When we think of a gift for a new mom, we usually choose a gift for the future member of the family. However, there are also many simple and functional gift ideas with which you can entertain a pregnant woman during her first pregnancy. These are some original and, above all, very practical ideas that will surely be well received and will make you smile.

7 gift ideas with which you will surprise a new mother

1. Diaper bags

If you want to surprise a new mom with an original and practical gift, diaper bags are an excellent choice. Although they have existed for quite some time, they have gained popularity in recent years as a comfortable and elegant way to carry diapers anywhere and, the truth is that they are very useful since they allow you to always have diapers located and at hand. In addition, they are very versatile, so you can find a diaper bag for each style. There are multi-use waterproof bags perfect for mums on the go and diaper bags to carry in the bag to more complete adaptable changing bags that are ideal for moms who need a lot of space.

2. Skin care kit

During pregnancy, a woman’s skin undergoes many changes due to the hormonal revolution that takes place in her body. In this sense, skin care kits are very useful as they help hydrate the skin, while giving it extra elasticity to prevent the formation of stretch marks . Obviously, not all skin care kits are effective for all mothers. To choose the most suitable one, it is important that you take into account the type of skin of the future mother to whom you are going to give. You can find from specific creams for the prevention of stretch marks and creams for the care of the nipple to powerful regenerating oilsto boost post-pregnancy recovery, but if you don’t want to risk too much, you’re better off choosing a more standard skincare kit .

3. Nursing pillow

Whether as support for the belly during pregnancy or as support for the baby during breastfeeding , the nursing pillow is an excellent ally for any mother, especially if she is a first-timer. So if you want your gift to be useful as well as beautiful, a nursing pillow is an excellent option to accompany her throughout the pregnancy and the baby’s first months at home. Another of the great advantages of this gift is that you can find different models, from the most basic breastfeeding cushions designed to facilitate the handling of the baby to multipurpose models that include a hammock for the little ones and multiposition cushions .that can be used open for pregnancy as well as in the shape of a horseshoe to breastfeed the baby.

4. Nursing shirts

Whether the mom-to-be is already determined to breastfeed her baby or is still appreciating it, a nursing t-shirt can make a great gift. Basically, these are very comfortable shirts to wear whose design facilitates breastfeeding, so that they will allow the future mother to breastfeed her baby in public spaces in a more intimate and simple way. If you don’t want to risk too much, you can find very nice and practical basic nursing t-shirts to be at home, but there are also t-shirts that adapt to the mother’s lifestyle. For those who love physical activity, there are very comfortable nursing sweatshirts , while you can find top shirtsmore stylish, perfect for those family dinners or meeting with friends.

5. Baby carriers

Every new mother should have a baby carrier. This accessory not only allows her to carry the baby comfortably wherever she goes , but also promotes greater autonomy and mobility, while helping to distribute the weight evenly so as not to overload the spine. Without a doubt, it will be a different gift that will take great advantage of it during the baby’s first months at home and it will be very easy for you to find it since there are many models of baby carriers. From ergonomic backpacks with multiple positions , ideal both for a walk around the city and for an afternoon of camping, to more stylish backpacks with a minimalist design for the most urban and mei tai mothers.very comfortable and practical to take the baby anywhere in a more traditional way.

6. Breastfeeding Kit

Nursing kits will always be a perfect gift for a new mother determined to breastfeed her baby. It is a very functional accessory that allows the mother to feed the baby with breast milk even when she cannot breastfeed, while also being the perfect excuse to involve the father in this very special moment. You can bet on more basic breastfeeding kits that include bottles and bags to freeze breast milk, which allows you to safely store your baby’s food for much longer. However, you can also find breastfeeding kits with breast pumps and absorbent discs and more complete models.that include everything a mother needs to feed her child when she cannot breastfeed

7. Teething necklace

In recent years, teething necklaces have become fashionable among mothers. Basically, these are necklaces made with very delicate materials, designed to favor children’s teething. In this way, the little one can entertain himself biting the necklace while he is in her mother’s arms, while massaging his gums and relieving the discomfort caused by teething . You can find all kinds of designs, from the most basic necklaces with teething pendants and necklaces with silicone beads to natural necklaces that combine wooden, crochet and silicone beads and more elegant models., ideal to wear on any occasion. Without a doubt, it is a simple, original and very practical gift that will surely delight any new mother.