Congratulations! A baby is about to come to your home. That beautiful moment in which the arrival of a new person in our lives makes us happy just thinking about it. Sure there is excitement in the atmosphere and perhaps also some nervousness. It’s normal to feel a queasy feeling in your belly, but nothing to worry about. If it’s your first son or daughter, or if it’s a little brother or sister coming home, I’m sure you’ll do great. Have you thought about what name she will bear?

Having a name is one of the rights of childhood and this is of great importance for the development and future socialization of each person. In this post we present you beautiful African names with meaning so that you have options to choose from.

These names are particularly beautiful and have a very deep meaning. The meaning of these names are in Akanaic languages ​​and many others in Kwa languages ​​or Bantu languages, there are even names in Afrikaans that may surprise you with their attractive meaning. Each of these languages ​​is made up of several dialects that are shared in several African countries and have many phonetic and syntax similarities to each other. Are you looking for African names? Let’s see them. Choose the best baby names for girls.

African names for girls and their meaning


Ghanaian name . Its meaning is ” the one that comes from the gold coast “.


Nigerian name meaning ” the most beautiful “.


The meaning of this name is ” precious jewel “.


Also Kenya. This name means ” the one that comes from the luminous mountain “.


This name comes from Cameroon and its meaning is ” beautiful look “.


Also Arabic name and very popular in Madagascar. Its meaning is ” beautiful eyes “.


Name of Central Africa. Its meaning is ” strong woman “.


Also Nayaris . Name from Cameroon.

I left

Salike too . Zimbabwean name meaning ” the same “.


Name from the Congo and spread throughout the region. Its meaning is ” beautiful melody “.

African names for boys and their meaning


Common name in Senegal and Egypt. Its meaning is ” the one who admires God “.


Also Akadje. Ivory Coast and Central Africa. Its meaning is ” good hunter “.


Also Alloune. Senegalese name meaning ” partisan of the faith “.


Name commonly used in South Africa whose meaning is ” determined man “.


Name from Central Africa that means ” valuable oath “.


Its origin is from Zimbabwe and it means “sublime act”.


Its origin is from Ghana and it means “attractive man”.


Originally from the Ivory Coast and its etymology is ” the king “.


Name from Nigeria and its meaning is ” the destiny that drives it “.


This name is from Cameroon and means ” the willful one “.

asanti Reserved, calm and strong-spirited people. They have many qualities with which they stand out very quickly in their social circles and are often sought after for their good advice.
Alika They stand out for being very intelligent, they like to ask about what they do not understand and reason about it. Brave, risky and with good intentions. They care about their community and even unknown people.
Johari Gentle, tender and bold. From a young age they are sparkling, cheerful and very sociable people. They are always interacting with people of the same age and are concerned that they feel comfortable with their presence.
Kenya Energetic, haughty and bright who excel in everything they do and always want to participate in all kinds of group activities. They are very willing to start any project.
Nadjela They possess engaging personalities and are great leaders who find followers everywhere they go. Responsible, charismatic and their speech is usually diplomatic. They have a talent for politics.
Naina Seductive and in some cases a bit manipulative, they always get what they want. Determined, fearless and often confuse their enemies with contradictory words.
Nassoumi Open, sociable and great lovers of adventure. They are not satisfied with what is known, but want to go out and explore the world and learn from everything. Curious, vivacious and you don’t see them cry in public.
Nayah Conservative and reserved. Sudden changes scare them and for this reason they always tend to plan and structure their projects in order to get the best possible use out of them. They hate wasting time.
I left Courageous, rebellious and persistent in their actions. They don’t let anyone tell them what they can or can’t do with their lives. They firmly believe in the principles of freedom and are guided by them.
sanza They know how to handle their fears and turn them into strengths. When they have something to say, they say it out loud and are often seen as leaders. Very intelligent, insightful and not very idle.
Abdou Serene, peaceful and moderate in their actions. They are not easily swayed by first impressions or easily upset. They are intelligent, refined men who know how to act cunningly.
aka Of altruistic mentality and great dreamers. Bold, angry and somewhat stubborn, they seem unstoppable when something has gotten between their eyebrows. They do not stop until their goals or purposes are fulfilled.
Aliou Sincere, respectful and very friendly with their peers. They do not believe in vindictive acts because they consider that these can break their inner peace. Intelligent and good conversationalists.
Andry They have the necessary strength to carry out all the projects that are proposed. They are bold people and at the same time they are tender, they do not need to run over others to overcome themselves.
bakery Strong and brave. Clumsy, but of great nobility and frankness. For them, the given word is very important, everything that is promised must be fulfilled and not doing so means a bad omen.
Chenjeraï They like to administer, order and take charge of the decisions that affect them as well as a group of people of whom they consider themselves a representative. They are reliable, responsible and very communicative people.
dotia Educated, diplomatic and very intelligent. They know how to keep quiet when they don’t know about a subject, just as they know how to defend their point of view very well with good arguments when they know what they are talking about.
essoh Gallant, formal and of good principles. They stand out for their seriousness and do not like teasing. They make themselves felt with their presence and seek to instill respect in every new place they arrive.
Tadjou Instinctive and cheerful, very creative people who are usually successful in everything they set out to do. They have many skills to develop and in which they can excel.
Taleh Noble, patient and with a very good heart. Sometimes they seem clueless and a bit naive. Their dreamy and visionary mentality will take them very far with each project they set out to do.