Caring for a young child is more difficult than caring for a newborn

When you were pregnant maybe you innocently thought at some point that your baby would be easy. That you would be lucky (more than 99% of the other moms in the world) and that your baby would let you lead a comfortable and peaceful life. Although you were warned about constant feeding, lack of sleep and all the difficult times that come with being a mother of a newborn, you didn’t think it would be that difficult either.

Later, you realized that it is actually like that, it is complicated to raise a newborn, but with the passage of time or if you already had a child a little older than 2 or 3 years, you saw that it was not what you thought. You discovered that taking care of a 2 or 3 year old is much more difficult than taking care of a newborn, and much more tiring!

If you are currently in that stage of newborn born you will not believe us, but you will see. There will come a time when you will beg to control time and turn back. Newborns are simple, because their needs are simple: They need to be fed, changed, and comforted.

That means all they really do is eat, poop, and sleep. It’s very simple. A small child is a tornado of energy mixed with mobility that causes destruction everywhere. Of course you would still love your child with all your might, but young children are difficult and not all parents feel prepared. If you don’t believe us, keep reading and you will understand better…

Why caring for a small child is more difficult than a newborn baby

Crafts are a dangerous activity

You may think of many different activities to entertain your young child. But we must tell you that arts and crafts will never be as easy or peaceful as it seems on the internet. Before you know it, your child will be eating glue and paint, and your wall will be a perfect canvas. You should always keep an eye on your children, so if you were looking for an activity that gives you a little peace and quiet, you may want to find something a little less dangerous.

Time to eating is a battle

Feeding a baby is quite easy. You offer the breast or make a bottle and they drink it happily. As simple as that. A young child is a different story. Now you must prepare meals for them and hope they like them. This means trying to get them to eat their vegetables or really any food. Young children also have a wonderful habit of loving a food one day and then treating it like poison the next. It’s a constant guessing game to try to figure out what your child is going to eat today.

No more naps

? Have you gotten used to having time for yourself during your little one’s nap time? Now all that is over! That precious time you had to do things or to rest, has simply disappeared from your life. In return you have a little boy at home full of energy who doesn’t want you to rest for a second.

baby care made easy

He doesn’t stop moving

That calm baby who was in his crib or in his hammock playing, has simply disappeared forever. A baby is easier because they can’t move, but a small child runs, jumps and climbs. You must have safe spaces at home to prevent your little earthquake from hurting itself, you can’t take your eyes off it! off for a second!

Changing a diaper becomes an Olympic sport

Nobody likes changing a diaper. It’s chaotic, stinky, and one of my least favorite chores when it comes to caring for your child. Well, a baby diaper is nothing compared to a toddler diaper. Babies are quite calm when it comes to diaper changes. For the most part, they just sit there and let you tend to their little asses in peace.

It’s a different story with little kids. First, you have to go after them because they will feel that it is time to change their diaper and will do everything in their power to get away from you. A diaper change would mean they’d have to stop playing for a minute. Once you get them into position for a change, they’ll turn into ‘shingles’ and try to ‘get away’, kick their legs and they’ll perform Olympic moves that will make it almost impossible to clean their butt.

Hello tantrums!

If the crying and whining weren’t enough, now come the tantrums. Babies don’t have tantrums because they don’t have the complex feelings that develop in young children. Young children are not yet able to perfectly express their feelings, so this leads to tantrums. They have them when they’re hungry, tired, angry, or just plain frustrated.

Babies can’t throw tantrums either because they don’t know how to manipulate their parents yet. Sometimes toddlers throw tantrums because they are trying to get their parents to give in to what they want. This makes many of these attacks happen in public and can be very embarrassing for parents, but it’s important to ignore them. You can’t let them win. If you let them win once, they’ll know this behavior works and will do it again whenever they want something.