Are you in the final stretch of pregnancy? Cheer up, there’s little left! There is a wide variety of girl names with the letter E, such as Eira, Eleonor or Elia. With so many name options to choose from, going by some aspect of the name, like pronunciation or origin, can help you decide. In this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find many ideas. Whether you want a long, short, modern, classic or religious name, in this baby names article, you will find girl name with E, such as Edna or Edurne, along with their meaning and origin.

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It comes from the words ead, “wealth”, and burh, “protection and security”. It would thus represent “the support of wealth”, both material, moral and ethical. This feminine name maintains an etymological parallelism with Eduardo or Meaning of The Name Mark.


This name comes from ead, “wealth”, and gyth, “combat, fight”. She is the “victor in combat”. Women with this name welcome symbols of a winner, a winner in any challenge in life.


His strict, severe and always prudent attitude is his best guarantee to achieve what he sets out to do. He has a great sense of humor and a great capacity for self-criticism. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


It is the abbreviated female name of Edmund. It is made up of the words ead, “wealth”, and mund, “protection”. It means “the shelter of wealth”, the protection of material goods. It is a name of very restricted use, especially in contemporary times.



The name Edna means “delight”.


The name Edurne means snow, purity and whiteness in Basque. What would be understood as pure and white as snow.


He does not give up easily in the face of adversity and, although setbacks affect him a lot, no matter how small, he finds the strength to overcome them.


It is a name derived from the voices hathu, “fight, confrontation” and wig, “battle, combat”, is the one that fights in battles. Symbolically, it would be the one who does not give up, the warrior, the constant and fighter in all areas of life, the bold and strong.


It is one of the modern names derived directly from the French language, meaning “wild flower”. It is one of many names that have used flowers metaphorically to refer to the beauty and splendor of women.


Eglé means “brightness of the sun”.

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The name Eira means “snow”.

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The name Ela has different meanings depending on the culture or language to which we refer. In Hebrew, Ela is the modern Hebrew transcription of the feminine name Ayla and the masculine name Elah. It could be translated as…


Eladia is one of the graphic variants of Heladia, it is a patronymic, it means “the one who belongs to or has lived in Ellás, that is, in Greece”. Many of the common given names are patronymics, especially those of Latin or late Greek origin.


The meaning of the name Elba is “coming from the top of the mountains”.


Elda is the Italian variant of Hilda, the name of the best-known Valkyrie turned Abbess of Whitby, England. Some etymology points to the meaning of “fight, combat” from the Germanic root hild.


It means “bright”, it is the league of gold and silver of antiquity, and because of the resemblance of the color it also means “amber“. It was the name given to young blondes who shone like gold and were electric like amber.


Elena is a Greek name that, etymologically, translates as “light” or “torch”, which is why the best known meaning of the name Elena is “she who shines and is resplendent”. However, we must say that the name…


It is a name that derives directly from the gothic alan, “to grow”. It is the woman who experiences a great intellectual development. She who grows in wisdom. It is a name widely used throughout Central Europe.


This name has a mixed etymology, it is a German-Greek hybrid that means “From the lineage of the elves”, specifically it is “the daughter of the elves”. Symbolically, she is the “white and pure” woman, the luminous and resplendent one.

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Elga is one of the graphic variants of Helga, it means “saint”. Metaphorically, we could say that she is the pure and innocent one, the one who opts for goodness and spiritual perfection. The modern adaptation of her as an English given name is Holy.


It means “height”, even “the exalted one”, the one who is placed above, who ascends, who is in a more advantageous and more powerful position. It has been used as a given name since about the 17th century.


The name Elia has a biblical and Christian meaning, since Elia means “God is Yahweh”, which can also be interpreted as “God is my Lord”. Another different meaning that is given to it and it is also…


It is the patronymic of the Greek helios, “sun”. It represents the king of light, the brightest and most luminous, and by default life. In Greek mythology there are many names that have been given to the Sun; Apollo, Phoebus, Sol.


