With a baby at home, diapers are one of the essentials that should not be missing. When they are newborns they use an average of between 8 and 10 diapers a day, a figure that drops to between 7 and 8 diapers a day at two months of age. Although many new parents make the mistake of thinking that any diaper will do, the truth is that there is a wide universe of diapers in which each model has unique characteristics, designed for a certain stage or needs. To make your job easier, at Infant Stage we explain everything you need to take into account when choosing diapers for your baby and we offer you a selection of some of the best diaper brands on the market.

How to choose the most suitable diapers for your baby?

Choosing the most suitable diapers for your baby is not as easy as it seems, especially if you are a new mom or dad. It is not only important to determine the type of diaper fabric, whether they are the typical disposable, cloth, ecological or sleeping diapers, but you must also take into account their characteristics and functionalities.

  1. Absorbency and breathability. When choosing diapers for your baby, make sure that they have a high level of absorption and that they are also ultra-fast. In this way you prevent urine from being in contact with the skin for a long time, reducing the risk of irritation. It is also important that it has good breathability because if the diaper is too waterproof, the baby can sweat excessively, which favors the appearance of irritations and the dreaded diaper rash.
  2. Type of fabric. Another factor that you must take into account when choosing diapers for your baby is its fabric. Make sure it is a soft-touch fabric that guarantees the baby’s comfort at all times, especially during the summer. In the same way, make sure that it is a hypoallergenic fabric, that means that the material has been dermatologically tested to reduce the risk of irritation or allergies. Some brands go a step further and fortify the material with ingredients like aloe vera or vitamin E to keep diaper rash at bay.
  3. Design. Design is another of the most important elements to consider when choosing a diaper. Ideally, it should have an anatomical design that fits well to the baby’s body but without limiting its movement. Likewise, it should include anti-leak barriers, with reinforcement in the English area, to avoid unwanted spills, as well as air channels so that the diaper is always dry. If it also has moisture detectors that change color when the diaper is wet and has reusable stickers that allow you to check the diaper and close it again, much better.

7 diaper brands to keep your baby always dry

1.Dodot Sensitive

If you want to play it safe with your baby’s diapers, this Dodot model is a perfect alternative. Its soft absorbent layer wraps around your baby like a second skin, guaranteeing optimal absorption so that it always stays dry. In addition, it has a wetness indicator that changes its color when the diaper is wet, while it has soft and breathable straps that adapt to your baby for a perfect diaper fit that prevents unwanted spills. Another advantage? It has an anatomical design with a cut in the umbilical area to protect your baby’s navel.

2. Pamper Baby Dry

Their beautiful design makes you fall in love at first sight, but what really makes these diapers an excellent bet for your baby are their different characteristics. Designed with 3 absorbent layers, one of them ultra-absorbent, they guarantee that your baby always stays dry and reduces the risk of irritation in the diaper area. And so you don’t have to change your diaper as often or get up in the middle of the night, it offers up to 12 hours of protection! In addition, it fits perfectly to the baby thanks to its closure system, so that it keeps unwanted spills at bay and offers him the freedom of movement he needs.

3. Huggies Ultra Comfort

Huggies understands that babies need to move freely to explore their environment, so they offer these nappies with air channels and anti-pilling capabilities that allow little ones to move from one place to another with ease. Its anatomical shape, with a slight narrowing between the legs, provides extra comfort to movement while its elastic waist prevents it from moving out of place. In addition, it has a Dry Touch technology that absorbs the liquid in just a few seconds so that the baby always stays dry and there are no untimely spills.

4. Pampers Premium Protection

Comfortable, absorbent and breathable, Premium Protection diapers are an ideal alternative for the baby’s first months of life. Its rapid absorption and air channels allow the baby’s skin to always remain dry, reducing the risk of allergies and irritations. Thanks to their great breathability, they prevent the accumulation of moisture inside the diaper so that the little one always feels fresh. In addition, they keep unpleasant spills outside the diaper at bay as they have an elastic waistband and cuffs that adapt to the baby’s body without limiting their movements throughout the day. And so you don’t have to get up in the middle of the night to change the diaper, it offers protection for up to 12 hours.

5. Echo by Naty

If your baby is prone to skin irritations, this model is what you need. As it is made with plant-based materials, free of petroleum-derived plastics, chlorine, parabens, phthalates, dyes, bleaches and perfumes, it not only reduces the risk of allergies in the baby but also helps you reduce your ecological footprint. It holds the OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certification and is certified as a vegan product. However, all these advantages do not affect its effectiveness since it has a highly absorbent core made of cellulose pulp so that the little one always stays dry.

6. Chelino Fashion & Love

It is a very practical, comfortable and absorbent diaper model, perfect for the baby’s first months of life. It has a double absorption core reinforced with cellulose paste, which guarantees high-speed super absorption so that your baby always stays dry. Covering the core, it also has an acquisition-diffusion sheet that ensures uniform distribution throughout the entire diaper, while also having a double anti-leak barrier system to prevent unexpected spills. In addition, it is made with a very soft, hypoallergenic and very resistant fabric that reduces the risk of skin irritation.

7.Pingo Ultrasoft

Especially recommended for babies with sensitive and atopic skin, dermatologically tested Pingo diapers are anti-allergenic, ecological and free of harmful substances since they do not contain perfume, chlorine or PVC, not in vain do they have 4 ecological quality seals. With an absorption capacity of up to 25% higher than usual, they keep your baby dry for a long time and also have anti-leak protection and an anatomical design that guarantees a good fit to the body without limiting comfort and breathability. freedom of movement of the child.