7 recommendations for bath time

Bathtime can be a fun time for little ones and a pretty stressful time for parents. Actually, bathtime has to be a time of relaxation and connection to make it enjoyable for everyone. It is also true, that the bathtub can be a danger if the children slip or stressful when they start running around the house.

Fortunately, we are going to give you some keys so that at bath time, your fears end and you can get out of any trouble. You will become a specialist when it comes to bath time!

Tips for a good bath time

So that bath time is a good time for both you and your children it is necessary that you do not complicate it, so it will be less stressful and that you all enjoy it as a special moment of the day, do not miss these tips!

1. Wear a t-shirt

In case you have to bathe a newborn baby, do it with a baby adapter and never take your eyes off him. You can put a t-shirt to bathe your baby in the adapter so that it does not slip and place it with the stopper between the legs. Be careful when you soap your baby and make sure that the water has a comfortable temperature.

2. Use a basket for toys

Toys are very entertaining for the bath and children love being able to enjoy them in the water. It is important that they are suitable and suitable toys for the bathroom and avoid those that can rust or that can create bacteria by the mere fact of having stagnant water. When they’re done playing, store those toys in baskets or baskets made of waterproof material.

3. Clean the bathtub very well

Clean the bathtub after each bath to prevent bacteria or mold from growing by leaving stagnant water in it. Children who play in dirty bathtubs will be exposed to bacteria that are dangerous to their health. There are products that make cleaning easier. So when you finish bathing your children, you can clean the bathtub in a moment and leave it sparkling clean.

4 . Use an inflatable bathtub

When the weather is nice, using an inflatable bathtub for them to play in the sun in your home in an area where you can do it, is wonderful. The children will feel that they are playing all the time instead of being bathed, it will be a very fun time!

kids bath time

5. Put non-slip mats on the floor of the bathtub

It is important to take care of your children’s safety at all costs, therefore, put non-slip mats on the floor of the bathtub in your home. this way there will be less danger of slipping and falling and getting hit dangerously. Accidents in the bathtub due to not having anti-slip surfaces are common and it is better to avoid the danger than just be careful not to fall.

6. Choose the sponge well

Choose a sponge that is suitable for your children’s body. There are some that are thicker than others, but what matters in this hygiene product is have a soft touch. If it also has fun shapes, even better!

7. Choose shampoo and gel carefully

Never bathe babies or young children with adult shampoos or gels, as this could be harmful to their sensitive skin. It is necessary that you look for shampoos and gels that are suitable for the skin of your baby or your young children.

Bearing all this in mind, also try to work calmly so that it is a moment of enjoyment for all. Enjoy while your kids are playing in the water before it’s time to soap them up!