It comes from the term Helis, one of the regions of the Peloponnese, in whose capital, Elida, the famous Olympic games were held. It would be the one belonging to Elida. One of its most common variants is Alida, a name of special sound beauty.


The name Elisa means “the one who carries the promise of God” or “the one who is helped by God”. It is a very old name, which appears for the first time in Greek mythology as the nickname of the Greek goddess Dido, who…


Elisabeth is one of the graphic variants of Elisa or Isabel. She means “the oath of God” or “God is my oath”. The interpretation that seems more accurate is that of “God is my true oath.”


It is one of the names that has been Latinized in Eliseus; it means “God is my health”, ie, “God is my well-being and my life”, “God is my salvation”. In the saints we find a prophet, spiritual heir of Saint Elijah.


Elma is a contraction, like Erma, of the name Erasmus. It derives etymologically from the verb èrao, “to love, to want”, “to ardently desire”. That is why he who is loved, desired.

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Elodia comes from the Greek word elos, “riverbank, meadow, swamp”. It is also a flower name and its use as a feminine given name is due to it. Elodea is a species of aquatic thyme that grows on the banks of rivers.


It is the feminine variant of Eloy, a name that in turn is a variant of Eligio. It is a derivative of the verb ‘lectore’, “to choose”. It would be the chosen one, the one who is predestined.


It is the feminine variant of Eloy, a name that in turn is a variant of Eligio. It is a derivative of the verb ‘lectore’, “to choose”. It would be the chosen one, the one who is predestined.


The name Elsa means “God is abundance” or also “the one who is protected by God”. Other of its translations is “consecrated to God”, so with this meaning you can already imagine the powerful…


It is the feminine name of Heluius, it comes from heluus, a variety of yellow, it would be “blond”. This is a voice that derives from the rustic language from Oscan, Huesca being the old Osca. This name has been that of the wife of Seneca the Rhetorician and the mother of Seneca the Philosopher.


The name for a girl Elvira means “the one with the kind spear”. Another of the associated meanings of her is “the generous woman”. It is an old name and one that is still very valid. In fact, you can see hers…


It means “harmony”, it is the tuning in the chords of the song. Symbolically, she is that melodic, patient, harmonious, charming woman. Anecdotally, there is a dance called emelia. The first origin of it is the Greek word mélos, “song, melody”.


It is the feminine name of emeritus, “emeritus soldier”, that is, the one who has already fulfilled his service. She welcomes the meaning of “veteran”, she is the mature woman who faces life with caution and wisdom.


This name comes directly from an ancient Roman gens. There is another possible etymology; that which makes it derive from the Greek aimílios, “kind, graceful, lively, courteous”. One of its most common variants is Emiliano/a.


Patronymic of Emilia, Emiliana is tenacious, persevering and very imaginative, she has a special sense of humor and a very intelligent irony. She is professionally ambitious, but she would never allow herself to rise by stepping on others.


The female name Emily means “working woman” and is associated with effort and economic prosperity, which is why many parents chose this name for their daughters. On the other hand, Emily or Emilia, in Spanish,…


Emireth is of Latin origin and means ‘industrious’. It is the Anglo-Saxon transformation that took place during the stay of the empire in Brittany.


Emma is a girl’s name that means “great”, “great”, “powerful”, “strong”, “immense” and “strong woman”.


It is the feminine form of imperator and means “the sovereign, the boss, the one with the power”. As a given name she is the superlative of Reina.


The feminine name Ena is the hypocoristic of the Irish name Aithne, which means ‘little fire, little fire’. It is a name that was popularized in Spain thanks to Ena de Battembert, wife of Alfonso XIII.


It comes from the union of the words in, “inside”, and carnis, “meat”. Formerly it simply meant “piece of meat”. This original meaning is due to the way in which the meat was distributed in the sacrifices or in the meals of the warriors.


It means as an entirely religious name “the one who is in the grace of the Lord”, that is, the one who is protected and sheltered by God, the one who is protected by divine grace.


Enid is a female given name of Welsh origin meaning ‘she who possesses life’. She is a person who enjoys traveling and has good taste.


