3 Modern Lessons Kids Need to Learn

New technologies will make our children rapidly change the way they see the world, but our planet is still our planet and we must be aware of it, all of us. Adults are ultimately responsible for teaching our children what is really important not only for us, but for our lives in general.

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In many ways, the lessons you want to teach your children can be interchangeable. That is, you may want to teach your children something, how to treat others well but at the same time, avoid being hit by others. Another example, it is also possible that you want to teach your children to value experiences and people more than material goods.

It is possible that as a mother or father you have experienced that it is much more complicated to teach the values ​​that you have your children in mind than you had imagined at first. Technology is making children take false steps and it is much more complicated for them to understand some educational realities. For all this, it is important for all mothers and fathers to know some modern lessons that all children should learn.

Choose your words wisely

It is important to choose words wisely not only when talking to people directly, but also via the Internet. At some point in a teen’s life, you’ll discover that you can get a lot of attention for saying quirky and controversial things that come to mind…but it won’t always be a good fit.

You may be looking for a quick laugh or that you want to impress, but you need to understand the words to be able to express them coherently. Technology offers the opportunity to say things more freely. But in a culture where language can disrespect anyone, it has become an all-too-common currency on the Internet. Therefore, it is necessary for children to learn to choose their words respecting themselves and respecting others. Patience, respect and reflection on the Internet should be the same as in real life.

Lessons children must learn

The Internet is not a substitute for human contact

There is studies that reveal that there is a decrease in sexual activity in young people between 18 and 24 years of age due to easy access to pornography on the Internet. It is heartbreaking that a screen is the substitute for the most intimate relationships of human interaction. That something digital without a soul replaces the interactions between people.

It is necessary for children to learn and understand that the Internet is a tool for research -if used correctly-, for learning and communication… but never, it should be a substitute for human contact, intimacy or community building. Socializing should not be through a screen with people who barely really know each other… this will only cause disappointment and loneliness. A true and trusting friendship can only be achieved in the real world. The world is an amazing and challenging place, where children must spend most of their time.

The world watches you through the Internet

The words and actions of children kids can be broadcast on social media so everyone can see and hear what’s going on. Being careless or thoughtless can affect educational and employment opportunities.Children need to learn self-control so their actions online don’t have negative consequences.Learning from mistakes is necessary to avoid making them again. commit.