Prime Day 2022: Best Deals On Toys for Babies & Kids

From yesterday, Tuesday, July 12, at midnight and until today, Wednesday, July 13 at 11:59 p.m., Amazon Prime 2022 users can enjoy the great Amazon Prime Day discounts. If you’re not, you can sign up for a 30-day free trial and start enjoying them today.

During these two days in Babies and More, we offer you the best deals on prams, car seats, high chairs and cribs, diapers and wipes, and everything you may need for your baby.

Below we share a selection of the best deals of the day on toys for babies and children that you can find today on Amazon and that we have classified by category and age.

Article in constant update.

The best deals of the day on toys

Summer toys and accessories

  • Vespa electric motorcycle: it has two auxiliary wheels, lights and sound, and a battery with a range of 45 minutes. It drops from 156.99 euros to 124.99 euros.
  • Electric scooter with Boogie Drift 36D Chair: scooter with a rechargeable lithium battery with 15 km of autonomy. It has a chair, throttle grip, starter key, front light, and LCD screen. With the 250W motor, you can reach a maximum speed of 15 km/h. It has anti-tip rear wheels, a front brake, and an 8-inch drive wheel for more excellent safety and stability. It drops from 275.57 euros to 95 euros.
  • Sawyer scooter: adjustable height in four positions (58cm, 64cm, 70cm, and 76cm) and LED wheels. Suitable for children between two and eight years old. It drops from 49.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • HomCom electric motorcycle for children aged 2-4 years with two adjustable speed levels that range between 1.5 and 2.5 km/h, with two extra balance wheels and a battery with an autonomy of up to 35 minutes. It drops from 76.99 to 99 euros.
  • Feber 2 in 1 tricycle: with two positions, push seat or tricycle. It was recommended from the year. It drops from 34.99 euros to 49 euros.
  • Water play matto connect to the garden hose and cool off. It drops from 26.99 euros to 09 euros.
  • The aquatic center consists of a jumping bed, two slides, and a pool. It comes equipped with an electric inflator with an inflation power of 450 W. It drops from 429.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Giant turtle-shaped sandbox to place in the garden. It can also be used as a ball pool. Its measurements are 98.4 x 109.9 x 30.5 centimeters. It drops from 57.01 euros to 99 euros.
  • Height-adjustable basketball hoop from 168 to 229 cm. It drops from 135 euros to 45 euros.
  • Feber activity centers on children between two and seven years old. Easy to install. It is made with resistant elements for the outdoors. It drops from 132.95 euros to 49 euros.
  • Feber Evolution Swing swings for children from 18 months and has a maximum recommended weight of 60 Kg. It contains a safety bar and a removable high backrest to adapt the swing to children. It drops from 39.99 euros to 88 euros.

Games for babies and children up to three years

  • Fisher-Price Talking Zebra. It can be played sitting down, with activities to explore, plus a book with a page that can be turned or light-up buttons that activate songs and phrases. It is also ideal as a ride-on for when the baby begins to take his first steps since she can push him with stability. For babies over six months. Low from 33.95 to 23.78 euros
  • Children’s puzzle rug made of Eva rubber from the Tiny Love brand. It has a size of 185 x 124 cm, which makes it easy for the baby to have enough space to play comfortably on the floor, stimulating her senses. Includes 24 puzzle pieces that can be assembled in endless combinations. It drops from 69.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Set of rattles and teethers for babies. Includes ten pieces of different and bright colors to stimulate the baby. It drops from 24.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Educational play arch with rattle and activities. With universal clip for pushchairs, prams, and car seats. It drops from 33.29 euros to 09 euros.
  • Sawyer ride-on with a height between 70cm and 85cm. It drops from 38.24 euros to 99 euros.
  • Little dog first discovered Fisher-Price. Toy for babies from 6 months. The plush sounds more than 75 songs, melodies, and learning phrases. Low from 27.95 to 99 euros
  • Musical instruments with 25 instruments made of wood to enhance the rhythm. It drops from 27.19 euros to 39 euros.
  • Colored Dinosaurs: 58 pieces of colored dinosaurs, bowls, and pegs for counting and sorting. Montessori-inspired toy. It drops from 16.99 euros to 95 euros.
  • Fisher-Price Children’s Blocks. Ten colored building blocks with shapes to sort, stack, and fit, with the cube to fit and store. For babies +6 months. It drops from 9.99 to 98 euros. Amazon Prime Day 2022 Deals: The Best Deal for Your Babies.
  • Montessori cards in English/Spanish: 50 cards to boost children’s vocabulary and learning English. It drops from 15.29 euros to 39 euros.
  • Pellet plush, from the movie Toy Story. Official Disney. It drops from 30.90 euros to 63 euros.
  • 25 cm Minnie Mouse soft toy suitable for boys and girls from the first months of life. Measures 14 x 17 x 25 centimeters. With 100% original Disney license. It drops from 13.95 euros to 47 euros.

