101 cute boy names that will be trending in 2022

Are you going to be a mother or father of a girl soon and are you looking for the perfect name for your baby ? We give you some ideas of boy names that you will like, from the most traditional to the most exclusive with their meaning, the latest trends, and we will also tell you the names that celebrities have given their little offspring born during the last year.

Yesterday we shared with you a list of girl names that will be a trend for next year , and today it is the turn of the list of boy names that will be a trend in 2022 . Get inspired and start making your list, among these names could be that of your son! 101 pretty girl names that will be trending in 2022.

20 popular boy names that will continue to be trending

The trend in names is changing over the years, but it does so very slowly, therefore the 20 names that have been given the most to children born in recent years will serve to inspire you. According to the latest data from the National Institute of Statistics , the boy names that parents choose the most for their children are (in order): BABY NAMES FOR GIRLS STARTING WITH S.

  • Hugo: of Germanic origin, it means “intelligent”, “lucid”, “insightful”.
  • Mateo: means “gift of God”. It is also popular in the Catalan form, Mateu: Catalan form of Mateo.
  • Martín: comes from the Latin form Martis, which means “Mars” or “consecrated to the god Mars”.
  • Lucas: of uncertain origin, it seems to come from the Hebrew and it would mean “hurricane”, or from the Latin, and it would be translated as “light”.
  • Leo : the most popular boy name of the last five years. It derives from Latin and is a variant of Leon, it symbolizes the fierceness of this animal and also power and justice.
  • Daniel: name of Hebrew origin that means “God is my judge”. In most English countries, this name is interpreted as Dannis, but the etymology is the same.
  • Alejandro: means “protector or victor of men”.
  • Manuel: of Hebrew origin, it means “God is with us”.
  • Pablo: of Latin origin, it means “small, humble”.
  • Álvaro: name of Germanic origin, derived from “alwar”, which means “one who is forewarned” or “one who is the defender of all”. BABY NAMES FOR GIRLS ARABIC
  • Adrián: name of Latin origin “hadrianus” that refers to the natural Roman family of Hadria (close to the Adriatic Sea). It means “he who comes from the sea” or “he who is close to the Adriatic Sea.”
  • Enzo : it is an Italian name , which means “the lord of his home or his country”.
  • Mario: of Hebrew origin, it is the masculine variant of Maria and means “loved by God”.
  • Diego: name of Greek origin, evolution of the name Diago, which means “doctrine”.
  • David: of Hebrew origin, it means “the one loved by God”. It is a very popular name in various parts of the world.
  • Oliver – has grown in popularity in the last five years and is also a widely used name in English-speaking countries, being the most popular boy’s name among English people since 2013 .
  • Marcos: comes from Latin and means “hammer”, related to the god Mars.
  • Thiago: a new name that has been among the most popular in recent years. Of Hebrew origin, it is a variant of Santiago, which means “the one who changes.”
  • Marco: this variant of Marcos variant of Marcos comes from Latin and means “Hammer” and is related to the god Mars. BABY NAMES FOR GIRLS UNIQUE
  • Alex: variant of Alexander, it means “protector or victor of men”.

53 trendy boy names for 2022

In addition to the Top 20 that we mentioned above, there are more names that have been going strong in recent years and parents increasingly choose them for their little offspring. We review the names that are setting the trend among the little ones:

