unique and striking, because we have listed original short names, in English, Italian and even Mexican. The idea is that when you finish reading this post you already have in mind the name that will accompany your child for life.

Original boy names in English

English is the most universal language. Therefore, giving your child a name in English is an excellent alternative that adapts very well to this globalized world. Within this list of original boy’s names in English you will see short, popular names that are very easy to pronounce.

Next, take a look at the original boy names in English that we chose for you:

  • Alan : is a name widely used in England, which means “the honorable person”.
  • Alfred – This an English boy’s name means “honorable man.”
  • Andrew – is an original English boy’s name meaning “strong and brave man.”
  • Axel : a beautiful name in English, which translates “the man who meditates”.
  • Barclay : this name in English means “the man who loves nature”.
  • Benedic : it is an interesting name that has as meaning “the one who is blessed”.
  • Berwin : means “courageous and determined person”.
  • Boone : This beautiful name in English has as meaning “the man of beautiful feelings”.
  • Cameron : is a boy’s name that means “the one with the crooked nasal septum”.
  • Cody : is a typical English name that means “the kind and cordial man”.
  • Colin : means “the man who has a small wolf”.
  • Connor – This beautiful English name translates to “one who loves animals.”
  • Darragh – An English name meaning “tough as an oak.”
  • Dylan – is a well-known name in the English language meaning “he who sails on big waves”.
  • Egan : Greek name meaning “the man who shines with his own light.”
  • Ethan – One of the original English boy names meaning “man of honour”.
  • Ewan : is a popular English name and means “the one who lives in the tree”.
  • Finn : this name means “people with strong ideals”.
  • Gad : has the meaning “man with good vibes and luck”.
  • Garrett – A name that translates to “noble-hearted person.”
  • Grayson : English name meaning “enterprising person.”
  • Harding – Interesting English name meaning “man with much perseverance.”
  • Hunter : This name means “the person who hunts”.
  • Jack – One of the original English boy names meaning “courageous and passionate person.”
  • Jasper – An English name meaning “the bearer of treasures.”
  • Justin : This English name means “just and kind person.”

Original and short boy names

If you are one of the parents who like to stand out, you will undoubtedly want your child to have a short and original name. Short names have the particularity that they are easy to pronounce and remember. In this selection you will find options such as Adam, Blas or Eric, which are very beautiful and have great meaning.

Be sure to see the following list with 25 original and short boy names:

  • Abi : Biblical Hebrew name meaning “God is my father.”
  • Adam – This is a nice Latin name meaning “he who was made from the earth”
  • Álex : it is an original and short name for boys that comes from the name Alejandro, and that means “the man who rejects his opponent”.
  • Aldo – One of the original short boy names that comes from the German language. He translates “the man with gray hair.”
  • Biel : This name of Hebrew origin means “the force of the creator”.
  • Blas : is a name of Latin origin and translates as “the stuttering man”.
  • Gaius : comes from Latin and means “joyful man”.
  • Cyrus : he was a Persian king who liberated the Jews, this name means “stone”.
  • Deo – One of the original short boy names of Greek origin translating “he who wants to be like a god.”
  • Eloy – This Latin name means “the one chosen by God.”
  • Eric – This is another one of the short original names for boys. It has a Scandinavian origin and translates “the eternal ruler”.
  • Hugo : Germanic name meaning “person with great intelligence.”
  • Ian : of Scottish origin, it has the meaning “God is merciful”.
  • Ilan . name of Hebrew origin and means “the one who takes care of the trees”
  • Ivan – This Latin name that translates “the mercy of God.”
  • Iker : It is a name of Basque origin and popular thanks to the Spanish footballer, which means “the one who brings good news”.
  • Izan : Basque name meaning “let it be.”
  • Jon . This name of Greek origin that means “Jehovah is mercy”
  • Ken : another of the original and short boy’s names of Celtic origin meaning “nice man”.
  • Kurt : is of Germanic origin and translates “he who is an advisor”.
  • Liam : this name comes from Ireland, it translates “The one who protects me”.
  • Noah – a Hebrew name meaning “man of long life”
  • Teo : is the contraction of Teodoro which means “the gift of God”.
  • Otto : it is of German origin, it means “people with wealth and treasures”.
  • Udo : This is another of the original short names for boys, which has a Germanic origin, meaning “he who owns great wealth.”

Spanish original boy names

The original Spanish names are very popular, especially because they are loaded with a beautiful meaning. You can review the following list of the original Spanish boy names that we chose for you. We are sure that among so many beautiful alternatives, one of them will catch your attention.

