Are you pregnant and you already know it’s a girl? Congratulations! As there are an infinity of girl names to choose from, you can start by looking for one that begins with the letter D, it will be easier for you to decide. The names that begin with the letter D are very characteristic names for their meaning. In this series of articles on girl names with each letter of the alphabet, you will find the inspiration you need. If you want to choose a special name, beautiful and with personality, in this baby names article, you will find girl name with D, such as Daila, Dakota or Damaris, along with their meaning and origin.

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Dafne, of Greek origin, is a name that means “laurel” or “she who is crowned with laurels”. It is a name (originally Δάφνη = Daphne) whose meaning is closely linked to its mythological history.To discover…


The female name Daiana means “divine woman” or “woman of the heavens” and refers to perfection as well as personal and professional ambition. Wikipedia having most famous baby name list.


The name Daila means “beautiful like a flower”.


The name daisy means “daisy”.



The name Dakota means “friend and ally.”


The word dahl means “valley”. This name originates from the existence of the Mexican flower, the dahlia. The botanist who discovered it named it after one of his Swedish colleagues; Dahl.


The name Delilah means “the flirtatious woman”. It comes from the word “delilah” which means Desire.


The meaning of the name Damaris is “married woman”, “wife”, “lady”, “beautiful lady” and “beautiful woman”.


Dana is a unisex name, because although it is more popular among women, there are also some men called that, especially in the United States. While it is true that Dana is a difficult name to trace, it is believed that she has…


It is another of the names derived from Greek moitology; Danae is a young woman conquered by Jupiter and whom he turned into a shower of gold and who was the mother of the hero Perseus. Its original meaning descends…


Dania is a Hebrew name that comes from Daniela, the feminine form of the popular name Daniel. As with these other two names, Dania means “God’s justice”, since etymologically the set of Dan-i-el-a is interpreted as…


The name Daniela means “justice of God”.

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There is no very clear meaning, according to Herodotus it means “repressor”. It is one of the names most used by the Persian kings and maintains all the royal and power connotations that have been attributed to it historically.


Its original meaning comes directly from Latin, it means “goddess”, it is the feminine form of deus.


The word in Hebrew literally means “bee”. Its use has been extended thanks to the splendid Jewish prophetess, author of “The Canticle to Yahweh”. It is for this reason that meanings related to pure beauty, charm and loquacity have been applied to it.

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Decius is the Latin equivalent of “tenth child”, a very common way of practically designating those born into large families. As in many other cases, this name has already evolved and become part of a well-known Roman gens.


It is one of the names that have a very attractive and beautiful meaning. It means “the one facing Zeus”, the friend of Zeus. She is the mortal woman found among the immortals, outside of time and space.


Its Latin form is delphinus and means “dolphin”. In addition to this meaning, referring to the cetacean, in Greek mythology it was the nickname of Apollo when he killed the snake Delphine. It is a name that symbolizes boldness, intelligence and sensitivity.


It is the well-known nickname of the goddess Artemis. It means the one born on the island of Delos, today Dili, that’s why her brother Apolo also wears it. Metaphorically it is the woman characterized by strength and courage.


The female name Demelza has a Celtic origin and refers to the ‘Fortress of Maeldaf’. This name comes from Cornwall, a place located in the south of England. The name Demelza became popular in the 1970s thanks to the success of the British series ‘Poldark’.


It means “the one belonging to Demeter” which is the Roman Céres. But its literal meaning by the union of these two Greek words is “the motherland”. It symbolizes nature and peace. It is closely related to the conception of the earth as a producer of fruits and life.


The French name Denisse comes from the Greek culture, since it is the feminine version of the name Dionysus, God of wine according to said mythology. It is precisely from this language that we obtain the most…


It is a name adapted from the Greek word disdaimon, which means “the unfortunate one”, by Shakespeare for the play “Othello”. Desdemona appears as the idealistic heroine, relentlessly hopeful despite being “the dispossessed.”


If you wonder what the meaning of Desirée is, you should know that it is a name from French and translated from its original Latin word “Desiderius”. It is thanks to this origin that we can reveal the…


The formation of this name is due to the union of the words deïóo, “crush, bring down” and aner, “man”. She is “the destroyer of men”. Symbolically, she is the independent woman, with strength and social power.


