Popular and attractive pet bird

The parakeet or common parakeet is a colorful bird considered a type of parrot, thus being the smallest species of these animals. It is originally from Australia, but they have been introduced in other countries because some people decide to keep them as pets.

It is a small bird as it measures around 19 cm and weighs about 35 g. They have long wings, a green body, a yellow head and a back full of dark waves. In domestic environments there are others in other shades, except black and red.

Fun facts

  • Parakeets are very sociable and affectionate birds, so they prefer to be accompanied. They always walk in large groups when they are in the wild.
  • The parakeet is a very expressive bird, you can tell how it feels by watching it. When he is happy, he scratches his head, preens his feathers, and grooms himself. It also usually hides a paw in its plumage if it is calm. If it’s scared, it stands up straight and leaves its wings close to its body.
  • In their natural habitat, parrots feed on mature seeds of grasses and other plants that cover the surface.
  • They reproduce quickly as they stop being chicks 60 days after hatching.
  • The females are the ones that choose the male for its bright colors and the fluorescence emitted by the feathers on the neck and head. They lay approximately 5 to 6 eggs.