What does a mother who does not breastfeed feel?

No one can tell you what to do about breastfeeding. You are the one who decides how to feed your baby and whatever decision you make, it must be respected by everyone that surrounds you. There are women who breastfeed because they can and want to, and other women who don’t because they can’t or don’t want to, and it should be respected!

Don’t blame yourself

Whether you can’t or won’t breastfeed, you shouldn’t feel bad about it. Enjoy how wonderful motherhood is. If you want but you can’t, you don’t have to get frustrated or force your baby to go hungry on a breast where the milk he needs to be well fed doesn’t come out, you’re not to blame for that and you have to be calm.

It’s true that breastfeeding allows you to feel an almost mystical connection with your baby… But just because you don’t breastfeed doesn’t mean you’re going to lose that connection,! far from it! Your connection began from the moment your baby was an embryo inside your womb that began to form thanks to you, who were his home for 9 months and your arms will remain home for a lifetime.

Although they tell you that breast milk has great properties (which is true) and that it can prevent allergies, disorders and diseases in babies… It is also true that today’s formula milk is very complete and babies also grow healthy and strong. You won’t be diagnosed with anything wrong just because you don’t breastfeed, especially if you give good quality formula.

If you force yourself to breastfeed when you can’t or don’t want to but feel pressured to society, you will not be able to enjoy the wonderful motherhood that you can experience together with your baby. Your baby can grow up healthy, strong and happy even if he doesn’t breastfeed from you.

mother breastfeeding problems

Go with your gut

If your child’s pediatrician and others tell you it’s better to breastfeed but you feel sick every time they tell you, find another professional who respects your decision. Because yes, it is true that breastfeeding is the best option for the baby, but it is not the only one, and you are free to decide how you want to feed your child.

Remember that the size of the breasts has nothing to do with milk production, there are times when this simply does not happen, or it is difficult for various reasons such as poor nipple latch, baby’s rejection of the breast, mastitis or cracks in the the nipples… and you don’t want to go through that. Not breastfeeding your baby doesn’t make you a bad mother, not at all! Being a good mother is much more than breastfeeding.

You have to make sure that your baby is in good health and that the formula you give him is the right one for your little one to grow. But you don’t have to force yourself to suffer stress or anxiety and much less frustration for not breastfeeding your baby… Because these negative emotions can be harmful to your baby and its development.

You choose the way

Although you understand that breastfeeding has many benefits (both for the children and for the mother), it is also true that the health of babies breastfed with formula milk is not destined to compete with the health of breastfed babies. Babies can grow up strong and healthy either way, and one mother is no better or worse than another for deciding one type of feeding for her baby or another.

Think about your circumstances and in your desires and do not allow anyone to make you do something you do not want. You will always make the best decision for both you and your baby. No matter the reason, it is your decision and what you should do first of all is not to stress and enjoy how wonderful motherhood is together with your baby, because everything will pass too quickly. The important thing is that you are calm and happy together with your little treasure of love.