Plants are very important, they not only serve as food, decorate our houses and fill our lives with color, but also produce the oxygen we need to breathe.

What kind of plant would you like to plant?

A beautiful flower? A delicious vegetable? A sweet fruit?

There are different types of plants, but each plant starts as a seed.

To grow a plant, you must first dig a hole in the ground and put the seed inside. Then cover the seed with soil and water it with water.

Plants need two things to grow: water and sun.

With water and sun, the shell of the seed will soften and its roots will begin to develop. The roots are inside the soil, so you can’t see them.

Think of them as the feet of the plant, helping it stay in place. As the plant grows, the stem will emerge from the ground, and soon the leaves will begin to come out of the ground.

The stem will continue to grow and will soon begin to develop leaves.

As the plant grows, its shoots will also grow. The buds will slowly open and develop into the flowers of the plant.

As the flowers grow, they will be pollinated and the fruits will begin to appear on it. Inside each fruit we find seeds.

So the next time you eat a delicious apple or orange, remember that you can sow its seeds and watch them grow.