We are living a reality that we never imagined would happen, not even in our nightmares. Our reality seemed to only be able to exist in science fiction movies… we never thought that we would be forced to be confined, that we would be fined for leaving home more than once, that hospitals would be overwhelmed, that schools would be suspended, that traditional festivals would be postponed, that we would not be able to see our loved ones… reality is always stranger than fiction.

Stay home

At first, when we thought it would only be two weeks of confinement, we spent the days between jokes and worry. Now that we’ve been here for almost a month and we don’t know how much confinement we have left because, although infections and deaths are decreasing, we don’t know when we can really relax in the face of this.

For this reason, we have to resist, we have to be strong, we have to think positive and know that staying at home is an essential way to help our society and to get all this to happen as soon as possible. possible.

Everything happens… and everything is learned

It is an exceptional situation that we are all experiencing, each one in our homes. But it is necessary to keep in mind that you learn from all this, and that it only depends on you that when everything happens, you can be a better person or continue as usual.

Now, while we are at home we think about what we will do when all this happens, because there are things that we miss, but the reality is that it is not the things that we really miss… we miss people, our loved ones, those moments of coffee with friends, those family visits, those casual encounters in the street that melted into a hug due to longing… We miss taking the car and visiting those we love. >

With all this we learn that we are fragile, that human life is much more important than just numbers. We learn that fear is worse than the virus because it makes us feel that the pandemic will defeat us. We know that hope is our best ally and that our loved ones are what really matters in this life.

pandemic quarantine reflection

What will you do when all this is over

From now on, luxurious trips will become visits to grandparents during the summer at the town house… because what really matters now is not only to know the world, is to take time to go see our grandparents, our brothers , to our parents… this is the most important thing. When you have little time to enjoy yourself, you will know how to prioritize who to spend it with.

You have also realized that your home is your best refuge. That being at home makes you feel safe, that you don’t have to run out to make plans when the weekend comes, because being at home is also good… it also makes you enjoy life, albeit in a different way .

Respect for nature will also be something to keep in mind from now on. She is teaching us how we are the ones who mistreat her and make her suffer. Without us in our day to day, the Earth stabilizes, wild animals live without fear, the climate has a break, the ozone layer regenerates, the seismic movement stabilizes… and that is, we must reflect on how nature is telling us that we must slow down so that she can continue giving us shelter!

And another thing you want to do is give that kiss and that hug to your mother, to your father, your grandparents, your siblings, your nephews… if you are lucky enough to be able to do so. Because there is nothing in life more important than ourselves.

Put on the brakes

And if there is something you cannot forget when all this happens… is to live life more slowly. Start savoring moments with your family, with your children, with your family… Because it’s not worth always going so fast and for life to pass without being able to enjoy it and without being able to feel that we are part of a community. Individualism does not have to reign in your life because it will only poison you more.

We are a whole and together, we will get out of this.