For experienced parents who have already spent several special and significant dates as a couple with children in their lives, we know how difficult it can be to find some time alone . It is never lacking that our children need help, they have a sudden episode of “mummy/daddy” in which they want to stay glued to us or they show up with the urgent need for us to answer all their curious and original questions.

But I try to stay optimistic and look for the positive side so that instead of suffering from the fact that outings and celebrations as a couple are no longer what they used to be before becoming parents, we can appreciate and value the good that we have now. That’s why I’m sharing some ideas for you to celebrate your first Valentine’s Day as parents with the new love in your life: your baby .

The main thing to be able to enjoy this romantic and loving celebration is to remember that in addition to being parents, you are also a couple, so I suggest you give yourself time and space to enjoy Valentine’s Day both ways: with your baby and without him .

Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your baby

Although this date is dedicated to lovers, we cannot deny that this is a feeling that is also present in us when it comes to our children . I consider myself a mother madly in love with her daughter, because every day I learn new lessons from her and she teaches me that there are many beautiful and surprising things to be happy about.

Dress up your baby as Cupid and have a photo session

There are probably few things in the world that can give more cuteness than a cutely dressed baby. For this you do not need to spend a lot of money on a costume, you can even choose to dress your baby with the colors according to the date: red, white and even pink. Remember that the important thing is not to be perfect in the photo, but to preserve this beautiful moment with your baby .

Print Valentine’s cards with your baby’s photo

You can use the photos dressed as Cupid if you decided to dress him up like that, or use a cute photo of your baby and add it to one of the thousands of card templates that exist to download for free. Who would not love to receive a card with a precious baby congratulating him on the day of love?

write him a love letter

They can make a letter between the two of them or one from mom and another from dad . Family love is also something very important that sometimes takes a backseat with so much advertising that is based only on romantic offers for couples. Take advantage of this new emotion of feeling infinite love to translate it into a letter that your baby can read in the future.

Start a new tradition

The first date of any celebration or party in your baby’s life is always a great time to start a new tradition. You could take the idea above and write her a letter every year , all of which will be delivered to her on Valentine’s Day in a cute box when she’s 10 or 12 years old.

Celebrating Valentine’s Day as a couple

Having a newborn or a baby under one year of age at home requires a lot of attention and sometimes a lot of demand. But there is always a way to find a moment to spend together and continue celebrating your love, even if it is only for a few hours.

Outing as a couple

If you have someone who can watch your baby for a couple of hours, take this opportunity to get ready and go out to dinner together at your favorite restaurant or go to the movies to see that movie you’ve been waiting for so long . You could also ask for the day at work (it doesn’t have to be February 14th specifically) and take a short drive or a picnic in the park if the weather that day allows. Sometimes something as simple as being together and enjoying the silence and tranquility of open spaces makes us feel more in love and grateful for having each other.

If what you want is to relax, you can look in a spa in your city for some that offer massages as a couple , surely as new parents this will come in handy and you will spend a relaxing moment together.

What if we can’t get a babysitter?

There are many ways to celebrate this date at home. The main thing to enjoy it is to stay optimistic but also to be a bit realistic, the key is to be flexible and take things with a sense of humor, it’s okay if things don’t go perfect or as planned!

Do not leave the planning of this day for the last minute. A few days before Valentine’s Day, sit down together to plan what you would like to do on this day so that you can buy the things you want and make any necessary adjustments. You can make a list of things you would like to eat and drink, as well as activities you would like to do together.

Take advantage of what you have at home. Even at home you can recreate the atmosphere of a nice restaurant. A few flowers in the center of the table, a couple of candles and some cute or elegant dishes are enough to have a romantic atmosphere without leaving the house. If you want to rest from the kitchen that day, order your favorite food at home.

relax. Take a bath together or sit on the couch and watch a movie with a glass of wine. Similarly, if you don’t feel like doing anything but rest that day, put the baby to bed early and take that well-deserved nap together.

The important thing about Valentine’s Day is to have a nice time as a couple or with your baby , and we will achieve this by being aware that now we are no longer just two and that things are different now.

If all else fails or something goes wrong (like falling asleep in the middle of the night from all those nights awake with the baby), you can always celebrate Valentine’s another day. Let’s remember that love is something that is shown daily and does not require a particular date to celebrate it.