Do you want a name for your baby that is original and striking? Eneko is a beautiful alternative that you will surely like. It is a masculine given name of Basque origin and is many years old. Its greatest popularity is in the Iberian Peninsula, a region from which this unique name comes. In addition, it became known in the Middle Ages when it was worn by the first King of Pamplona.

In this paraBaby article, you will find the meaning of the name Eneko , its origin, its diminutives, the saints, the onomastic date, the personality of the person who wears it, the celebrities who bear this particular name, as well as the popularity of the name. Eneko is a boy’s name .

What does Enek mean?

Eneko is a name that means “the one who lives on the mountain with dangerous slopes” or also ” the one who lives on the mountainside “. It is associated with men who are introverted and uncommunicative.

Origin of the name Enek

Its origin is in the Basque language . Specifically, it was formed from the union of the words E and Ko , which translate as “mountain with a steep slope”. Then, it would go on to its current form as Eneko, which means, among other interpretations, “the one who lives in the mountain with dangerous slopes”.

Other historians refer to its origin from the Basque words “ene”, which translates “mine” and “ko” used as a diminutive. By uniting them they acquire the meaning of “mine that is small”.

This is an old name that began to be heard in the Middle Ages, where it acquired its popularity as a result of King Eneko of Pamplona.

Diminutives and variations of the name Eneko

The name Eneko does not have many diminutives or variations. However, some of the most common are the following:

  • Jan
  • Enekito
  • Eneco
  • Inigo

The name Eneko in other languages

Eneko is a name that does not have many translations in most languages. However, in some it has the following spelling:

  • Arabic : إنيكو
  • Chinese : 埃内科
  • Hindi : एनेको
  • Greek : Ενέκο
  • Japanese : えねこ
  • Russian :Энеко

Personality of the name Eneko

Eneko is a calm and collected man . In fact, he is somewhat introverted, which makes him very observant, discreet and cautious when making a decision.

At work, he is hardworking and efficient. For this reason, he concentrates to such an extent on his activities that he usually works beyond the established schedule. Added to that, he is methodical and perfectionist when it comes to doing his chores at the office. This gives as a result that he always fulfills perfectly with the projects that he proposes.

In love, Eneko is not so lucky. It is usually reserved and somewhat closed to avoid being hurt. But when he finds the perfect partner, he will be a very tender and loving man, who will do whatever it takes to preserve their relationship.

In the family, he is a good economic collaborator and a great sentimental support . Therefore, he will always be concerned about the well-being of all his members. In addition, everyone sees in him a person to whom they can go for help.

With his friends, he is reserved and uncommunicative . However, this does not affect him so that his classmates appreciate and respect him. Undoubtedly, Eneko will be a very dear friend and admired by those who really know him.

Celebrities with the name Eneko

The best known celebrities who bear the name of Eneko are:

  • Eneko Sagardoy Mujika is a theater, film and television actor of Spanish origin.
  • Eneko Arieta-Araunabeña Piedra : He was a Spanish footballer who played for Athletic Club of the First Division of Spain.
  • Eneko las Heras Leizaola : was a Venezuelan cartoonist, illustrator and graphic humorist of Basque origin.
  • Eneko Atxa Azurmendi : is a Spanish chef, winner of important cooking awards.

Eneko’s Saint’s Day

June 1 is the date of the saint’s day for Eneko. On that day, homage is paid to San Íñigo de Oña, since Iñigo is a Castilian derivation of the name Eneko.

This 11th century saint was born in Calatayud and spent his entire priestly life dedicated to prayer and penance. Therefore, he always lived apart from the outside world.

Numerology Of The Name Eneko

Numerology associates 7 as the lucky number for Eneko.

Popularity of the first name Enek

The name Eneko is well known in the Basque Country and in other nearby regions. Although it is an old name, it has not been so well received nationally and internationally.

In fact, few people outside the Iberian Peninsula are called Eneko. In Spain, only about 10,767 males with an average age of 20 years who bear it by name can be counted.

If you look at the map below, you will notice that the Spanish provinces that have the highest number of people named Eneko are Araba, Bizkaia and Gipuzkoa.