You are waiting ein Baby zu Hause what great news! You have longed for this moment and now the time has come to choose a beautiful name for your baby. Luckily, in Primary World, we have made a compilation of German names that could be a great option for you.

If you are looking for names for your baby, you should know that Germany is not only distinguished by good drinks that abound in celebrations, but also that German names have great meaning and give a plus to each personality. Between this and many more reasons, it is recommended that you consider German names with meaning, of which you have many alternatives to choose from. Choose the best baby names for girls.

Among the options that we have selected, we present this list that includes the most used German names in recent decades and that families have chosen to name their sons and daughters. Do not miss this selection of names, keep reading to know them.

German names for girls and their meaning


Its meaning is ” friend of the nobility “.


This name means “ the kind one ”.


Korina too . Its meaning is ” the one who remains young “.


This name means “ with the force of a spear ”.


The meaning of this name is “ eternal queen ”.


Also Grette or Gretel. Its meaning is ” beautiful pearl “.


Its meaning is ” adorned with pearls “.


Also Heidi. This name means ” noble woman “.


It means ” just woman “.


This name means ” the protector of humanity “.

German names for boys and their meaning


This name means ” wise counselor “.


The etymology of this name is “ the power of the tribe ”.


Its meaning is “ he who bears a title ”.


Its meaning is ” ready for battle “.


The meaning of this name is “ God is merciful ”.


The etymology of this name is ” the leader of victory “.


Its meaning is “ prairie man ”.


This name means ” the soldier of the people “.


The meaning of this name is ” armour-bearing warrior “.


Its meaning is ” he who wears a helmet ” or ” brave soldier”.

Characteristics of the most famous people who are called:
Adeline Lonely, but not shy or isolated, they like to spend time alone that they can take advantage of in their personal projects. Very intelligent, ingenious and remain lucid in the face of any novelty that comes their way.
Antje They are charitable and have very good oral expression, with which they help each other to give motivational speeches that usually move the masses. They have a lot of will to achieve their goals. Strong, determined and with great charisma.
Corinne Clever, determined, enterprising and have very clear goals in life. Although sometimes they impose themselves, they usually do it with charisma and find acceptance among other people.
Elske They are serious and responsible. They usually have many proposals and are people who must be taken into account when making important decisions. They show no fear or weakness in their actions.
Erika They are people who usually like manual activities, in which they usually stand out. They have little initiative, but like to be attentive, diligent and help the cause. They like to be alone and can be a bit obnoxious at times.
Grete Active, with many life purposes and energy to achieve their goals. They are industrious, hard-working and never sit still. They also do not like injustices and usually manifest themselves before them.
Grettchen Determined and with her feet very well placed on the ground. They have a great personality, sometimes they can be a bit bossy and authoritarian, but they are also sweet and great friends. Sociable and very considerate.
Heidi Cheerful and loving people, grateful and pay attention to small details. They do not need exuberance or extravagance to feel happy, and whenever they have the opportunity, they return pleasant gestures.
Jutta Fanciful and close with a bohemian trend. They have a kind personality and care about the perception that others may have of them. They do not like conflictive and abusive situations, about which they always manifest themselves.
saskia Focused and analytical who use their knowledge and skills to build a better reality. Observant, simple and tend to take the problems of the world personally.
alfred Distant and overshadowed, although they have good ideas, they often do not know how to express them. When they have an idea in mind, they are hardly distracted from it. They are perfectionists, organized and very dedicated to their work.
Dedrick Great leaders who always stand out for their charisma and empathy. From time to time they may have attitude problems, for which they withdraw from other people and try to solve it on their own.
Franz Sociable people and their company is usually pleasant for other people. They can be attached to their family and also workaholics, which is why they remain in that dilemma about what they should pay more attention to.
Gunter They are people who are very curious about different topics and are always seen studying or analyzing situations to draw personal conclusions that allow them to have different conceptions. Friendly and lively.
Hans Tender and at the same time of great character. Agile, active, also protective and they are not afraid to defend what is theirs. They know how to take advantage of every opportunity that life offers them to achieve their goals without hesitation.
Klaus They do not go with hesitation, but always make their position clear in situations. They have deep aspirations and tend to rush when they think something might be in their best interest.
Kurt They tend to get nervous easily in situations they do not know or do not know how to handle. During the first years they are usually pampered, but over the years they can show their great courage and strength.
Luther Inveterate workers who do not usually get tired until they see their goals achieved as they have planned. Calm and peaceful in appearance, but cannot be considered dull or lazy.
werner Tenacious to achieve the objectives that are proposed. Romantic and a bit cheesy, lovers of the traditional. When they see occasion, they are quick to impress with their tendency to detail.
wilhelm They inspire human warmth and a lot of empathy. They maintain a wide social circle in which they function with great dexterity and ability. They must focus to achieve their goals.