  • Aaron: of Hebrew origin, it means “enlightened” and “man of the mountain”.
  • Adam : of Hebrew origin, it is the English version of Adam.
  • Amir: of Arab origin, it means “minister of the king”.
  • Angel: it is a name of Greek origin (‘Ággelos’), which means “messenger”.
  • Antonio: name of Greek origin derived from the Antonius variant (in Latin), whose meaning is “he who faces his adversaries” or “brave”.
  • Biel : is a name of Hebrew origin, and means “servant of God”, “man of God” or “strength of the lord”.
  • Bruno: name of Germanic origin that means “shield or breastplate”. The powerful meaning of this name makes it more and more chosen.
  • Carlos: of Germanic origin, it means “strong and virile man”.
  • Darío: its origin is uncertain, although a Greek or Persian origin is usually attributed. Its meaning is “one who owns property”.
  • Dylan : five years ago it was hardly heard and has been climbing positions in the rankings quickly. This name of Welsh origin means “sea”.
  • Erik and Eric : derived from the name Eiríkr, which comes from the first generation Old Norse. Its meaning is “sole ruler”. BABY NAMES FOR GIRLS MUSLIM INDIAN
  • Francisco: derives from the Italian “Francesco” and means “French”.
  • Gabriel: means “the strength and power of God”.
  • Gael – One of the hottest new names of the decade. It is of Breton origin, and means “generosity, generous gentleman”.
  • Gonzalo: means “one who is willing to fight.”
  • Guillermo: means “one who is a determined protector”.
  • Héctor: of Greek origin, it means “well formed or educated person”.
  • Ian : is of Scottish origin, and means “compassion of Yahweh”.
  • Íker : it is a name of Basque origin and, in Basque, it means “the one who brings good news”. Very popular in recent years thanks to soccer goalkeeper Iker Casillas.
  • Iván: of Latin origin, it means “compassion of God”.
  • Izan : is the graphic adaptation to the English pronunciation of the biblical name, Ethan. This comes from the Hebrew “Êthän”, which means “perpetual, constant, permanent.” Of recent use, a Basque or Basque etymology has also been attributed (Izan means “to be”).
  • Jaime : name of Hebrew origin variant of Jacobo, that means “the one that substitutes”.
  • Javier: name of Basque origin, a variant of Xavier, which means “the one who comes from the new house”.
  • Jesus : name of Hebrew origin that means “Yahveh is the savior” or “the Messiah”.
  • Joel : name of Hebrew origin that means “God is his lord”.
  • Jorge: name of Greek origin that means “the one who works the land”.
  • José: name of Hebrew origin variant of Yossef, whose meaning is “God will add”.
  • Jan : Catalan form of Juan.
  • Juan: name of Hebrew origin that means “God is merciful”.
  • Julen : equivalent in Basque of Julián, name of Latin origin that means “man with strong roots”.
  • Liam : comes from Irish and means “firm protection”.
  • Luis : name of Germanic origin variant of Ludwig, whose meaning is “the one who is illustrious in battle”.
  • Marc: is the Catalan form of Marcos, and one of the most common names for babies born in Catalonia. However, it is perfect for all those looking for a very short and sonorous name, which is why in recent years it has become one of the favorites for children born throughout the national territory.
  • Martí: Catalan form of Martín, derived from the name of the Roman god Mars.
  • Matías: of Hebrew origin, it means “faithful to God”.
  • Mohamed: of Arab origin, it means “praiseworthy”.
  • Nicolás: of Greek origin, it means “victor”, “conqueror”.
  • Nil : it is the Catalan form of Nile , name of Greek origin ‘Neilos’ and that derived in Latin to ‘Nilus’ in reference to the name of the great African river.
  • Noah : It is the second most popular name in the United States for newborn babies, increasingly used in Latin America and Spain.
  • Pau: Catalan variant of Pablo, which means “small, humble”.
  • Pedro: of Greek origin, it means “stone, rock”.
  • Pol: Catalan variant of Pablo. BABY GIRL NAMES MUSLIM
  • Rafael: of Hebrew origin, it means “God has healed”.
  • Raúl: of Germanic origin, it means “powerful advisor”.
  • Rayan : means “beautiful” in Arabic.
  • Rubén: of Hebrew origin, it means “God has seen my affliction” or “look, a son!”, Symbolizing the joy of a new member in the family.
  • Rodrigo: is of Germanic origin and means “glorious”.
  • Samuel: name of Hebrew origin that translates as “the chosen one by God”.
  • Santiago : name of Hebrew origin, Spanish variant of Jacob. Its literal meaning is “held by the heel”.
  • Saúl : name of Hebrew origin that means “the chosen one by God”.
  • Sergio: name of Latin origin, coming from the word “servo” which means “guardian, servant”.
  • Teo : One of the super short three letter names favorites of recent parents. It is the short form of Theodore, which means “gift of God.”
  • Victor : name of Latin origin whose meaning is “victorious, victorious”.

Names inspired by history, art, nature

When it comes to choosing the baby’s name, there are many sources of inspiration, and undoubtedly history, art and nature are some of them.