Toys for children from three years

  • Playmobil Family Fun. Camping adventure. Includes caravan, kayak, ATV, and three figures. It drops from 63.46 to 36 euros.
  • Large Playmobil Hospital with furniture, accessories, doctor, nurse, and other figures to play with. It was recommended for four years. It drops from 119.99 euros to 79 euros.
  • Constructiontable: activity table with 128 large construction pieces. Includes four storage boxes and a chair. The tabletop is a double-sided game board with a smooth surface on which the child can draw or do other activities. It drops from 88.99 euros to 08 euros.
  • Rocking horse covered in a soft and comfortable plush so that children feel comfortable. It is recommended from 36 months. It drops from 54.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Wooden magnetic puzzle with 110 pieces and briefcase with a double-sided blackboard. It drops from 15.99 euros to 59 euros.
  • Lightboard with the photoluminescent board. A4 size. It drops from 18.99 euros to 19 euros.
  • Play-Doh- Mega Pack of 36plasticine pots of 36 assorted colors to spark the creativity of the little ones. It drops from 26.83 euros to 75 euros.
  • Veterinary briefcase with stuffed puppy and accessories. It drops from 25.98 euros to 78 euros.
  • Food and kitchen utensils to make hamburgers and sandwiches. It drops from 16.56 euros to 25 euros.
  • Transporter truck for 12 vehicles. The game includes a road map and dice to draw your routes. It drops from 26.91 euros to 17 euros.
  • Little Live Pets. Electronic animal, an interactive pet with more than 25 fun sounds and typical pig reactions. It drops from 39.95 to 99 euros.
  • Baby Yoda (The Mandalorian)Plush: Official Disney plush made of polyester and soft to the touch. It drops from 30.90 euros to 63 euros.
  • HOMCOM children’s dressing table is made of pine wood. Includes stool and mirror. It drops from 82.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • HOMCOM dollhouse is made of wood. It has four levels of height and 13 wooden accessories. The size of the house is 60.5 x 30 x 80.5 cm. It drops from 74.99 euros to 16 euros.
  • Disney Princess castle with lights and music. It is 1.2 meters tall and has 29 accessories (including furniture and crockery) and six rooms. It drops from 133.75 euros to 25 euros.
  • Barbie 3-in-1 DreamCamper: Convertible Motorhome with Pool, Truck, and Boat. Includes 50 accessories to recreate endless adventures from the Barbie world. It drops from 83.99 euros to 14 euros.
  • Barbie Dreamhouse Dollhouse: house with pool, slide, and elevator. It incorporates lights and sound and more than 75 accessories to enjoy Barbie. It drops from 254.99 euros to 29 euros.
  • Barbie Fashionistas’ wardrobe with the doll includes clothes and accessories. It drops from 33.60 euros to 99 euros.
  • Barbie Dreamtopia: mermaid doll with rainbow lights to dip in the water. It drops from 24.91 euros to 58 euros.
  • Barbie with mother dog and three puppies drops from 25.99 euros to 26 euros.
  • Barbie I want to be a pediatrician: includes a Barbie pediatrician doll, two baby patients, and pediatric tools. It drops from 26.39 euros to 10 euros.
  • Nenuco with a tricycle so the child can push it and take his doll wherever he wants. It drops from 31.15 euros to 55 euros.

