If you don't love my son, neither do I.

There are no perfect families, we all know that. Those who try to show on social networks or when they talk to their friends that they don’t have problems of any kind… they simply lie. For example, when your children “always” behave well, or eat perfectly or do not cry all night. There are social events, such as weddings or others, that are organized thinking only of adults and leave children aside, because: they annoy, they make noise, they shout…

But no, children don’t bother us, it’s the adults who don’t understand that they are children and that they need to move and play. For this reason, there are many fathers and mothers who are clear about it, if they don’t want their child at an event, neither do they, because they are mothers and fathers first!

If my son can’t be there, neither can I

There will be parents who feel this as a relief, a place for adults only! It seems like a wonderful thing, a place where there will be no conflicts, no yelling, no kids calling attention to each other all the time. But what about them? How do you feel knowing that you are banned from some events just for being children? Is being a child a bad thing? Is it wrong to be a child and that is why some adults prefer not to be with them? It’s not fair that children feel this way!

When you are a mother, you are a mother first and being a mother comes before a relationship, family or friends. Children always are and will be the priority of mothers and if somewhere they don’t want your child, neither do you! Remember that they should always feel that they are your priority no matter what happens and in any circumstance.

And what happens when it is your partner who does not love your child?

It can also happen that perhaps you have separated from the father of your child and you want to give yourself another chance to let love into your life. In this case, you need to keep in mind that your son always has to go ahead of that new partner you have. If that person does not like children, prefers plans as a couple all the time and leaves your child with the babysitter, they only want to see you when the little one is with their parents or with a relative… Then run away from that relationship, because he doesn’t really love you.

Whoever loves you must accept that you are a mother and that your children are above everything else. And if he doesn’t like that or doesn’t accept it, then… it’s better that you leave that relationship forever! Because if he doesn’t respect your son, he isn’t respecting you either as a woman or as a mother.

Although that person may have difficulty fitting in with your child, never allow them to even pretend to try to make you act as if your children did not exist… If they love you, they will accept you from the first moment, without “buts”, without excuses.

Whoever loves you, loves your son

Whoever loves you and wants to be in your life, has to love your son too. He must accept that he is your priority in life and that he will need your constant attention and help. No matter when he needs you, you will be by his side. Whenever he needs your protection, your love or your security, you will be by his side, whether he is 5, 15, 25 years old or more. A mother is a mother for life.

If that person really loves you and loves you, they will never make you choose between your son or him/her. Not even for 5 minutes. You should understand that the fact that you rebuild your life does not mean that you give up certain things, much less that you reject your child, that will never happen! If he really loves and respects you, he will also want to share his time with your son, the little one will always be in your plans because he will also become a priority for your partner.

Events that do not accept children

Don’t make mistakes you might regret later just because you feel like you want to complete your life again with a partner . Your life is already complete with your son and the rest, it’s also important, but secondary.

And if it’s the relatives who reject him?

Perhaps you have found yourself in a situation where it is your own relatives who reject your child for whatever reason. When this happens you realize why at family gatherings they leave him aside, they don’t want to interact with him. And that as a mother, is what hurts the most in your heart and simply, it is not something that you should consent to and much less allow your child to experience such unpleasant situations.

Those people, whoever they are that don’t accept your son, they don’t deserve to be in your life. They are toxic people and you cannot force your child to love or live with someone who neglects him or with whom he does not feel comfortable.

Your child deserves all the love in the world and all the good that pass him He needs to feel that you will be by his side no matter what happens and that the people around him accept him and love him for being himself. Peace and harmony will have to reign in your lives.