The name Enola means ‘magnolia’ or ‘solitary’ and comes from the Native American tribes. Legend has it that it was the name of a Roman princess who wanted to conquer the whole world.


It comes from the Germanic, from the union of the words haim, “house, country”, and rik or rich, “chief, command, power”. It literally means “the prince of the house”, “he who has power within his territory”.


Tremendously disciplined, Enriqueta has obvious leadership skills and is very demanding with herself and with her subordinates. Her ambition and her desire to improve often relegate her love to the background.


Epifania is one of the mystical names dedicated to the praise of Epiphany, the day on which Jesus manifested himself to the world (January 6). There is another version that suggests that this was the day of Jesus’ baptism, in which the Trinity was manifested, “the three in one”.


Erica derives from an Old High German voice ewa-, “eternity”, and rich, “chief, prince”. Its most adequate translation is “the eternal princess”, “the one who rules permanently”. Saint Eric IX, king of Sweden and Denmark, undertook a crusade against the Finns in the 9th century.


Erlinda comes from the union of hari or her, “army”, and lind, “shield”. It is the shield of battle, protection and shelter in the fight. One of the most common graphic variants is Herlinda. In the saints we find a Saint Herlinda, a Belgian abbess from the 8th century.


Ermenilda is a name derived from ermans, “strength, power”, and hild, “combat, fight”. In its literal translation it is “the combat of force” or “the power of combat”. It represents the woman who fights with energy, the one who does not let herself be defeated by circumstances and uses all her strength.


Although he appears to be a strong and confident person, he always needs to feel supported to give the best of himself. He has a hard time making decisions without the support of his family, he is a person dependent on his partner and who sinks at the first setback.


Diminutive of Ernesta. Ernestina makes frankness her flag and guide in all her actions. She faces all the moments of her life with determination and courage. Her sincerity is sometimes ruthless and some people feel hurt, so her friends are few, but true.


The female name Emerald means “bright” and is born from the green mineral that bears the same name. With its gemstone-related meaning, it can also be said to mean “valuable” and “beautiful.”


Name of Latin origin that means “to wait”. Beneath her delicate, profoundly feminine and even vulnerable appearance, Esperanza is quite a character. She is a complete woman, born winner and capable of reconciling her obligations with her family and with moments of fun.


The name Estefanía, which comes from the masculine name Esteban or Estéfano, literally means “the one who is well crowned”, “the one who is victorious” or “the laureate”. In addition to being one of the names with the most…


The name Estela is a variant of star and means “morning star”. It is an allusion to the polar star that guides lost sailors. In addition, it is an epithet to the Virgin…


The female name Esther literally means “star”, although metaphorically it is often adapted as “she who shines like the stars” or “woman who shines with intensity”.


The name Estíbaliz means “sweet as honey”.


Estrella is a curious impertinent. She likes to try and experiment for herself and she doesn’t stop when something catches her eye. She likes adventure a lot, which makes her life take unexpected turns, but, on the contrary, she is quite conservative in love.


The meaning of the name Eugenia is “well born”.


Name of Greek origin that means “the well-spoken”. Eulalia is very talkative and likes to argue. Cultured, intelligent and prepared, she loves controversy and deep debate on topics she dominates, always respecting the opinion of others.


The name Eunice means “she who achieves victory”.


The meaning of the name Eva is “the one who gives life”, since its biblical origin places her as the first woman on earth. For this reason, another of its meanings is “source of life”.


Name of Greek origin that means “bearer of the good news”. Passionate about life and new experiences, Evangelina wants to travel, meet interesting people and new things. He is curious by nature and can’t stand wasting time.


Evelyn is a feminine name that means, mainly, “source of life” or “the one who gives breath”, but it can also mean hazelnut, fruit of wisdom, angel of tenderness, tender, sweet, hope, light,…


As a feminine given name, it is mystical, alluding to one of the Christian festivals: the Exaltation of the Holy Cross, on the fourteenth of September. From its Latin etymology comes the literal meaning “exalt, praise”.