  • Achilles: He was one of the most recognized heroes of the Trojan War and the greatest warrior of the Greeks. The name Achilles comes from the ancient Greek Ἀχιλλεύς ( Akhilleys ), which is a name of the Achelous River.
  • Arthur: King Arthur is a prominent character in European literature, in which he is depicted as the ideal monarch in both war and peace. The name Arturo is attributed a Celtic origin, derived from artos (bear) and rixs (king), that is, “king of bears”.
  • Aster : is the name of the delicate flower that means “star”.
  • Caesar: Caesar Augustus was the longest-reigning Roman emperor in history.
  • Elián : of Greek origin, it refers to Helios, the sun god.
  • Kai : name of Hawaiian origin, very popular in China, which means “sea” or “ocean”.
  • Leonardo: Leonardo Da Vinci was a talented Florentine artist and inventor, author of famous works such as ‘La Gioconda’ or ‘The Last Supper’.
  • Odysseus: He was the legendary king of the island of Ithaca and was characterized by his brilliance, cunning and versatility. The name Odysseus means “wrathful.” It is the Greek form of Ulysses.
  • Ricardo: Ricardo Corazón de León, was king of England between 1189 and 1199. The name Ricardo is of Germanic origin and means “powerful because of his wealth”.

Character names that set trends

Movies, series, personalities and singers … are some excuses that give ideas for the names of the babies that will be born soon.

Character names that set trends

  • Luca: protagonist of the 2021 Disney-Pixar animated film ‘Luca’, a beautiful story about friendship that takes place on the Italian Riviera.
  • Alberto: co-star and best friend of Luca.

Character name that set trends

  • Gaspar: one of the protagonist’s faithful friends and henchmen in  Cruella’, the successful remake that Disney released this year and in which he tells the origin of the famous villain from ‘101 Dalmatians’.
  • Horacio: the second friend and henchman of ‘Cruella’.
  • Camilo: for the Colombian singer, who has triumphed in Latin America and Spain, collaborating with great singers and songwriters, such as the Colombian Shakira and the singer Selena Gómez.
  • Indigo: it is the name that Camilo and Evaluna have chosen for their first baby.
  • Lionel: by footballer Lionel Messi, who made headlines this year by leaving FC Barcelona after 21 years.
  • Xavi: by Xavi Hernández, former world champion, appointed this year as director of the Barcelona Football Club.
  • Ibai: by Ibai Llanos, streamer, presenter and narrator, considered one of the most influential and who received the award for best streamer in the world at the eSports Awards at the end of last year. Ibai is a Basque name , which means “river”.

Names of famous children born in 2021

Celebrities are in the spotlight and when they become parents, one of the things that causes the most expectation is knowing the name they have thought for their babies. Here are some boy names that the “celebrities” have given to their children born in 2021. Maybe they will inspire you!

  • Rhodes: Actress Emma Roberts shared the birth of her first child in January, after becoming the first pregnant woman to appear on the cover of Glamor magazine.
  • Romeo: it is the name that Romina Belluscio and Guti have chosen for their second child in common, born in January.
  • August Harrison: Mandy Moore, star of ‘This is us’ welcomed her first baby in February. A couple of months ago, the actress opened up during a conversation between moms, where she shared how difficult and lonely the arrival of her son was during the pandemic .
  • Riley: Singer Meghan Trainor first became a mother in February of this year.
  • August Philip Hawke – Princess Eugenie of York and her husband, Jack Brooksbank, welcomed their first baby in February this year.ulian Herbert: Another royal who had a baby this year was Princess Sofia of Sweden, who welcomed her third child along with Prince Charles Philip.
  • Sylvester Apollo: During the month of March, the model and actress Emily Ratajkowski had her first baby, and she is also one of the celebrities who has publicly shared her support for breastfeeding .
  • Miguel: in April the actress Paula Echevarría gave birth to her second baby, 12 years after being a mother for the first time .
  • Claudio: actress María Adánez became a mother for the first time in May at age 44, and from the first moment she has shared her motherhood, even talking about the importance of postpartum courses .
  • Cosmo: Also this year actress Scarlett Johansson welcomed a new baby, her second child.