When the final stretch for the birth of a daughter arrives, it is important that you already have a meaningful name for her. There are endless options from where you can choose. But have you thought about the names of the Egyptian goddesses? The divinities of ancient Egypt had names that are very melodic, enigmatic and full of deep meaning. In fact, Egyptian mythology has served as the basis for different cultures and, today, the names of their deities are still valid, due to their great beauty and strength when pronounced. For you to choose the sweetest and most beautiful of the Egyptian names for girls, in this baby names article, we will give you a list of 42 beautiful alternatives. This way you can be inspired when naming your little girl.

Original Egyptian names for girls

If you like the idea that your baby bears a mythological name for life, congratulations! In the following list you will see the most popular names for girls of Egyptian goddesses and that are related to natural elements, life and fertility. Next, review the original Egyptian names for girls alternatives that we bring for you:

  • Amunet – She was considered the goddess of the north winds. The mythological representation of her was indicated by a serpent, and it was believed that she was the one that gave life to the peoples. She was also called the goddess of mystery.
  • Anat : She was the wife of the God Ra and was considered the Goddess of war. Ella is a name of Syrian origin, whose meaning is associated with women who have a lot of character and courage.
  • Asenet : means the follower of Seth. She is an ancient name given to the goddess of the hunt.
  • Cleopatra : Although she was not a goddess as such, she was highly revered by the Egyptian people. She was one of the most emblematic queens in Egyptian culture, even considered by many to be a goddess.
  • Hehet : This name was given to the goddess of the immeasurable or lost causes.
  • Isis – This is one of the most popular Egyptian goddess names. She was the wife of Horus. She was perhaps one of the most important deities in ancient Egypt.
  • Qebehut: one of the most emblematic original Egyptian goddess names and associated with the funeral goddess or the one who was in charge of purifying water.
  • Lusaaset – Name given to an ancient goddess who was considered the grandmother of all deities.
  • Meheturet – This was the goddess of the skies, and the meaning of this name is “the great flood”.
  • Mout : it was the name given to a dangerous goddess and that few wanted.
  • Neb – One of the Egyptian girl names. This is how the goddess of nature was known in ancient Egypt.
  • Nebjet : this was the name of a powerful protector goddess at births and that many invoked in wars.
  • Qadesh – One of the original Egyptian goddess names. This beautiful and sonorous name belonged to the goddess of love and sexual pleasure in Egyptian mythology.
  • Rattaui : She was one of the goddesses who represented the god Ra in his feminine version.
  • Renenet : this is how the mysterious goddess of fortune was known.
  • Sacmis : It was the name of the Egyptian goddess who was associated with the evil qualities that the sun had.
  • Sekhmet : was the name given to a very powerful goddess, considered the one who gave healing.
  • Tauret – A strong and striking name that represented the Egyptian goddess who cared for pregnant women.
  • Wadjit – Another of the Egyptian girl names. It was used to worship the goddess of cobras.

precious Egyptian names for girls

There is no doubt that the Egyptian names for girls evoke power, wisdom and strength. But also, many of them are beautiful and easy to pronounce. If you want to see some beautiful Egyptian goddess names, then the following list is the one for you:

  • Ammit : it was a name that was carried by the goddess in charge of eating the hearts of men who were not fair.
  • Amentit – A beautiful name that represented the cities of the Nile. It is believed that its worship was for the role it played in the mythology of feeding the dead.
  • Bastet – Another beautiful Egyptian goddess name for girls is Bastet, she was a warrior goddess of ancient Egypt in the year 2890 BC. She was considered the protector of home and love.
  • Hathor – One of the precious Egyptian goddess names associated with the mother of Pharaoh Horus and Ra. She helped the passage of souls to the afterlife.
  • Heket – One of the Egyptian girl names. She thus she was called the goddess of fertility and who cared for newborns.
  • Keket : It was a name that was carried by the goddess of darkness and darkness. Although its meaning is obscure, its sonority is very beautiful.
  • Maat : this is the name given to the daughter of the god Ra. It means truth and justice. She was the goddess in charge of maintaining peace and harmony throughout the universe. Besides, it is a soft name and easy to pronounce.
  • Mut – This was the name given to the goddess of all creation. She also represented the city of Thebes.
  • Naunet : is a variant for Nunet, and she is the goddess of the ocean.
  • Nephthys – Another of the precious Egyptian goddess names pertaining to an Egyptian goddess who was the daughter of Geb and Nut.
  • Nefertiti – One of the prettiest Egyptian girl names. She was such an emblematic queen that many considered her a goddess in Egypt. In fact, there are temples built in her honor.
  • Nun : This was the goddess who in Egyptian mythology personified the oceans.
  • Qadesh : It was a beautiful name that represented the goddess of love and sexuality.
  • Sate : the meaning of this name is “the one that flies like an arrow”, therefore, it was associated with a powerful goddess of war.
  • Seshat – One of the precious Egyptian goddess names. She was considered the goddess of wisdom and the protector of the books of the priests.
  • Tueris – Another beautiful Egyptian girl’s name that is related to the goddess of fertility and the protector of women.
  • Wadjet – This was the patron goddess of all of lower Egypt. Her representation in mythology was that of a woman with a serpent’s head.

Uncommon Egyptian Goddess Names

Among the Egyptian names for girls, there are some that are very little known but very beautiful and striking. Therefore, if you want your daughter to have a unique name, we propose some unusual Egyptian goddess names:

  • Anuket : within the Egyptian girl names, this belongs to the goddess of the Nile, whose meaning is the hugger. In Egyptian paintings she is represented by a female figure wearing an ostrich feather headdress and holding a large scepter in her hand. She is known as the goddess of lust.
  • Astarte – She was also known as the goddess of war and love. Astarte was the wife of Seth.
  • Hatmehyt – One of the rare Egyptian goddess names. This is how the goddess of fish and caretaker of aquatic life was known.
  • Hemsut : This is another very beautiful name of an Egyptian goddess who represented the waters from which everything was born.
  • Mafdet : This beautiful name corresponded to a goddess who, according to mythology, was in charge of regulating all the stars and the cosmos.
  • Neith – This is another beautiful Egyptian goddess name for girls. She was the female goddess who represented death and wisdom.
  • Niuh – Another of the rare Egyptian goddess names. With this enigmatic name the goddess of nothingness was known.
  • Renenutet : a very original Egyptian goddess name for girls and that was carried by the goddess of the harvests.
  • Sekhmet – Was associated with a goddess of healing and revenge. Her power was very great, so she was believed to be an invincible deity.
  • Tefnuc : if we talk about Egyptian girl names, this one belonged to the goddess who represented humidity, wind and rain. Like almost all Egyptian goddesses, her name had to do with natural elements.