The 10 best baby changing tables

Having a baby changing table at home is not essential, but it can make your work much easier when you have to change your little one. If you have enough space at home, the ideal is to bet on a Changing table with storage that allows you to keep your baby’s accessories close at hand and keep back pain at bay. But if you don’t have a lot of space available or don’t want to invest so much in such a piece of furniture, there are also comfortable and easy-to-use portable baby changing tables.

Baby changers you’ll want to have at home

Practical and functional, this piece of furniture with the Safety 1st seal is perfect for bathing and change to u baby comfortably in the same space. The piece of furniture has a removable changing mattress that you can remove for bath time and put back to dress your little one with peace of mind.

In addition, it includes multiple storage spaces so that you have the accessories of the baby’s bath at hand and a practical bag so you can put his clothes and not leave him alone for a second. And so that you can place it where you prefer, it is equipped with four wheels with a brake system that allow you to move it from one place to another in the house.

2. Idefair portable changing mat

Changing your baby away from home will no longer be a problem with this Idefair portable changing mat. It is a large changing bag that you can use to change your baby in public places because it also has several pockets so you can always carry the toiletries your little one needs with you.

Its sponge cushion is very comfortable for the baby and protects it from possible head injuries while the nylon lining makes it a waterproof and easy-to-clean changing pad that will last for many years. And so that you can transport it easily, the changing mat has a folding system with a velcro closure and a removable handle that can be hung on the stroller or carried on the shoulder.

3. Wall changing table, by Roba

If you are looking for a comfortable and beautiful changing table for your baby that barely takes up space at home, this Raba-kids model is an excellent option. It is a folding wall changing table that you can close when not in use to have more space in the room thanks to its shock-absorbing brake system that facilitates movement.

For the baby’s comfort, it has a mat made of polyester and cotton and covered with a phthalate-free polyurethane film that you can clean whenever it gets dirty. And so that you always have the baby’s accessories and clothes at hand, the furniture has some storage shelves. It is worth mentioning that the changing table includes the screws and plugs for its assembly.

4. Eslesgreen portable changing mat

Light and compact, this portable changing mat is all you need to change your baby’s diaper when you’re away from home. It is made with padded material so that the little one is comfortable at all times, while it has a waterproof finish so you can wipe it with a cloth or even wash it by hand when necessary.

Its folded design with velcro closure will not only allow you to open and close it easily, but also, it occupies very little space so you can carry it inside your bag wherever you go. Because it’s roomy enough, you can keep using it as your baby grows.

5. Changing table for crib, by Roba

With this changing table you will have a comfortable space to changing the baby in the crib, which will not only make your job easier, but will save you unnecessary back pain. Specially designed to fit the Roba brand cribs, this changing table can also be used with other models.

It has rounded edges to prevent the little one from hurting themselves and can support up to 15 kilos of weight, for so you can keep using it as long as the baby grows. Made of white lacquered wood, it includes a padded mattress so that the baby is comfortable at all times.

6. Bath changing table, by Brevi

Changing the baby after the bath It can be very simple with this bath changing mat from the Brevi label with a charming bear design. The changing mat has an anatomical basin with two positions and a comfortable leg divider that you can use to bathe the baby from the first days from birth to about 6 months ses.

It also includes a soft, lightly padded changing tray so you can dress the baby after the bath, which has side edges so that the little one does not fall. It has a shelf with compartments so you can have bathroom accessories and clothes to hand to change the little one. And also, it has a super-compact folding system that allows you to store it after use with an automatic hook that allows you to lift it and close it safely.

7. Changing table, by Roba

If you are looking for a simple but functional changing table, this Roba model may be a good option. Free of PVC and phthalates, the changing table includes a microfiber mattress filled with polyester felt so that the baby feels comfortable at all times, while it has a waterproof cover that can be easily cleaned.

To guarantee the safety of the little one, it includes a soft support belt to support the baby by the abdomen and prevent it from falling while you change him. And so that you can have everything you need close at hand, it has integrated two very spacious lower shelves where you can place the accessories and the little one’s clothes. Although it does not include wheels on the legs, it is quite light so that you can easily move it from one place to another in the house.

8. Trixi changing table by Geuther

Practical and beautiful, this changing table is ideal for small rooms with little space. Its zebra design falls in love at first sight, but in reality one of its greatest attributes is its compact closing system that allows you to store it in any corner of the house so that it does not take up space.

To make your work easier, You can activate its folding system with one hand and move it without any major problems since it is very light. As it is a relatively small changing mat, you can store it practically anywhere in the house, even in the bathroom. The changing area is lightly padded for the baby’s comfort and has side edges to ensure the child’s safety at all times.

9. Portable changing table, by iZiv

Take this changing mat with you at all times so you can change your baby comfortably in any space public. Its foam pad gives it extra comfort so that the baby is comfortable at all times and protects him from dangerous blows to the head. In addition, it is waterproof and can be cleaned very easily.

Another of its greatest advantages is that it has folding wings that provide greater security to the baby while changing it and allow you to place a small toy so that be entertained while you dress it. It also has a compact folding system with velcro closure that barely takes up space so you can carry it inside your bag.

10. Wall-mounted changing table, from Discounted Cleaning Supplies

If you don’t have much space free at home, this wall changing table can be an excellent option to dress your baby after leaving the bathroom. It is a compact wall-mounted changing table that only occupies about 10 centimeters after folding. It has four fixing points that give it extra stability and resistance so that your baby is safe while you change him.

Made of robust and quality materials, this Discounted Cleaning Supplies seal changer can support between 15 and 20 kilos, which will allow you to continue using it even as the little one grows. It is worth noting that It is approved and complies with the European regulations that govern this type of accessory.