Few things feel like more after giving birth, in addition to being with our baby, than taking a good shower after delivery.

The immersion bath is not recommended, neither in the bathtub nor in the pool until the doctor indicates it, as it could cause an infection, so it is best to take a shower.

When can we shower?

The mother can shower a few hours after giving birth , once the epidural has worn off if it has been administered, and whenever she feels strong.

The water temperature should not be too hot since if you have low voltage you run the risk of fainting. The best is a relaxing shower with warm water .

It is important that when showering for the first time the woman is accompanied at all times by someone who watches over her in case she might need anything, get tired, get dizzy or not feel quite well.

How to shower after childbirth?

Surely when we stand up we will notice an abundant loss of blood that comes from the uterus. This is absolutely normal.

We can wash our hair with shampoo and our body with gel, but it is not advisable to wash with sponges , but simply by hand. Nor pass the gel through the genital area (only glycerin soap), but only let the water run without placing the direct jet.

Keep in mind that the vagina and cervix are even more open than normal and therefore more exposed to germs entering the body and causing infections.

Once you have finished, it is very important to dry the genital area well with a soft towel without rubbing in the direction of the vagina towards the anus, never the other way around. Although it’s not necessary, you can remove any remaining moisture from the area with cool air from a hair dryer.

In the case of having had a caesarean section , in no case should the area be rubbed or, as we said before, use sponges that can get caught in the staples or stitches. At the end, it is necessary to dry very well giving light touches with a sterile gauze.

Your first shower after childbirth will be very comforting. In addition to hygiene, it will help you relax and at the same time it will charge you with energy to return to caring for your baby.