One of the foods par excellence in our diet is bread . That is why it is one of the first that we think of when we start with the complementary feeding of the baby at six months, and also one of the ones that generate the most doubts for parents . That is why today we want to solve all the questions that usually arise at this time.

Can I give bread to my baby?

The answer is: it depends on the ingredients . Taking into account that we must gradually introduce foods into your diet, monitoring the reactions you may have, we should always choose one without seeds and without salt . With regard to gluten, there is no problem, since from six months babies can start eating foods with gluten .

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Is it safe to give a piece of bread to my baby?

Undoubtedly, bread is a very good option for babies to start eating solid foods , an issue that we should not prolong too much time because later it usually costs more for them to be interested in recipes with pieces.

If the baby is already interested in food, wants to put it in his mouth and suck on it, he is ready. It is important to choose the type of bread well, how we give it to them and, of course, not leave them alone while they eat.

How should I give it to him?

To do it safely, we must choose a bread that softens on contact with saliva (not lumpy), and give a small piece that has a part of crust and another of crumb, in such a way that the child has the need to suck it, stimulate the production of saliva so that it dissolves in your mouth.

We can give it in the form of toast or a stick, and if we have already introduced other foods, spread with something (such as olive oil and tomato, hummus, mashed avocado …).

When we give bread for the first time, and just as we do when giving them a new food, it is convenient to wait a couple of days and see if the baby has any type of reaction (for example, diarrhea or significant constipation ). If that happens, we should consult with our pediatrician to rule out celiac disease .