The 10 best travel cots for your baby

If you travel with your baby frequently, the travel cot will give you enormous freedom to move to any destination with the certainty that your child will have a comfortable space to sleep. This accessory will make both your stay and that of the little one is more pleasant and relaxed, while offering extra security to the baby during sleep.

That is why it is important that you choose a light, comfortable travel cot that takes up little space so that you can carry it in the car or in your luggage without difficulty. It is also essential that it be easy to handle, that it adjusts to the size of your child and that it has different elements that guarantee the child’s safety at all times.

What are the best travel cots for your baby?

1. BabyBjörn Light

Spending the night away from home with a baby has never been as comfortable as with this portable crib from BabyBjörn. It is a very light model that folds and unfolds with a single movement, which allows you to handle it easily. Its open design, with mesh fabric, offers excellent visibility of the child at all times and also facilitates air circulation so that the little one sleeps comfortably.

It includes a soft and comfortable mattress where the baby can rest comfortably. Both the mattress cover and the surrounding fabric are removable so that you can wash them. Suitable from birth to 3 years of age, this bassinet includes a carry bag for easy portability.

2. Safety 1st Soft Dreams

Ideal for newborns and up to approximately 4 years old, This travel cot supports up to 15 kilos of weight. It is a very practical folding model that allows you to take it on trips without difficulty because it has a compact format so you can store it practically anywhere.

However, don’t be fooled by its light structure because the Safety 1st Soft Dreams is very resistant and stable, so that your baby will be safe at all times. Its 2 centimeter thick wood fiber mattress is not only very comfortable but also safe as it is made of wood fiber. Includes a zippered carry bag so you can transport it with ease.

3. TecTake

Pretty and functional, this travel cot has everything you need. You may need for your baby to rest peacefully when she is away from home. Its folding mechanism is very simple, which makes it an easy to assemble and disassemble travel cot so you don’t waste time on your vacations.

Made of quality nylon, it has sides Made of high-visibility mesh fabric so you can keep an eye on the baby at all times, while promoting air circulation. Featuring a cute sleeping dog design, this crib includes a zippered mattress cover that allows you to conveniently wash it when it gets dirty. And so you can use it to change your baby, it comes with a changing pad that you can install with just a clip.

4. Asalvo Mix Plus

Show off your style on vacation with this versatile and practical travel cot. Its dandelion design with colored dot details on a neutral background gives it a very nice animated touch so you can display it proudly in any destination.

Without However, one of its greatest advantages is its safety: the Asalvo M ix Plus has a robust and firm structure that prevents rocking or unexpected movements that could endanger your child, while it has wheels with brakes so you can move it comfortably without putting your baby at risk.

It includes large mesh windows so you can control the little one at all times and has a new improved changing table so you can put the diaper on the baby comfortably. In addition, it has a fun arc of games for the child to have fun until he falls asleep!

5. Aeromoov snapshot

If you are looking for a practical and lightweight travel cot For your baby to sleep away from home during the holidays, this model is an excellent alternative. It has one of the simplest and fastest folding systems on the market that allows you to assemble and disassemble it in a matter of seconds.

The cot has two heights to adjust it to the age of the and also, it can be used both as a travel cot and as a playpen. Its 3-centimetre-thick mattress gives it greater comfort so that the little one can rest comfortably, as well as a plus durability so you can keep using it for multiple vacations. By having a waterproof floor you can use it both indoors and outdoors. It includes a transport bag to facilitate your movements.

6. Hauck Dream´n Play Go

Your baby will no longer have to adapt to unfamiliar beds during the travel with this comfortable and practical model from Hauck. Her design from Winnie the Pooh is beautiful and falls in love at first sight, although what will really convince you that it is an excellent option are her multiple features. The crib has a very simple folding system that allows you to assemble and disassemble it in just a few steps.

In addition, includes a mesh window that improves ventilation inside and allows you to control the little one at all times without having to get close. It has a large pocket for accessories on the side so you can keep some of the utensils close at hand that the little one uses the most and has practical wheels so that you can move it without major problems once assembled. It is worth noting that it comes with a transport bag to save space at home and make it easier for you to move around.

7. MS Innovations 830106

This MS Innovations model is in Actually a travel playpen, but you can complete the design with a children’s mattress and create a collapsible crib where your baby can rest after playing. Its marine design has safety corners so that the baby is protected at all times, while combining the upholstery with mesh fabric to ensure air circulation inside and allow you to keep an eye on the child while he plays or sleeps.

It is worth clarifying that all the upholstery is removable, so that you can remove it to wash it whenever it gets dirty or after each trip. The model it has a very solid structure with wheels that allow it to be moved from one place to another once assembled and also includes a comfortable carrying bag so you can always take it with you without any problem.

8. Chicco Goodnight

Simple and versatile, the Chicco Goodnight travel cot is a safe and comfortable bet for your be baby sleeps away from home. One of its greatest attractions is its umbrella closing system that allows you to assemble and disassemble it very easily so you don’t waste time during the holidays.

Suitable from birth and up to 4 years old, it has a very simple opening system and a double safety device to prevent accidents when closing it. It also has rounded edges to prevent the child from hurting themselves and has sturdy legs that give the structure extra stability and firmness. The design includes side mesh windows for good circulation of the air inside, which also allows you to watch the little one while he sleeps without having to get close.

9. Kinderkraft Joy

This is a modern travel cot with a fast locking system. folded ideal to always take with you during the holidays. The cot It is manufactured according to the European standard EN 716: it has a metal frame with a reinforced structure that gives it extra stability and has a double insurance to prevent accidents when closing it.

The lower structure is adjustable in two positions high so that it can be used by a baby as well as an older child.It includes rocking legs to stimulate sleep and has a multimedia carousel with sound, lights and plush toys so that the little one can entertain if you can’t sleep.

You can also use it as a playpen since it has a side window through which the child can enter and exit on his own and so that he can stand up without the help of an adult , includes two grips on the top. Comes with a summer mosquito net and carry bag.

10. Lionelo Lo-Sven Plus

If you are looking for a multifunctional crib to travel with your baby, this model from Lionelo is perfect. It is a 2-in-1 travel cot that can also be used as a playpen for the child to have fun after waking up from a nap or as a rocker. Its mat is made with quality foam for greater elasticity and resistance during the game and extra comfort when sleeping.

One of its greatest advantages is that it is adjustable in two heights, which provides the possibility of adjusting the base so that your baby can use it for many more years. In addition, it is very easy to fold and has a very compact format that takes up little space and is easy to transport. Includes wheels to easily move it from one place to another after assembly.