Care in the best private hospitals is no longer reserved only for people with a lot of money. You can always take out insurance.

The proliferation of health insurance has made it possible that care in the best private hospitals is no longer reserved only for people with a lot of money. It is estimated that, currently, more than 8 million Spaniards have a health policy . That is approximately 18% of the population.

How many people can afford health insurance? Maybe not one of the expensive ones, but many companies market quite affordable family policies. There are for just over 30 euros per month. It is true that most include a copay, but it is usually little money.

In my house we decided to take out insurance when my son was born. It is not expensive and we only have to pay 6 euros for a consultation with the specialist. Taking into account that there is hardly any waiting list , it makes up for me to pay that amount.

Another advantage is that I can choose from a wide range of centers and professionals. How do I decide? The truth is that I have a referral clinic that I usually go to. I also usually take a look at the rankings of the best private hospitals that are published.


One of the most reputable is the Health Reputation Monitor (MRS). This study comes out annually, and to prepare it, three variables are taken into account: the assessment of the medical professionals themselves; that carried out by nurses, managers, managers, directors of pharmaceutical companies, patient associations, journalists, etc.; the quality of clinical services .

In 2019 the top 10 was distributed as follows:

  1. Navarra University Clinic (10,000 points). It is considered one of the best in 10 specialties: Digestive System, Allergology, General Surgery, Dermatology, Hematology, Internal Medicine, Neurology, Medical Oncology, Otorhinolaryngology, Pediatrics and Special Areas, Radiodiagnosis and Urology.
  2. Quirón Madrid University Hospital (7,941 points). It has the latest technology and is a leader in areas such as Radiology, Oncology, Endocrinology and Pulmonology.
  3. Hospital HM Universitario Madrid Sanchinarro (7,149 points). It maintains its position on the podium due to the excellence in its care offer, cutting-edge research and its commitment to teaching. The areas of Intensive Medicine, Oncology, Hematology or Urology stand out.
  4. Sanitas La Zarzuela University Hospital (6,663 points). It is one of the few centers in Europe that has, simultaneously, the accreditation of the Joint Commission International and the quality certification of the European Foundation of Excellence EFQM. It should also be noted that the center has the Institute of Robotic Surgery, with the most advanced surgical system in the world: the Da Vinci System.
  5. Teknon Medical Center – Quirón Teknon Hospital (6,609 points). Last year it was named “International Hospital of the Year” by the International Medical Travel Journal (IMTJ). The medical staff covers all medical and surgical specialties for adults and pediatrics.
  6. HM Montepríncipe University Hospital (6,373 points). It belongs to the same group as the Hospital HM Universitario Madrid Sanchinarro. His Intensive Medicine always receives mentions.
  7. Sanitas La Moraleja University Hospital (6,264 points). The scores in the satisfaction surveys that it receives are always “outstanding”. It has, among others, the quality certification of the Joint Commission International, the accreditation of the EFQM +650, the European Awards of Excellence of the European Foundation for Quality in 2015 and 2017 and the QH*** awards of the Foundation for the Integration and Development of Health (IDIS).
  8. Ruber International Hospital (6,102 points). It brings together an extensive list of awards. It has a Functional Movement Disorders Unit.
  9. Ruber Juan Bravo hospital complex (5,776 points). Patients choose it for its quality facilities and advanced equipment.
  10. HLA Moncloa University Hospital (5,565). It is one of the Spanish centers with the best reputation in the specialties of Ophthalmology and Anesthesiology and Resuscitation.

Comparing this list with that of previous years, we see that the Quirón Salud Hospital in Barcelona comes out of the top ten, placing it in eleventh position.

The awards can also be a good indicator of the best private hospitals. Here you can see the ranking of the TOP 20 Hospital Awards organized by IQVIA Healthcare (formerly IASIST).


How much does it cost to be treated in the best private hospitals in Spain? The answer is not so simple, since the rates depend on the insurance you have contracted , the specialist, the treatment, the tests carried out, whether hospitalization is necessary, etc.

In the case of consultations, for example, the price can range from a co-payment of 6 euros with some insurances to 180 euros if you pay the full fee. The cost of daily hospitalization is around 250 euros, a price that in the ICU rises to 700 euros (depending on the contracted policy, it may be more or less). And a complete medical check-up can exceed 1,000 euros.

Currently, per capita spending on private healthcare amounts to just over 570 euros , according to figures from the 2019 Private Healthcare Situation Analysis prepared by the IDIS Foundation.

This document also shows that a patient who exclusively uses private healthcare saves Social Security an average of 1,224 euros. In total, the savings can reach more than 10,000 million euros.


As you have seen, the price of going to the best private hospitals can skyrocket if you do not have good private health insurance. Therefore, when hiring one, you should check how much money you will have to pay if you go to a consultation or have to be hospitalized.

Normally, the more expensive the policy, the less money you will have to pay when you need private healthcare.