Stress is toxic for adults and children

The word ‘stress’ has something to do with the word ‘suffering’ and it is not for less, when we are stressed, we are suffering, adults and children. When the life we ​​lead does not is the life we ​​want to have we end up being stressed, anxious, worried and even sad too. All of these feelings are very difficult for people as we all do what we can to feel good and get away from these very disturbing feelings.

The negative feelings derived from stress are uncomfortable and make us feel bad. In fact, people when we are stressed tend to have common behaviors that are worth knowing to recognize and in this way, if you feel that at any time you are more stressed than necessary but you think it is not that bad, look at the following situations:

  • You eat a lot or you do not eat at all
  • You don’t sleep well
  • You have technology in your hand all the time
  • You have back pain, headache, neck pain or other parts of the body
  • You are constantly irritated, angry or frustrated
  • You have memory difficulties so you have trouble remembering things and even conc enter

If any of these signs sound familiar to you or because they happen to you, it is likely that your body is responding to a perceived threat -stress- and want to run away, fight or stay still. Your body releases a lot of stress hormones when it’s on alert. Your heart beats faster, your muscles tense, your blood pressure rises and your breathing quickens… your body prepares to escape threats that it considers real but are just modern things that cause you stress. Can you imagine all this in a small child’s body?

Being a parent is stressful

If you’ve never known stress before, chances are you will when you become a parent . It’s like entering a new dimension where time is a scarce commodity, where your needs are relegated to the background. Stress, as John O’Donoghue -a deceased poet- said, is a perverse relationship with time. Instead of people owning time, it becomes the target and the victim makes time routine. At the end of the day, you won’t have had a real moment for yourself.

Harmful Stress Kids Life adults

This is much better understood when the parents in a family work full time. It is true that financially it is better, but in terms of time, it is difficult to balance all the professional obligations with being a present father. There is almost no time for life, for oneself, to enjoy. In addition, children’s behavior can also be stressful.

Stress disturbs children

When we feel a lot of stress we fight against invisible forces. When a parent is stressed they won’t be able to be good parents because they will cut off communication with their children. A stressed parent is physically close but emotionally far away. Regardless of intentions, you will transfer your emotional stress to your children. children and they will develop an immediate response to their environment: their bodies and minds are shaped by their social environment (for example, a child who grows up in a stressed home may be more prone to asthma). Stress is toxic and detrimental to children’s health.

It is very important to learn to manage stress positively so that children can develop healthily and thus learn good coping strategies in life. Working for a calm home and teaching -and practicing- stress management strategies is essential to enjoy a good life.