6 ideas to recycle old toys

In an increasingly polluted world, where we consume more things than we really need, recycling is a watchword. And it is essential that children understand its importance from an early age. To achieve this, nothing better than setting an example at home. In fact, you can not only recycle the clothes that are outgrowing but also the toys. Therefore, we give you some ideas for you to recycle your child’s old toys and, incidentally, teach him the importance of protecting the environment by giving old objects a second life.

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Ideas for recycling old toys

1. Practical bookends

As children grow they abandon toys and prefer board games, video games and books. So it’s a great idea to recycle some of their old toys into handy bookends. All you have to do is pick out a few small toys and cut two pieces of wood. Glue the toys to the wood using universal glue and then you can ask your child to paint the bookend, using a colored spray, preferably gold or silver.

2. Lego pencil holder

Does your son have many legos but his passion for construction is a thing of the past? You can take advantage of those little plastic blocks in a thousand different ways. A very simple idea is to create small containers, such as pencil holders, so that your child can put their pencils, pens and scissors on top of the desk and keep everything tidy.

Recycle old toys

3. Make pots with dolls

It is likely that your child has dolls in his room that he no longer plays with. He chooses some of those plastic dolls, which are empty inside, and turns them into original planters. With the help of scissors you can open the top and make some small holes in the bottom. Then, ask your child to fill it with soil and plant some seeds or a plant together. When it’s finished, you can place it in his room and ask him to take charge of watering the plant, like this you will also be promoting responsibility.

4. Make a box with toys

It is likely that your child has some toys that he no longer plays with, such as soldiers or those small toys that come inside Kindergarten eggs. In that case, instead of throwing them away, you can make a painting to decorate his room. With four wooden strips you can shape the box, making sure that they are thick enough to contain the toys. You can use color as a connecting element. In fact, you can ask your child to spray paint the toys. Then you just have to stick them in the box and place a glass to protect them.

5. Doll magnets

It is likely that your child has rubber dolls that he no longer pays attention to. You can give them a second chance and turn them into original magnets that you can use on the refrigerator or on a magnetic board. All you will need are small magnets, spray paint, and glue. Take the dolls and cut them in half, ask your child to help you paint them, and then glue them to the magnet.

6. Mirror made with cars

It is likely that your child has dozens of toy cars. When he grows up, those strollers are usually relegated to a corner of the closet. However, you can rescue that old passion and practically turn it into a work of art. You will need an oval or round mirror, spray paint and glue. Ask your child to paint each of the cars the same color, wait for them to dry and carefully glue them to the mirror frame, so that it covers it completely. Then you can place it in his room.