How to keep children safe when they are away from home

All children when they go outside are vulnerable to the dangers that exist outside the safety of the home. As a parent, it is natural that you feel concern every time your children walk through the door, so it is important to know how to protect them. If you’re concerned about your children’s safety, you can keep them safe by following the tips below.

Protecting young children

Statistics show that crime against young children by strangers is rare. Still, these seven tips can help protect your child:

  • Tell your child not to talk to people they don’t know when they’re not around you.
  • Make sure your child knows never to go off with a stranger, even if they seem friendly.
  • You need to make sure your child understands that they always have to tell you if a stranger approaches them and that they never hold a secret.
  • If your child is traveling alone, tell him to stay close to other families on the train or bus.
  • If your child has to use an elevator, tell him to only do it with friends and get out of there if you feel uncomfortable.
  • If your child gets lost, they will need to ask for help from a police officer, another adult with children, or someone who works at a nearby store.
  • Have your children learn the home address and family phone number by heart.

While you are with your children, you must also protect them

Sometimes young children can be vulnerable even if you are with them. Following these simple precautions should give you peace of mind:

  • Try to keep your children in sight of you or another adult you trust.
  • Use drawstring bags for your child or security bracelets.
  • When you go out to visit places, always organize a meeting point for you and your child in case one of you gets lost.
  • You have to make sure that you are all together (for example when traveling by train).
  • Whenever your child goes to the public bathroom, go with him.
  • Remind your child never to talk to strangers , even if you are nearby.

Protecting children and adolescents away from home

Keeping teens safe

More crimes are committed against teens than any other age group, but here are some things to things they can do to stay safe on the streets:

  • Tell your child to have the music on their headphones turned off while walking down the street alone, so they can hear what’s going on around them.
  • Tell him to always walk in well-lit places with people, to avoid alleys or lonely and dark shortcuts.
  • If your child thinks he is being followed, he will have to cross the street and go to a place with a lot of people around, like a bus stop or a store.
  • Your child can carry a whistle to warn strangers if something happens to him to get other people’s attention if he walks nsa your child is in danger.
  • When riding the bus or train, your child should try to get off where there are people.
  • If someone tries to take something from your child, tell them never fight.
  • Ask him to keep his belongings such as mobile phone or other valuables out of sight and to always turn down the volume on the phone to avoid attracting attention.
  • Do not allow your child to carry any type of weapon because it is illegal.
  • Encourage your child to talk to you if you think something has happened to him.

It is important that children and adolescents know where they should go if they feel in danger and above all, they should be aware that there are dangers outside the home and you have to protect yourself from them.