What is the best way to burp your baby?

Burping babies after each meal is very important to prevent gas from accumulating. That’s why you always have to help your baby to burp and stay calm and no gas after eating.

Babies are absolutely dependent beings so They need you to feed themselves but also to help them cause a burp. It is important that you know your baby well so that you know what his needs are whenever he requires your attention.

Baby feeding and burping

When you feed your baby there are a few things to keep in mind, but one of the most important is burping. You can’t forget that he does it because he could accumulate gas in his little stomach and turn it into pain that would make him cry a lot. All babies swallow air when they feed, whether they are breastfed or through a bottle, so you always have to burp them.

Burps are necessary for everyone, but for babies are essential. It is the only way that the air that is swallowed when we feed can be removed. It’s easy to help your baby burp but it’s important that you do it right.

Help your baby burp

To help your baby burp burp, when he finishes feeding you will have to put him in an upright position on your chest and with his head next to your neck. Then you will have to give him a few touches on his back until he has burped.

This should be more than enough, but it is important that you remember that the touches must be gentle. Under no circumstances should you hit or hit it hard, as you could hurt it. Do it gently and lovingly so that he doesn’t feel any discomfort.

When you support your baby it is better that you do on a towel or bib over your shoulder so that if you vomit a little or have a slightly wet burp, you don’t stain your clothes. They can also regurgitate and vomit before or after the burp, so it is important that you always put that towel or handkerchief on your shoulder.

Other ways to burp

There are also other tricks to help your baby burp, especially if that position is not comfortable for you orif it doesn’t work for your baby. You need to find a way to help him to burp in which you are both comfortable at all times. Some of these tricks are as follows.

Sit your baby on your lap

Sit your baby on your lap or on your knees and support him from the chest and also his head with one hand, supporting your baby’s chin in the palm. The bottom of your palm will be in contact with the baby’s chest but do not grab his throat because you could hurt him.

How to burp a baby

Place your baby face down on your lap

Another way to get your little one to burp is to place her face down on your lap, holding his head so that it is a tad higher than his chest. Then you can pat him on the back. This method works for some babies, but others may vomit because they feel too much pressure on their stomach. If you see that it does not work for your baby, then use the other ways until you find the one that best suits your baby.

What you should not forget

There are some things you should not forget, such as if you are feeding your baby and you notice that he is restless, then stop feeding him so that he burps and then restart feeding in case the baby is still hungry.

Every 90ml or so it is a good idea to burp. Although if your baby is prone to gas or a problem with reflux, then you may want to burp him more often. If your baby is breastfed, ideally he should burp every 5 minutes of feeding.