It is a term that comes from god, formed as a genitive of Zeus, and adelfós, “brother”. He is “Jupiter’s brother”. Its meaning is close to that of names such as Adelfo and Filadelfo. Metaphorically it is related to the “heavenly man”, of high status, the one above humans.


Name of Greek origin. Diadora seems to have a great natural talent to excel in everything she sets out to do, but she has one major flaw: she is easily scattered and very indecisive. He is emotionally stable.


It is an alteration of adamas and belongs etymologically to low Latin. It is formed by the “a” privative and damadso, “to tame”. It thus means “the indomitable”, the one who cannot be dominated, the hardness of the diamond.


The name Diana means “Moon Goddess”.


It is the feminine of the voice dignus, “worthy”, “deserving of something concrete”. It is one of the adjectives derived from decet, “it is convenient, it is necessary”. It represents the woman who fights to achieve her goals and her desires.


It is of exclusively Irish origin and no possible explanation of its meaning through Celtic has been found. The name has been identified with that of an abbess called Damnat, which means “little deer”, “gaceli”.


The meaning of the female name Dina is “the woman who achieves everything she sets out to do”. In fact, the meaning of the name Dina is very closely related to her personality. Another meaning given for Dina, although less…


It comes from the union of the causative prefix din and or, “light”. It would be “that the light…”. It represents the one that depends on light, wisdom and clarity. It is one of the post-biblical names that we can find in the Kabbalah.


It means “the one who is consecrated to Dionysus”, that is, the one consecrated to Bacchus, the god of wine. Metaphorically this name represents the one devoted to beauty and pleasure, the one that is aesthetic and artistic contemplation.


It comes from the Greek word dirkós, “pineapple”, the fruit of the pine. But its meaning is obtained thanks to Greek mythology; Dirce is the queen of Thebes metamorphosed into a fountain. Dirce symbolizes water, life, the eternal flow, constancy and fruitfulness.


It is a name derived from one of the Marian invocations. Its use comes from “Divine Providence”. Divine is, in the literal sense, “what belongs to God”, what is heavenly. Its use is commonly a hyperbolic of the notion of “beautiful”.


It is one of the most common mystical names. It is related to one of the seven pains of the Virgin Mary, the Friday of Dolores. The primitive meaning of the Latin word doleo was to “knock down with blows” until it derived in the notion of “pain and suffering” that we currently know.


It is the one “belonging to God”, the one consecrated to the divinity. Domus comes from the Indo-European root dem-, “build, unite”, so it symbolizes the house; God as house and eternal home.


It is the feminine diminutive of Domitius, the name of a plebeian gens. It means “to dominate, to tame”, in a literal sense it would be “to get used to the house”.


It is the name of the famous Zapotec princess, whose use is very frequent as a given name in Mexico. It means “will be loved” or even “loved woman”. She is the one who has the charm and attraction of being loved by everyone around her.


Dora is the diminutive of Doroteo/ay and is made up of two different voices: on the one hand doron, “don”, and on the other hand Deós, “god”. It is thus “the one granted by God”, the one that has been donated by the divinity.


It is one of the names adapted in modernity. Its meaning is “gift of God”. Its use is due to a literary character; Dorinda was Silvio’s mistress in Guarini’s “il Pastor Fido” (1590). It is made up of two different voices: on the one hand doron, “don”, and on the other hand Deós, “god”.


It literally means “the young Doria”, that is to say, original of the Dórida. The meaning of it comes especially from Greek mythology; Doris is the sea nymph wife of Nereus and mother of the fifty Nereids.


It is made up of two different voices: on the one hand doron, “don”, and on the other hand Deós, “god”. It is thus “the one granted by God”, the one that has been donated by the divinity. The spread of this name is due to the legend of the virgin martyred in Caesarea.


Name of Greek origin whose festivity is celebrated on February 23. Serious and slightly checkered, Dosithea is not too cheerful. Quiet and very reserved, she has a hard time relating to others.


The meaning of the name Dulce, as the word indicates, is totally related to sweetness, kindness, softness and affability. For this reason, the meaning of Dulce is none other than “pleasant and sweet woman”.


It is the name made up of dulcis, “sweet”, and the ending -idius. It is directly related to the sense of taste. He is the kind, the pleasant, the one who is tender and represents a delight for others. His female equivalent the Dulce.