  • Adrián : This is one of the most used Spanish names today. Its origin is Latin derived from Hadrianus and which means “the one who comes from the Adriatic Sea”.
  • Adolfo : Spanish name whose saints are celebrated on June 30, its meaning is “strong man like the wolf”.
  • Agustín – This original Spanish name means “the man who is solemn.”
  • Amaro : is a Spanish name that comes from the Mauritius variant, and means “man who comes from Mauritania”
  • Alonso – This is a name that translates to “man prepared for war.”
  • Álvaro : This name in Spanish is a derivative of the Germanic All-warja, which translates as “the guardian”.
  • Bruno : is a very used name in Spain, which means “man with armor”.
  • Cañosanto : it is of Spanish origin and derives from the veneration of Our Lady of Los Caños Santos.
  • Christian : Latin name meaning “the believer in Christ.”
  • Dante : is a name of Latin origin that means “the man who resists”.
  • Daniel – This beautiful name means “God will judge you”.
  • Ernesto : This is another of the original names for Spanish boys and it is related to “perseverance and perseverance”.
  • Lazarus – This Biblical name means “the one helped by God”.
  • León : Spanish name meaning “the protector.”
  • Lorenzo – This Spanish name means “person with victories.”
  • Manuel – This name in Spanish has an emblematic translation and it is “God is with us”.
  • Marco : it is a Castilian name of Latin origin that is related to the “God Mars”
  • Mario : is the masculine form of Maria, and means “the chosen one”.
  • Matthias – This modern name means “he who is faithful to God.”
  • Ovid : Spanish name is associated with “the divine ruler.”
  • Pablo : it is a name of biblical origin that is related to the apostle Paul and whose meaning is “man with humility”.
  • Rubén : is a religious name and means “God has rewarded me with a son”.
  • Sebastián : it is a name that is related to an honest and respectful personality.
  • Saul – This masculine name refers to “the man who was asked by the Lord.”
  • Unai : Spanish boy’s name of Basque origin and meaning “keeper of the cows.”

original greek boy names

Are you looking for a Greek name for your son? !! Congratulations!! Within the following list you will see 26 ideal alternatives, in which you will find mythological names and great characters that are full of great strength and history.

Now, you can see the selection of the best original Greek boy names:

  • Achilles : Greek name that reminds us of the hero of the Trojan War, and means 2the protector”.
  • Adonis : is a name from ancient Greece that means “man of great beauty”.
  • Alesandro : is one of the original Greek boy names used by kings in ancient times and means “the one who cares for others”.
  • Alexander – This name was popularized by Charlemagne and has a Greek origin.
  • Astor : This name has a Greek origin and means “like the falcon”.
  • Basil – Another of the original Greek boy’s names and meaning “The High King.”
  • Baptist – This Greek name is very common and means “he who is immersed.”
  • Bemus ; This Greek name is not very common, which means “the one who has patience”.
  • Callistus – A Greek name that translates “beautiful person.”
  • Claus : is a name of Greek origin that means “the one who has victory with the people”.
  • Cristóbal : is of Greek origin and means “the one who carries Christ in him”.
  • Cosme – This is another one of the original Greek boy names and it translates to “the adorned man.”
  • Costantine – A Greek name meaning “he of constancy.”
  • Damasus – This Greek name means “the tamer” and was the name of the 37th Pope in the Catholic Church.
  • Elián : comes from the Greek language, which means “the brilliant man”.
  • Stephen – A Greek name that is related to victory and means “deserves to have the crown.”
  • Faust – This interesting Greek name translates to “the lucky man.”
  • Felipe : a name of Greek origin means “the one who takes care of the horses”.
  • Gregorio : of Greek origin, this name is the variant for Virgil and means “the one who watches”.
  • Hephaestus : It is the name of the Greek god of fire, and it has a good sound.
  • Hermes – Another one of the original Greek boy names widely used these days. It means “the caretaker of the borders”.
  • Homer : is a Greek name that means “he who cannot see”.
  • Lysander – This beautiful Greek name means “the man who saves others.”
  • Nestor : This name is of Greek origin and means “the man who is remembered”.
  • Telmo : name of Greek origin, but uncommon for boys that means “the man who protects us”.
  • Timothy : Greek name meaning “the man who believes in God.”

Original Mexican boy names

Mexican names are very interesting because they have a mixture of Spanish and the indigenous language of the Mayans and the Aztecs, among other cultures.