Games for children from six years old

  • Desire Deluxe 3D Magnetic Building Blocks kit: with 57 geometric pieces to develop creativity. The pack includes 20 squares, 12 equilateral triangles, two right triangles, four acute angle triangles, two pieces with four windows, four rectangles, four parts with a single window, two long square bases, four click windows, one rue base, and an instruction manual. It drops from 30.59 euros to 25.19 euros.
  • Playmobil space reconnaissance vehicle with numerous accessories and light and sound effects. Removable roof, movable grappling arm, projectiles, opening gate, and folding ramp. It drops from 37.91 euros to 08 euros.
  • Magnetic Alphabet– Case with 28 illustrated magnets and 116 letter magnets to form words. It drops from 18.01 euros to 57 euros.
  • Buki France Planetarium: planetarium system with LED lights and high-definition projections. It drops from 36.90 euros to 52 euros.
  • Insect vacuum cleaner, to catch insects without harming them, observe them and then release them. It drops from 20.67 euros to 81 euros.
  • Harry Potter Secret Diary with decorated cover and padlock. Limited edition. Perfect for children to start writing in their journals. It drops from 21.99 euros to 49 euros.
  • Children’s desk 2 in 1, with height-adjustable table and chair and table with the inclination of up to 45 degrees. It drops from 96.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Playmobil Ghostbusters. Playmobil Ghostbusters Ecto-1 with great light, sound effects, and space for four ghostbusters and their team. It drops from 43.99 to 34 euros.
  • Super things Kazoom Power Superbot: A highly playable robot with multiple actions. Contains 1 Kazoom Kid and 1 SuperThing hero. It drops from 16.49 euros to 42 euros.
  • Gravitrax Starter Kit with more than 125 components to design your track. Using magnetic, kinematic, and gravitational principles, the objective is to roll several marbles simultaneously to the goal. It drops from 42.99 euros to 99 euros.

lego constructions

  • LEGO Technic 6×6 Volvo: build a remote control model of the classic Volvo A60H Articulated Dumper in LEGO version. Download the LEGO Technic CONTROL+ app and explore the different play options. Contains 2193 pieces. Once assembled, the truck can be driven forwards and backward. It is recommended from 11 years. It drops from 226.88 euros to 192.85 euros.
  • Lego Super Mario Adventures: features Yoshi Rosa, Boom Boom, Goombues figures, and action bricks to build a video game-inspired course. It drops from 59.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Madrigal Family Lego: Inspired by the Disney movie ‘Enchantment.’ With 587 pieces and three mini-figures. It drops from 39.99 euros to 85 euros.
  • Lego City Hospital with Ambulance– Includes a 2-story hospital with multiple rooms, an ambulance, a rescue helicopter, and 12 LEGO Minifigures. It drops from 92.63 euros to 74 euros.
  • Lego Jurassic World Dinosaur Escape –Features a market, toy truck, large T.Rex, Atrociraptor, and four Minifigures. They are recommended for children ages eight and up. It drops from 88.31 euros to 06 euros.

electronic toys

  • Walkie-Talkies with rechargeable batteries and flashlight function. It drops from 39.99 to 27.99 euros.
  • Tomlin A31 Mini Drone: 360-degree rotation, LED lights, and 16-minute flight autonomy. It drops from 45.23 euros to 99 euros.
  • Wifi retro box console with 8,000 Arcade games and capacity to install up to 10,000. It includes speakers and LEDs and is compatible with 4K televisions. It drops from 159.30 euros to 99 euros.
  • ‘Lego Harry Potter’ game for the Nintendo Switch– two games remastered on a single disc. It drops from 24.79 euros to 99 euros.
  • ‘Lego Jurassic World’ game for Nintendo Switch: featuring 20 different dinosaur species. It drops from 23.99 euros to 90 euros.

Table games

  • Gupta family: card game to enjoy with the family from the age of eight. It is a game where speed, mental agility, and imagination are the main protagonists. Includes 480 cards that help boost the creativity of adults and adults. Suitable to play between 2 and 10 players. It drops from 23.74 to 17.49 euros.
  • SKYJO: card game to enjoy with the family from eight years old. It drops from 14.99 euros to 95 euros.
  • Adventurers to the Train: Players must collect Wagon cards to build more routes and expand their network of trains. A board game for children from six years old. It drops from 29.30 euros to 79 euros.
  • Hedbanz GuessingGame Board game based on questions and answers, with quick and easy games for children from seven years. It drops from 26.99 euros to 99 euros.
  • Don’t Wake Dad! : a board game for children from five years old, where the little ones will have to move stealthily around the board until they reach the fridge without waking up dad. It drops from 32.99 euros to 70 euros.
  • Double Waterproof. The classic Dobble, but with 30 waterproof cards, water-resistant, ideal for the summer. For children of +6 years. It drops from 15.95 to 66 euros.

Other recommendations that may interest you:

  • If you need to buy items for your baby and subscribe to Amazon’s recurring purchase, you can save up to 15% by receiving three or more subscriptions in the same shipment. Prime members can save up to 20% on diapers and baby food. You can configure the delivery with the time that suits you best; before each delivery, they send you a reminder email, and you can cancel it whenever you want.
  • Amazon allows you to create a birth list with the items you choose for your baby. It works like a wedding list, but for another time in your life. To make it, Amazon suggests recommended lists, or you can create your list by configuring it with the products that interest you most for your baby. You can also share it with family, friends, and acquaintances so that they know your wishes.