If you want your child to have an original name full of sonority and a beautiful meaning, without a doubt, the original Mexican boy names that we will present you in the following list will attract your attention:

  • Antonio : This is a name that has gained ground in Mexico. It is widely used by the exponents of the folk music of that country, it means “the one who has courage”.
  • Carlos : Although it is a name of Germanic origin, it is very loved in Mexico. He means “the man in freedom”.
  • Cuauhtémoc – This is another original name for Mexican boys that comes from Aztec ancestors, and means “the eagle flies high”.
  • Cuahtli : is another aboriginal name of the Mexican lands means “the eagle owns the immensity”.
  • Emiliano : this name used in several Mexican regions, translates “the good worker”.
  • Isu : name of Mexican tribes that translates “fast as the deer”.
  • Jesus : this name that inspires faith is of predilection in Mexican society, it means “The Lord brings salvation”.
  • Jorge : name of many Mexican singers, such as Jorge Negrete, means “he works the land”.
  • Juan : it is a name widely used in Mexico by the heroes of history, it means “two help me”.
  • Fernando – One of the original Mexican boy’s names meaning “bold man.”
  • Francisco : This name used during the Mexican revolution by many soldiers, means “the one who comes from the Franks”.
  • Manuel : it is used by several Mexican presidents who have given popularity to this name, it means “God with me”.
  • Mateo : Hebrew name that is used strongly in Mexico, means “the gift of God”.
  • Miguel : is the name of Mexican children, who remember the father of the country Miguel Hidalgo, means “the justice of God”.
  • Roberto : occupies the first places in preference in Mexico and means “man who shines”.
  • Santiago – A name that is growing in popularity with Mexican parents, it means “the Lord will comfort me.”
  • Sebastián – One of the original Mexican boy’s names used by numerous Central American boys. He means “person of great respect”.
  • Tachi : native name of boy in Mexico that translates “soft as the wind”.
  • Tlaloc – A name from Aztec communities in Mexico meaning “the rain god.”
  • Tenoch : Aztec name that used by Mexican children, means “strong as the rock”.
  • Tonatiúh : is another original name for Mexican boys, which has an Aztec origin and means “The father god of the sun”.
  • Yetzel – Widely used Aztec name meaning “man of great wisdom.”
  • Yuuban : is an interesting indigenous Zapotec name that means “the lands with life”.

original italian boy names

Italian is an elegant and emblematic language. This makes choosing an Italian name for your boy a perfect choice for naming him. Discover the most beautiful original Italian boy names with their meaning in the following list that we have prepared for you:

  • Alessio – We start with this original Italian name for boys, which is a variant of Alexander and means “the protector of the world”.
  • Amadeo : it is a very current name in Italy that means “loved by God”.
  • Angelo – One of the original Italian boy’s names meaning the “messenger angel of God.”
  • Antonello : this beautiful name of Italian origin, means “person of merit”.
  • Aurelio : it is a name carried by the Roman emperors and that means “man with great leadership”.
  • Baldassare – This is an interesting Italian name that translates to “he who comes to protect the king.”
  • Benedetto : it is a name with religious airs and that means “blessed man”.
  • Calvino : an Italian name meaning “the one with the little bald head”.
  • Celestino – This name is widely used in Italy and means “heavenly person.”
  • Domenico : Italian name translating “the one to whom God belongs.”
  • Donato – Another of the original Italian names for boys, and meaning “that which is given by God.”
  • Emanuele : has a Hebrew origin and is well known throughout Italy. He means “our lord is with us”.
  • Enrico : is a name that has the meaning “the one who follows the rules”.
  • Fabio – One of the original Italian boy’s names meaning “the bean grower”.
  • Fabrizio : is a beautiful name that translates “the craftsman man”.
  • Fiorenzo : this name inspires a lot of strength, since its translation is “the blossoming”.
  • Francesco : Italian name that comes from the name Francisco and that means “free man”.
  • Geovani – This popular Italian name means “God is merciful.”
  • Guido : a nice name means “the one who lives in a leafy valley”.
  • Leonzio : comes from the name Leon and means “man of great courage”.
  • Marcello : This original Italian name for boys is widely used in Italy and comes from the Latin for “the one with the little hammer”.
  • Niccolo – An Italian name that transcends borders and means “victory alongside his people.”
  • Piero : comes from the name Pedro, which means “strong as a rock”.
  • Santino – is an Italian name meaning “consecrated to God.”
  • Vicenzo – Popular name throughout Italy that translates “he who conquers.”